Instant Moving Quote Calculator

Customized calculation to perfectly match your pricing system

Provide your customers with instant price estimates on your website!


The calculation is specifically made for your company and is easily accessible from the page of your website. In only two quick steps, your customers will provide their information and select the furniture for the move. You can offer different prices for multiple dates (and packing options), and present them to your customers at the same time. Both you and your customers will receive automatic emails with all the information you need to book a move!

It is easy, fun, and it takes just a few minutes.

  • No monthly costs, just one-time payment to use the calculator
  • Specifically designed to fit your brand and the website
  • Customized calculation to perfectly match your pricing system
  • Settings page with all the parameters you can change whenever is needed


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We highly recommend this team of talented people. We didn't pay anything for our new website, and we now continuously improve our Google positions. We get more and more customers every month. Really impressive work.

Movers Development managed to position our website on leading positions on Google. We get a significant number of customers online, while quote calculator allows us to turn visits into leads and quickly book the moves. Our highest recommendations.

We simply became a better company with Movers Development. We thank them for their dedication and look forward to a long and successful partnership.

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