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Instant Moving Quote Calculator

  • Quick and User Friendly

    Quick and User Friendly

    Interactive interface on all devices to provide an enjoyable experience and generate price estimates within a few clicks only.

  • Accurate Estimates

    Accurate Estimates

    Tailor-made to match your pricing system perfectly, whether its a price per hour model, flat fee or a combination of both.

  • Lead Generation

    Lead Generation

    Automatic emails generated after quote submissions to provide the information about potential customers.

  • Customized

    Customized and Integrated

    Implemented with an HTML/JS code, rather than run by iFrame, and customized to match your brand and design.

  • Settings page

    Settings page

    User friendly back-end to adjust prices in real time.

  • Quote records

    Quote records and CRM Integration

    Easily accessible database to view quotes, export to XLS or pass to any CRM.

  • One time payment

    One time payment

    No monthly costs, just one-time payment to use the calculator permanently.

  • Continuous Support

    Continuous Support

    Development team available for new functionalities or modifications, working on an hourly rate if requested.

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We can help you develop your moving business long-term and establish a steady client income. By allowing your customers to find you online when searching for moving services, you will have an endless supply of workflow for your company  Partner with Movers Development and change the way customers interact with moving companies.

Benefit of SEO

The search engine optimization and interaction with the millions of users who look for services over the Internet remains the key element of building your online footprint. We will help you position your website in leading positions of search engines and present services to potential customers directly. Experience has taught us that customers tend to choose companies which they find themselves. SEO provides you with the visibility you need to win their trust.

Winning customers with trust

Our moving quote calculator is designed to perfectly fit your website and match the pricing system of your company. You will offer your customers the privilege of having accurate Moving Estimates in just a few clicks. With this combination of services, you will be the company with the highest visibility on search engines and serve efficiently the customers coming to your website. You will receive details of their moves and have an opportunity to win their longterm trust.

Cost Efficiency

Positioning a website on search engines creates visibility that equals to tens of thousands of dollars invested in Google Adds or other types of marketing. At the same time, the quote calculator allows you to automatize communication with customers while being completely scalable. Your costs will remain the same regardless if you serve 50 or 50.000 customers and you will build a competitive advantage since a very limited number of companies are offering similar services.

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