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Guide to creating an effective advertising banner

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Leading high volumes of customers to your moving company website is only the start of growing your business. There is also the matter of ensuring that those site visitors convert into customers. And that is where the layout of your web pages comes into play. That is also why creating strong landing pages is so important. Among the plethora of elements that you need to integrate into each page is the banner that will provide leads with the opportunity to convert into customers. In this article, we explore the essential steps in creating an effective advertising banner on your website.

How can banner advertising change the perception of customers?

All companies, big or small, rely on the use of banner ads to boost conversions and attract target audiences to their website and landing pages. Consult with any professionals when it comes to PPC for moving companies and they will all insist on incorporating a banner ad in your digital marketing strategy. The fact of the matter is that visually appealing formats such as banners, CTAs, infographics, videos, images all focus on seizing the attention of site visitors. And when your moving company has a well-designed banner, it can easily lead to:

10 vital steps in creating an effective advertising banner

Examples of advertising banners
Start working on your engaging banners today!

1. Choose the best size for your banner

Companies and marketers constantly experiment with their campaigns. When it comes to banners, it can be challenging to find a format that is best suited for your moving company. Luckily, we have research and studies that show patterns when it comes to the success rates of particular banner ads and they are as follow:

  • Medium Rectangle (300×250)
  • Leader Board (728×90)
  • Large Rectangle (336×280)
  • Half Page (300×600)

These are the banner sizes most valued by marketers and bloggers. They offer the highest flexibility in terms of integration within the content and are thus marked as standards in creating an effective advertising banner. Of course, when it comes to the homepage and inner pages of your moving company website, Movers Development offers a bonus approach – one that relies on a widespread mid-page banner, usually offering a CTA to get a moving estimate.

2. Don’t waste too much on framework

When looking at a photo in a picture frame, people are more interested in the photo than the frame itself. Although it is potentially a visually enticing part of the banner, the frame carries no meaningful role other than to help separate banner ads from a white background. And in such situations, web designers and marketers use a modest and barely notable margin to draw out the borderlines of the banner. When you are doing this, make sure to use colors that match your brand colors.

3. Take time in coming up with the right copy for your banner

Banners are much like minefields – you have a very limited amount of moves that you can make. So, you need to make each character in your banner text field counts. That is where understanding your industry and your target audience comes in handy. When looking to create an effective advertising banner, the tone of your content needs to be transparent, concise, and in sync with your brand.

4. Test out animated banner ads

Recent studies show that animated banner ads are seeing a higher success rate than static ones in certain industries. The reasoning behind this success rate is the fact that animated ads are visually more engaging for modern customers and site visitors. Once again, we need to accept the need to understand your target audience here. And if you do decide to go with animation, make sure that the duration doesn’t go over 10 seconds, and don’t forget to include a good CTA.

5. Use trending formats

Engaging advertising banners come in many formats, some of the more popular being JPG, GIF, PNG, and HTML5. It all depends on the size and position of your banner. What you don’t want to do is rely on using outdated banners such as flash ads. This can only lead your moving business down a slippery slope of lost leads and conversions.

6. Choose the most appropriate colors

The psychology of colors in marketing
Different colors invoke different emotions and different cultures view cultures differently.

The psychology of the impact of colors on people is well-established and used by marketers across the globe. Choosing your website and brand colors can send a lot of signals to potential customers and site visitors. That is why countless companies invest dozens of thousands of dollars in coming up with just the right combination of colors for their ad campaigns. Different colors awaken different emotions in consumers, making them more open or closed to converting into customers.

7. Create an impactful call to action

Much like the copy and color of the banner itself, the same elements are just as vital when it comes to the call to action (CTA). Modern marketers spend a lot of time coming up with just the right format of engaging calls to action to ensure a high click-through rate. For moving companies, it usually revolves around the terms related to getting quotes/estimates, booking storage, contacts, etc.

8. Keep the file size low

As part of your page loading speed optimization, it is in your best interest to make sure that the visual appeal of your website is low in file size. The larger the format of the images you use, the slower the loading speed of the website and the page in question will be. And this negatively affects the rankings of your website on search engine results pages. Banners ads being under the same category of visually engaging details, the same rule applies to them. You need to make sure that the banner file size is under 200 Kb.

9. Maintain a strong connection with landing pages

An effective advertising banner is only as good as the page it leads to. Once you get the traffic to the landing page, there is still the matter of closing the sale. And so, consistency plays a crucial role in ensuring the effectiveness of your banner ads. To start with, make sure that the banners you use work properly and direct customers to the right pages.

Another useful piece of advice would be to track the click rate of each banner, to give you a general idea of how certain banner formats and positions fare in comparison to others. This can prove very useful for gaining more insight into strengthening your moving business marketing.

10. Simplicity can win you battles

Customers today are looking for quick and direct answers to their needs. Your job as a business looking to thrive is to provide them with effective advertising banners that will save them time and energy on getting where they need to. The more complex your banners are, the harder it will be for site visitors to understand them. This is something that can easily cost you a concerning number of moving leads.

The solution lies in simplicity. Keep it plain and simple – just enough for audiences to be able to absorb the message in a matter of seconds. Our advice would be to maintain a limited number of characters while putting the focus on the CTA and visual appeal.

Start generating more leads through banner advertising today

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It can be difficult for companies to find the right approach when it comes to creating a responsive web design and SEO visual message. That is where the expertise and knowledge of our team here at Movers Development come into play. We understand how to balance branding and digital marketing. Contact our team today and start working on creating an effective advertising banner for your moving company.