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Why PPC?

We understand your need to create an instant impact on your business. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) presents the advertising solution for a quick and efficient impact on the sales process. It enables you to pay only for clicks on your ads, where the number of leads will directly depend on your budget.

  • Customers that look for movers online

  • Traffic that comes from the first page

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Areas of work

Targeted Keyword Research

Research for the search terms with the highest potential to generate traffic relevant to your business, based on location, services, and competition.

High Performing Landing Pages

Custom web pages for every ad group with responsive design optimized for high quality scores and conversion rates.

Unique and Keyword Specific Ads

Multiple sets of unique and creative ads optimized according to specific keywords, services and location targeting for best click-through rate.

Performance reports and Tracking

Daily campaign management with adjustments of ads, keywords, landing pages, device and demographic targeting for best results.

Communication and Reporting

Constant communication during the setup period with weekly meetings and monthly reports that includes most important campaign information.

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We understand the challenge of generating growth despite market changes and seasonality of your business. Today, more than 100 moving companies trust our digital marketing tactics to make the highest return on investment.