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Makings of a high-converting landing page

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A website is only as good as the pages it is comprised of. And this is the absolute truth when you consider it all. Just think back how many times you disregarded a website or a business because you saw that the landing pages were simplistic in design and lacking in information. The answer – quite a few. From my point of view, the overall design of your website and the content on it play an important role. Your website is the image of your business, and if you want your moving company to grow, you have to invest time and energy into it. One of the first projects you should focus on is the creation of a high-converting landing page. And not just one, but as much as possible. Only with this will you be able to collect leads for your company as much as possible.

Take out your creativity and get down to work on the creation of a high-converting landing page.
Learn all you need to create the perfect high-converting landing page for your moving company.

High-converting landing page structure and focus points of it

It might seem difficult to create a high-quality page for your website at the moment, but it gets easier with time. All you need is to go through some basic steps on which you can build the foundation of your knowledge of SEO for movers. And once you have the proper foundation, it’s just a matter of patience and waiting for online visitors to acknowledge the quality of your website. So, here are the five steps you should consider when you build a high-converting landing page:

Don’t forget a strong value proposition

A short description, one or two lines, that briefly describes your product and target audience. This is the definition of a strong value proposition. Once a potential client visits your website, it’s important for them to be able to immediately see what it is you are offering. For example, if you were to provide software for movers in the form of an instant quote calculator, it should be apparent on your landing pages.

Otherwise, you risk the client wasting time on digging in search of the services of products. So, remember, if you want to increase your customer base, make sure that everything is displayed well. By doing so, you let the visitors know what it is your moving company is here to provide.

Seize attention with call-to-action

Idea-plan-action - the journey of your high-converting landing page
A good idea and well-executed plan can easily lead to action from potential clients

Let’s give some attention to the concept of a high-impact call to action (CTA). A well-placed CTA should link to a short quote form. The position of this form should always be visible and is usually placed at the very top of the page – in plain sight. The goal here is for you to grab the attention of the visitor – point him or her towards the action you want them to take. We found great success with the most simple formulation that in the manner of “Free Moving Quote” or “Free Website Analysis“. I know – it seems a bit spammy but it actually does the trick. As a result, the customer knows where you want them to click and what they can get in return.

It’s important that the form you have is as short as possible. Our attention span today is shorter than ever before. Nobody really likes to linger too much on a certain website – you either like what you see or you don’t. On average, people don’t tend to spend more than a total of 20-30 seconds on a landing page. So, a form that is too long or complex will cause a loss of interest in visitors and give them an excuse to leave your website behind. Last but not least, a high-converting landing page should have a good design. A good background image and a well-chosen color schematic are what attract leads to check out what you have to offer.

The importance of trust elements

Have people check your services as excellent and leads will keep growing.
Never underestimate the value of well-placed testimonials on a high-converting landing page.

This is something that serves to win you credibility with potential clients. The good thing with trust elements is diversity – they vary in content and can be:

  • Company principles
  • Testimonials or user reviews
  • Customer logos
  • Affiliations and certificates

Bear in mind, however, that the trust elements you place on a high-converting landing page should, before all else, be unique, attractive and relevant. After all, the trust elements you use need to be legitimate and relevant to the services or products you offer. No point in noting how good you are at finances when you are looking to sell moving services, right? Also, you should make it a point to refresh the trust elements you use from time to time. Nothing drastic really – you can do it on an annual basis for example. This gives signs of continued success to both your clients and Google.

A high-converting landing page should have clear content

Halfway there – don’t stop now! Once you’ve laid out the CTA, design and trust elements, time to fill the page with some good old content. The focus here is for your content to be easily readable, and the information contained within useful. So, here are some pointers you might wish to focus on:

  1. Strong headlines. These allow the content on your high-converting landing page to remain organized and attractive to online visitors.
  2. List of services featured. Everybody likes a good list – easy to see and pretty on-the-point. Just remember to keep them in a simple format.
  3. Blank in-between spaces filled with icons, images or white space. Same goes for the text itself – stick to the relevant points and make sure not to bombard people with too much information.

Movers Development also advises that you keep the original CTA. You can repeat it multiple times throughout your page, or make it sticky to follow the buyer as they scroll. You should incorporate internal links that can relate to the information you provide, but don’t overdo it. Find that perfect balance, where readers won’t feel overwhelmed but will have the option to learn more if they want to. You want to create a clear path for the buyer to take.

Keep your high-converting landing page visually soothing and authentic

Various design patterns you can choose from.
There are plenty of designs out there – make sure yours is authentic and stands out.

This is what you would call the coup de grâce. You need to make your landing pages pleasing to the eye of the reader. In addition to that, they have to be authentic. That might not be as easy today, but just think of it this way – if you could present the essence of your company, what would it look like? Why use standard stock photos when you can capture what your moving company is about through images you made yourself? These are the visual elements that make companies stand out:

  • Company images
  • Logo of the company
  • The motto of your company and brand

Relevant images and icons can add value to a page, while unauthentic or poorly chosen ones can distract from your overall message. In case you are at a loss for design ideas, we have some great website design templates you can find inspiration.

And would you look at that! You’ve just created an awesome, high-converting landing page in the eyes of Google and potential buyers. All these features are simple to implement and will elevate your landing page to an A-grade one.