How to generate leads for moving company

Marketing. Mother of sciences when it comes to business development. The best way to improve your company’s position, attracting more clients. But is it of the same importance for each business? No. One of the business areas of the greatest need for marketing is moving. Why? (You might ask). But the answer is relatively simple. There are hundreds and thousands of professional movers. No matter how much people are moving, there’s still a great competition. Ans the best way to outcompete others is to earn more money by having more jobs. Moving jobs are created by people hiring moving companies. And to hire a moving company they need to know about that company first. And to keep it in mind until the moving. That’s where marketing plays its part. Marketing generates leads for moving company. And leads are the future clients of professional movers!

It's not that easy to generate leads for moving company, but if you put an effort, it's achievable
Find the right way to generate leads for moving company

Leads for moving company – Different ways to generate them

First, let’s make it clear what’s a deal for moving company actually. In marketing sphere, of course. Lead is a contact that showed interest in relocation by contacting your moving company. So the lead is actually an e-mail or a phone number, commonly with short information on what were the interests at that moment. That way, you may contact them and offer your services. So that is an important information for your moving business. Therefore, here we shall advise you what movers marketing you can use to generate leads as a professional mover:

  • Recommendations – There’s no better marketing than recommendation from a previously satisfied client
  • Social networks – Millions of people on social networks any moment, therefore a great place for marketing!
  • SEM and SEO – Search engines marketing and search engine optimisation of your advertising and your website
  • Keep and extend your e-mail lists – No matter if those are your previous clients, those clients that already got in touch with you or just potential clients
  • Media – Television, newspaper, radio, internet…
  • Marketing through sponsorship deals – Choosing to sponsor some popular i.e. sportsman or cultural manifestation gives moving company a great reputation

Best sort of marketing is to get references

The most important thing, when it comes to this kind of movers marketing, is to leave a good impression. I mean when conducting the relocation. Because when a moving company does that then the client is eager to recommend it to a friend or to a family member. And that’s the best thing because friends and family believe each other limitless. Still, leads for moving company may be generated this way only if that impression is very strong. Which means that the professional mover provided the client with the top-quality moving service, or with some services that no other moving company offers. If that’s not the case, and you’re still in a good memory of the client, you’ll need some job to do. It means you’ll need to contact the clients and ask them if they were satisfied and if they would recommend you to their friends and family.

Social media make strong impact on potential clients

Use social media to generate leads for moving company
Social media are great source of generated leads for your moving company

Creating leads for moving company isn’t that easy task. But being that we have social media today, it’s a lot easier than it used to be. Now, millions of people are in front of their computers, waiting to be approached! I mean, that’s not the actual reason they’re visiting social networks. I’m just suggesting that you may use their presence there and generate leads for moving company you run. It doesn’t matter if you’re gonna create an FB page, or create a profile on twitter of LinkedIn, or any other network, everything makes good for your company. Because people are connected with each other on social networks. So when one of them gets involved with your company, everybody else will see that. And some of them are gonna check who you are, or even contact your moving company!

SEM and SEO are great tools to generate leads for moving company

Search engine marketing (SEM) means using paid ad words to generate leads to your moving company website, and by that directly to your moving company. These are advertising and commercials that appear in the corner of the screen, calling potential clients to click on them and by that visit your web page. This is a good way of marketing. When someone is planning to move, he/she won’t refuse to receive some new information that might be helpful for the upcoming relocation. And when you generate this kind of leads for you, as a professional mover, you need another thing to do right. And that’s SEO.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) means optimising the content on your website for internet browsers. By doing that you’re making an effort to appear on the first page of browsers when someone searches for various terms about moving. Also, when someone follows the lead to your moving company’s website from somewhere else besides browsers, you’re gonna convince them that your moving company is quality moving service, giving them proper information about the moving. Therefore good enough to contact you for conducting their relocation.

Media marketing – usual kind of advertising for attracting people to hire your moving company

Combine marketing strategies to generate leads for moving company
The best way to generate leads for a professional mover is to combine various marketing strategies

This is the ordinary way of advertising. It means creating written ads and publishing it in the newspaper. Also, this might be improved by creating written content fulfilled by video or sound, publishing it on the internet. (and outside of your website). Or otherwise making somewhat stronger influence by having a radio commercial, being that people today buy newspaper a lot less than they listen to the radio. The best, but the most expensive way of advertising using media, is tv marketing. Those commercials make the strongest influence on the audience, being that they combine several elements of influences- sound, video, text etc. Moving company leads generated this way are mostly of greatest value. Someone looking to move soon shall show great interest when seeing the commercial with that subject.

Sponsorship deals – Great to generate leads for moving company within the crowd supporting something

It’s great to be a sponsor of an organisation, or of some object that many people love. For example, if you’re a sponsor of some sports club, people loving that club will look for your company to see how good the sponsor is. And, indirectly, you’ll stay in their mind for their next moving. Who would they rather hire, than the moving company sponsoring their favourite club? The same is true for the music halls, famous buildings, cultural organisations etc. You just need to discover what part of the market you look to conquer and choose the sponsorship deal that helps you the most in that intention.

Here’s a video with the tips on leads generation from successful people:

In the end, it’s essential to mention that the combination of the aforementioned kinds of marketing is the best solution for you. When trying to generate leads for moving company, you need to put an effort. But in the end, it pays out.

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