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How responsive web design benefits your SEO

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As people in the modern-day world, we often tend to look for the easiest way to succeed overnight. And more often than not, this goes from a potentially brilliant idea to a downhill slide of a failure. Why is that? Well, the simplest thought that comes to mind – a business idea can only be as good as its realization. And when people fail to account for industry tech trends, they fail to adjust their innovative aspect to the needs of the customers and the market. So, to help you avoid that, today we cover the ever-important topic of how a responsive web design benefits your SEO and basically, everything else that can help grow your moving company.

Why is web responsiveness such an important SEO factor?

Optimizing your website to perfection is a matter of approach. The goal is to create something that will not only grab the attention of online visitors but also relish you with SEO value from search engines. This way, you will be able to grow your business and expand your target audiences. And once you do that, your conversion rates and revenue will grow as well.

A responsive web design benefits your SEO by making it easy for people to browseyour website, like the girl on this photo.
User experience is an important and influencing factor for browsing today, which Google has also recognized as relevant.

In order to accomplish all this, you have to get in line with the times. You need to consider the appeal of all devices that people will use to browse your website and services. Hence, your web design responsiveness has to be up to the task. This is not just a matter of being practical but also a matter of giving people the ultimate user experience (UX).

6 simple ways in which a web responsive design benefits your SEO efforts and rankings

In the past, we discussed the impact that smartphone users are making in the online environment. Boosting your rankings with a responsible and flexible website is a great way of starting your journey.

So, we are left with the knowledge that over twice as many people today use mobile phones to browse instead of desktops. And the interesting fact is that this change in dominance has surprised very few people in the world of digital marketing. Hence, the responsiveness for mobile users has to be on point in order to positively affect your moving business SEO. And even despite this fact, stats show that as many as 60% of companies failed to adapt to how responsive web design benefits your SEO. So, here are 6 contributions that a responsive web design offers your SEO values:

#1: Positive UX

As you can imagine, SEO and the aspect of user experience go together. After all, we create websites for people to visit and explore what we have to offer as a business. And for them to get the complete experience, your website needs to be responsive and adaptive to all devices. First impressions matter today more than ever. And the last thing you want is for users with mobile phones not to be able to navigate through your website.

#2: A responsive web design offers no risk of duplicate content

Just think about it – would you rather have one website that can fit all screen formats and mobile devices or two separate websites for desktop and mobile devices? Responsive web design benefits your SEO by eliminating the risk of duplicate content on separate websites. And this can easily result in devaluation from Google. This way, you have one universal website with unique content and use one location to correspond with all sizes.

#3: Your website will be much faster to load

As one would expect, with the further advance of technology, mobile browsing speed is now a major SEO ranking element. From July 2018, Google confirmed that web page loading speed will become an important part of SEO efforts due to the introduction of the mobile-first principle. Hence, if you haven’t done so already, now is the time to invest in faster web pages.

Loading screen - a matter of seconds with a responsive web design.
Faster loading speed means more visitors, which means more value for your website.

So, how does responsive web design fit into all this? Easy enough. Loading an entire website on a phone can be very slow for users, not to mention frustrating. Hence, responsive web design benefits your SEO by condensing your inner pages, making them mobile-friendly and easier to load.

#4: It helps enrich your social media presence

With a responsive web design, establishing a dominating presence on social media platforms will be much easier. And when you have a good SM presence, you are targeting one of your largest audiences today – mobile phone users. However, bear in mind that a social media presence wins you no positions, but it does lead to lead growth. And this is yet another way in which responsive web design benefits your SEO.

#5: A responsive web design benefits your SEO in terms of increased mobile traffic

This is probably the most essential contribution of a responsive and mobile-friendly web design. With the steady growth of mobile browsing (one which has now surpassed desktop usage), mobile phone users have now become the ultimate target group for moving businesses that want to grow. After all, mobile optimization has been defined as one of the industry standards today. By practicing it, you give your website the chance to receive value and improve on SEO results.

#6: Bounce rate minimization

Mobile device with stats and development plans on a table.
A well-developed and responsive web design benefits your SEO efforts by reducing bounce rates.

As long as your bounce rate remains high, no number of online visitors will bear any real value. Why is that? Well, if people are leaving your website immediately after visiting it, it means that the user experience is poor in quality. Hence, you need to secure a proper web design that will be responsive to all devices and contribute to your SEO. As a result, you will also lower your bounce rate, which will lead to rank improvement.

Some parting thoughts on this matter

The sooner you start projecting a more responsive web layout, the faster you will be able to grow your online traffic and SEO results. However, it’s important to have everything spread out before you start working on this plan. This means that your SEO strategy has to be clearly synced with your further development plans.

When you consider it all – it’s just about ensuring the best possible user experience for your customers and online visitors. This is what it’s all about and how a responsive web design benefits your SEO in the most practical way possible. And even though the future might hold a better and superior concept, the one we currently have is the one to aspire to. It is simplicity and efficiency in its purest form, and to practice it is to lay the foundation for online growth of your moving company.