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Simple ways to protect your brand image

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Ways to protect your brand image

Establishing a strong and unique brand for your business takes time, resources, and long-term commitment. However, even when you come to a point where you develop a strong brand for your moving company, the work doesn’t end there. This is where you take your company to that next fundamental stage in expanding your business. A

5 ways to establish strong connections with customers

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A business owner shaking hands with a satisfied loyal customer.

If you are a business owner, acquiring new customers and making sure that you are offering the best service you can shouldn’t be your only priority. Apart from that, striving to establish strong relationships with customers can be just as important when it comes to the well-being of your company. Establishing connections while providing high-quality

Outdoor advertising ideas for movers – making an impact

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"Start moving" written on the side of a wall.

If there is one thing that we always tell our clients, it’s that marketing takes effort. In order to promote your moving company properly, you need to both have terrific moving service, and you need to implement both online and outdoor advertising ideas for movers. Some movers see success from the moment they open shop

How to find good guest posting sites

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Guest blogging this way - how to find good guest posting sites

Investing in marketing can be difficult for growing businesses, especially given how challenging it can be on your limited budget. That is why it is so important for business owners to discover optimal ways to not only advertise but also optimize their business online. And one of the finer ways for you to promote your

The benefits of referral marketing

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People shaking hands over the benefits of referral marketing

Most young companies tend to have issues when it comes to standing out and becoming an authority. And this is especially true when it comes to competitive industries. We’ve all seen it or heard it – a company has the resources and the quality of service but just seems to lack the business. And most

The influence of Wikipedia in digital marketing

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a person holding a phone with Wikipedia page, with a lot of books in te background, representing influence of Wikipedia in digital marketing

Looking for new ways to advertise your company is one of the major paths to success. The more people know about you, the more customers you have. The more customers you have, the higher the profit. However, inventing new things in digital marketing is tough these days, since the industry develops at a fast pace.

The importance of micro-interactions with users

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Drawing of people standing in a circle and holding hand, symbolizing the importance of micro-transactions with users

The importance of micro-interactions with users should be emphasized as much as possible. This crucial step in communicating with your clients is extremely important. However, as it happens on the micro-level, it usually goes unnoticed by someone who is not tech-savvy. To be able to explain how important micro-interactions really are, I will spend a

How to reduce your carbon footprint as a mover

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Green footprints, representing the way to reduce your carbon footprint as a mover

Staying on the top of moving business is a challenge that requires constant innovation and improvement. With so many companies on the market, the question really asks itself – how to keep up with the competition, and provide over-the-top service? However, there is an even more important question to ask. Besides battling out with your

Email personalization techniques for beginners

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Mail sent to a mailbox with the sign @ written on it.

No matter the kind of company you’re running, email marketing is one of the essential types of marketing that should not be ignored. Even in the age of social media and rapid digital expansion, seemingly traditional email marketing is still bound to get you plenty of new customers; if you do it right, that is.

6 Instagram marketing tips for movers

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Instagram marketing tips for movers

Over the years, from simply being a fun social media platform where people could post selfies and interesting photos they’ve taken, Instagram has evolved into a leading social media website and an incredibly important marketing platform. While online vs. offline marketing is certainly an interesting debate to look into, if you’re running a business of

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