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Online sales strategies for movers

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Being the best moving and storage company in your area requires more than just high-quality services. We live in a competitive market, and the moving industry is no exception. And while it is good for you to put your primary focus on the moving services you provide, there are other aspect of moving companies development that you should consider focusing on. One such aspect is for you to find ideal online sales strategies for movers that you can incorporate. Not only will this put your name on the relocation experts map, but it will provide you with valuable leads and boost your conversion rate.

Business woman holding a pad with world map and business people connecting through online sales strategies for movers.
Learn all about optimal online sales strategies for movers in order to enable your business to grow in leads and conversions.

9 verified online sales strategies for movers to get leads

We all know that sales leads are the lifeblood of any moving company. Movers need leads to get appointments to generate quotes which hopefully can be converted into sales and monthly revenue. As the industry has grown, movers have proliferated. In a market such as New York City, there are literally hundreds of movers to choose from. So, how can you get your fair share of the market? Here are some proven online sales strategies for movers that have worked wonders for moving companies marketing and can work for you too if applied properly. Follow these strategic steps:

Create a website that people will find perfect for their relocation needs

Never underestimate the appeal of a well-developed movers website. We advise that you build your website in WordPress. It’s the most popular platform today because it’s easy for developers to use and it all-inclusive. Current statistics show that more than 25% of websites are on WordPress. And we are talking global-scale here.

The advantages of WordPress speak for themselves. It will give you lots of flexibility, so if you tire of your web developer for any reason, you can easily hire someone else and move the site.

Insist on ownership

This is very important in terms of online sales strategies for movers. You are paying for the site, right? So, make certain that you have it in writing that you own the website and that you have the FTP, registrar and cPanel login information if you need to take over the site from your current web developer if you should need to. Also, never give up the ownership of your domain. A web developer can build a site without ever taking control of the domain. You must retain this. You can register it yourself on GoDaddy, Network Solutions or the like. We prefer them to Web.com.

Hire professional web developers with a rich portfolio of website designs

Most web developers will ask for half of the total payment well in advance. And once they do start work on your new website, the deal becomes legitimate and you are obligated to provide payment. So, make sure that you are confident with your choice of developers before they get started on the project. For example, Movers Development has a variety of website designs that we developed personally and proudly offer to potential clients within the moving industry.

What does the Home Page of your site say about your business?

It is very common for more than 50% of all visitors to a website to stay less than ten seconds. It sounds like such a low number, but it isn’t. How long do you stay on a site if you don’t see what you are looking for? It’s also very common for 50% of them to never look at the page if they have to scroll down for important information.

Home icon that can lead to more conversions as part of sucessful online sales strategies for movers
It’s important for your home page to be well optimized and designed to represent your moving business in the best manner possible.

So, the Home Page of your website must be simple and concise. And yet, it has to possess that spark of creativeness that will hold the attention of visitors just long enough. Picture a page that can provide you with all the information you need in a matter of seconds.

Online sales strategies for movers only work as long as your website is designed “responsively.”

This means that it will respond to the device it is being read on based on that site’s screen viewing size. Google has a tendency to penalize your website and page rank if they are not “mobile-friendly”. This is why it is so important that you test your entire website on all devices and browsers at your disposal:

  • Windows
  • Android
  • Mac
  • Apple
  • Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Explorer, etc.

The Main Menu should list your most popular and profitable moving services

Rank them from the left of the Main Menu to the right. These are your bread and butter. Make them easy for the visitor to find and click to read. Also make sure that each of these pages is compatible and rich in content so as to provide the mover with all the information they might need while boring them in the process.

Put a form to get a quote on the Home Page.

Link it to a page with a complete, albeit short, form with very few fields. The fewer questions you ask the more forms you will get submitted. Don’t need the phone number? Don’t ask for it then. However, a separate page will add incentives for people to click and read, and all to become more familiar with your company. We call it “dating before you propose marriage“. Many visitors may not be ready to buy today. Use tactics to get some information and stay in touch with them digitally.

Example of the moving quote form Movers Development offers to clients.
A good online form can go a long way in terms of online sales strategies for movers.

Another edge in terms of online sales strategies for movers can be the implementation of an instant moving quote calculator. Not only is it easy to use, but your online visitors have the opportunity to receive a moving estimate within minutes.

SEO-ed content on the Home Page.

Remember, it’s as important for Google to be able to read and understand the page as it is for any visitor. In fact, it’s Google that probably sent all of your visitors to the site in the first place. So, be sure to have written and well-optimized content on the Home Page, and write it using bullet points. Google not only prefers that, but it also rewards is accordingly.


Engaging the visitor is of prime importance. Give them something interesting to read as well as see. A slider or moving images of some sort will do this. The longer the visitor stays on your site, the better chance that you have of converting them. As long as you are investing time into online sales strategies for movers, why not make it interesting?