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  • Your current Google rankings and market position
  • Insight into the technical performance and potential of your website
  • Your online footprint, including backlinks and company mentions
  • Review of your content quality and level of optimization

*Done specifically for the moving industry!

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Searching loop

Potential customers look for moving services online

Searching result

Your company appears as a result of their search

Quote sheets

Customers call or request quotes on your website

Profit chart

You provide moving services and generate profit

Cost Efficiency of Digital
Marketing for Movers

Average profit from a moving job $300

Pay Per Click Advertising (short term)

Average cost of a relevant click/visit


Average Conversion Rate


Average Customer Acquisition Rate


Average Cost of a new Customer


Average Return on Investment


Search Engine Optimization (long term)

Average number of relevant visits a month




Average Customer


Average number
of new customers
a month


Return on



Referrals, Returning Customers, Brand Awareness,

Online Reviews, Organic Promotions

Some of Our Work

Thanks to the hard work of this team, we managed to make significant changes to the way we run business. They know everything about the industry, and the new website with the calculator made...

- Joseph Clements

Movers Development did a great job with our moving website, and got us on the first page for some good keywords in a matter of few months. We recommend them to all movers, big and small...

-Tibor Szombath

Movers Development is the full-package deal – from extensive SEO services to web design and PPC advertising, they offer it all. They contributed to the growth of our company greatly...

- Alexander Nikonov

We highly recommend this team of talented individuals. They re-designed our website to absolute perfection and they now continuously improve our Google rankings with the SEO work they do. We get more...

- Anton Zabigue

After only a month of cooperation with Movers Development, the before and after situation is much different. They delivered on everything we agreed on in record time. We feel our moving company has really grown...

- Aaron Morris

These guys managed to position our website on the leading positions on Google for the strongest New York search terms. We are now getting a massive amount of leads through the calculator and SEO became...

- Lior Rachmany

Instant Moving Quote Calculator

For the first time in the industry, customers will have the privilege of having accurate Moving Estimates in a matter of few clicks. Designed to fit your website perfectly and match the pricing system of your company.

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