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Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) for Moving Companies

  • Keyword research - Selection of phrases with the highest potential to generate relevant visits, and based on your location, services, and competition.
  • Custom Landing pages - Sets of landing pages aiming for specific search phrases to maximise Google quality scores and reduce costs, while providing a perfect user experience.
  • High performing ads - Unique and creative ads for all keyword groups, tested to provide the highest click through and conversion rates.
  • Budget planning - Custom budgets assigned to all campaigns and ad groups, as well as fine adjusted keyword bids.
  • Performance Tracking - Quote forms and Google forwarding number to capture data and provide accurate conversion and performance tracking.
  • Constant Adjustments - Analytics to identify best performing keywords and ads, continuously adjust bids and landing pages, and maximise the return of investment.
  • Monthly Reporting - Full transparency with monthly reports to reflect keyword performance, costs and conversions.

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Run a marathon with SEO or go for a sprint with PPC

While Search Engine Optimization has the goal to provide a moving company with long-term success, there is also a solution for those businesses in search of simpler and short-burst improvements – Pay Per Clicks. PPC offers an optimal advertisement option for companies that are in the market to make a quick and efficient impact on their sales process. Movers Development is devoted to the continuous research of the most efficient ways to implement PPC in order to achieve the best results possible for our respective clients.

Cost Efficiency of Digital
Marketing for Movers

Average profit from a moving job $300

Pay Per Click Advertising (short term)

Average cost of a relevant click/visit


Average Conversion Rate


Average Customer Acquisition Rate


Average Cost of a new Customer


Average Return on Investment


Pay Per Clicks offers an instant revenue but without a possibility for an exponential growth or a permanently added value. Combination of SEO and PPC forms a comprehensive online strategy that benefits your company both in the short and the long run.

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