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Why Calculator?

In today's market, customers expect to receive quotes quickly and effort-free. This unique piece of software will allow you to provide accurate price estimates on your website, in just a few moments. It will also enable you to receive qualified leads and maximize the efficiency of your sales process.

Areas of work

Instant quote based on any pricing system

Custom coded calculation that enables visitors to get an instant quote based on input parameters: distance, volume, flights, weight, packing or any other variable.

Custom design for website integration

Installation process that includes design and code modifications to work with any website and to have the look and feel of the company brand.

One time payment – no subscription cost

Price-per-installation model, without hidden fees or monthly subscription. The price depends on the level of customization and calculation complexity.

Customizable form flow for high conversion rate

Gathering move information, showing the price options and asking for the contact details is a proven three step process, but it can be customized on demand.

CRM and Payment Integrations

Custom integrations with any CRM and payment solution that has API documentation and accepts website requests.

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