There are different kinds of marketing campaigns. Some of them are used to advertise the company in general while others are used to promote a specific service a moving company offers. The purpose directly influences the volume, the cost, and the type of marketing campaign your company will use. And then, there are online and offline marketing strategies. While online marketing campaigns outcompete the offline, there are still situations where traditional marketing strategies might make a significant impact. So, to help you realize what kinds of efforts you might make when looking to advertise your moving business, we decided to explore some of the more commonly used marketing strategies. Both online and offline. It’s up to you to choose which fits your particular campaign the best.

Advertising strategies for moving companies

Vector image showing different approaches to marketing.
You have to combine different strategies for your moving company advertising efforts.

The same marketing strategies won’t provide the same results for different moving companies in different areas. Therefore, before you make a decision which moving marketing strategy to use, we suggest you do proper research. Making a good plan for advertising campaign leads to success. Learning about your crowd and who is your targeted audience is the crucial thing.

When you know who you should be addressing, the rest of the marketing campaign planning will be a lot easier job. You can’t manage to satisfy every need of every customer. You can’t even manage to satisfy the same need of different customers. Every person is an individual seeking different things. To count on marketing campaign success, you must specifically target exactly the audience you have the greatest chances to satisfy with the services you offer. Or you should adjust your services to wider groups of customers before you create a campaign.

First, make sure you have an appropriate quality of your moving services. Only after that should you find the best way to advertise your moving business. Attracting the audience to your moving company without an option to deliver what the audience you’re targeting might expect is a suicide. After you made sure that you can offer what your customers expect, here is how you could advertise:

  • Online marketing strategies: The Internet makes you able to advertise your moving business to the wide audience.
  • Traditional marketing strategies: These are more limited marketing strategies for movers, yet they can bring some success too.

Advertising your moving company online

When thinking of online advertising, you might imagine it’s quite an easy venture. You post an add, pay for an advertisement, and wait for the results. Some of you surely tried to advertise your moving business online. So you know how difficult it is. For the newbies in online internet marketing, and for the owners of new moving companies, here are some tips on what are the necessities when looking to advertise your moving company online:

  • Creating a great website is a must. The quality of your website directly influences what potential customers will think of your moving company.
  • Implementing SEO is absolutely inevitable nowadays. Not optimizing your website for search engines means not being able to compete with modern movers.
  • By all means – use social networks. So many people have social media accounts. Use that to your advantage!
  • Use PPC campaigns. Paying for internet ads is quite a useful thing. Especially if you want to see the results right after you advertise your moving business.

Building a strong website for your moving company

Your moving company’s website design is what your customers will run into after they see your ad. Therefore, you have a chance to delight or to disappoint them. Given that you’re planning a marketing campaign for your moving business, we suppose you wouldn’t like to disappoint your website visitors, would you? Just think about this- What do people want to find on your website? Almost 100% of them would like to find the cost of their move.

Person with phone and laptop, making a website optimization plan.
Without a great website advertising your moving business is a much more difficult task.

Since you want to improve your website, why wouldn’t you think about the moving quote calculator? It would let your customers get the estimated cost of their move in a few clicks. Pay attention to this detail before you start even planning the campaign. Without a good website, the best online marketing campaign is useless.

Search Engine Optimization – The effort that constantly scores results

The SEO works for you day and night, 12 months a year! How? Well, your website takes no vacation! So you can expect visitors there all the time. The optimization won’t score results immediately. But after a while, you will build a strong position for your website, so you will have leads coming directly from your website. How would they find you? Over the keywords. Optimize your website for the appropriate keywords and just wait until it starts working for you. We have specialists in SEO for moving companies, so, if you want more details on this, feel free to get in touch with us!

Social networks: A great place to advertise your moving business!

Billions of people use social networks. If you pick your audience carefully and set a good area for your ad, you could get hundreds of leads! Anyway, you should do the research prior to advertising over social networks. For the same reason we mentioned above – knowing who your targeted audience makes it quite easy to set-up a brilliant campaign!

Paid campaigns are expensive, but the results are instant

On the contrary from the SEO, where you need to wait for months to see the results, when you use paid campaigns, such as Pay Per Click, you can hope for leads and new customers the very same day. Yes, you will pay more, so we suggest you combine paid advertisement with non-paid one, or cheaper one. However, this will give you enthusiasm and pay some bills before the other campaigns start working.

Should you advertise your moving business using traditional marketing?

A blank billboard as a medium you can use to advertise your moving business.
There is still a place for traditional marketing tactics when it comes to moving advertising.

Of course, you should! Anything that brings new customers – you should try it! For example, if you’re a moving company specializing in local relocations, and you’re quite good at it, why wouldn’t you advertise using some of the traditional methods:

  • Advertising on your local TV/radio station
  • Using billboards
  • Printing your message

There are other methods of traditional marketing, these were just a few tips on what you might find useful when looking to advertise your moving business. Whatever your goal was – web design and development of your moving company or letting your locals know you exist – do the research in advance! Yes, we do insist on this, but only because it matters that much. Not knowing who your advertisement target will probably end up not targeting the right people. So your whole marketing campaign will be a failure. You want to avoid that, right?

Modern ways of promoting your moving business

Vector image that illustrates digital marketing services.
Of course, there will always be new and innovative ways to advertise your moving company.

These are grand times for us to live in, especially when it comes to the many ways in which you can advertise your moving business. Marketing for movers is always a challenging and difficult aspect to tackle – for any business in fact. However, that no longer needs be the case. Not when you have so many options and strategies at your disposal. And modern business can teach us quite a bit on this subject. So, let us take a closer look at some of the many aspects of advertising a moving business online today.

The diverse ways to advertise your moving business online – top 11 choices

When it comes to advertisements, the online community has evolved quite a bit in the last several years. It wasn’t so long ago that we were limited to the options to PPC or Display ads as online advertising tools. Today, however, the story is quite different, to say the least.

Marketing teams nowadays create ads that are customizable and traceable, both for desktop and mobile devices users. And this proves as an essential practice, given the technological progress the world is focused on. So, let us take a look at the results of these recent innovations in terms of popular ways to advertise your moving business:

Mobile Ads

It’s all become about smartphones and other mobile devices today. In fact, recent research shows that the average smartphone user in America checks their phone up to 80 times on a daily basis. So, it is only logical that one of the ways to advertise your moving business should focus on the appeal of messaging:

  • SMS – text messages
  • MMS – multimedia messages
  • Mobile apps – Viber, WhatsApp etc.

These are all channels through which a business can reach out to existing and new customers.

Social Media Ads

We’ve all had the chance to notice side ads on Facebook or scroll across sponsored pages and ads in the News section. This is yet another prime example of the influence that social media has on marketing today. It truly is no wonder that so many companies exploit it as a channel for promoting their business.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn – these are all well-known and established marketing channels through which customers can acquire new leads and build their online brand. And the best part is that they are low-budget promotional solutions to advertise your business.

Google Ads

Google was quick to respond to the spotlight that Facebook Ads have been hoarding to themselves. That solution is now known as Google AdWords Express. They even adjusted to small businesses and private entrepreneurs with the introduction of a lower cost version of this service. So, you can now see local services providers with limited budgets launching promotional campaigns for as low as $5 per lead.

Display Ads

Although the widest spread method to advertise your moving business, not really the most popular one. This is something we are all familiar with – the pop-up promotional banners and pages on various websites we tend to visit. At one point, this was a very productive and engaging way to promote your company, but that changed with ad blocking software solutions. In fact, there are well over 200 million internet users that practice the use of AdBlock or similar software.

Native Advertising

This is what you might call a common occurrence nowadays. With the importance of social media marketing in terms of the best ways to advertise your moving business, one has to use this trend for promotion. The way it works is that the advertisement is put inside a social media stream, in the form of a sponsored link. It looks like a regular blog post when, in fact, it is a paid ad.

Geo-Targeted Advertising

For local companies, there is nothing more important than winning over the home crowd. In fact, it is a priority if you mean to succeed in your business venture. This is the customer base you should use as the foundation on which to build your traffic flow and expansion. So, what is the best approach in terms of advertising? Geo-targeted advertising – ensuring that the advertisement pops up only to people within a certain range. People are much less likely to visit a local business for a special offer than one that is hundreds of miles away.

Video as one of the top ways to advertise your moving business

It’s already well-known how efficient video is for advertising purposes. YouTube offers three different types of video ads:

  • TrueView in-stream ads, which show up across the bottom of the video,
  • Bumper ads, which are perfect for mobile ads and
  • TrueView discovery ads, which show up in search results

Retargeted Ads

Retargeting is like a homing missile – it will follow you wherever you go until you get the impulse to make a purchase. It’s one of those ads we all had a chance to see, following us around on various websites. And it has proven to be a great tactic for e-commerce businesses.

Geo-Fencing Ads

Although you have geo-targeted ads, this offers you the chance to get a step closer. Geo-fencing advertising is one of those ways to advertise your moving business first hand. You can target mobile phones of customers in close vicinity of your store and send them promotional offers or coupons.

Chatbot Advertising

As artificial intelligence and VR progress, so does marketing find new uses for it. This is how chatbots came to be – AI ways to advertise your business via Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp etc. So, if you were looking to purchase a scarf, for example, the chatbot could pop up and offer a pair of gloves at 15% off.

Branded Applications

Brands today find new and innovative ways to promote their businesses. And in the modern world, this means having your own mobile app to offer clients. So, as a moving company, you could look to implement an instant moving quote calculator app or any other moving company software innovation. This app could also serve as an extended method of promoting your moving business.

Start exploring new ways to advertise your moving company

Excited man, looking at his phone.
Give your moving company a brand new perspective in the eyes of your audiences with our unique insights.

Staying up-to-date with digital marketing trends offers a lot of room for expanding the diversity and range of your advertising tactics. With Movers Development and our vast experience and knowledge in the moving industry and digital marketing industry, you can gain an entirely new insight into mixing the two. So, instead of wasting valuable time and resources trying to figure it out on your own, reach out to our team. We are here and willing to help your discover and test out new ways of advertising your moving business!