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Bookkeeping mistakes movers make often

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An untidy desk filled with bookkeeping paperwork.

In our line of work, we work with a lot of movers. Some of them start up their companies and see almost overnight success. But, most of them struggle for a while until they develop their client base and figure out how to deal with brand development strategies. Meanwhile, one of the things we see

Shipping and logistics forecast for 2020

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A graph representing the importance of shipping and logistics forecast in 2020

Every industry has a market for targeted customers. As time passes, customers change their needs, and the market changes with them. That is the only way to keep the level of the service high and keep your clients. The same applies to the moving industry. The goal of this article is to cover the newest

Branded vs. non-branded keywords: which wins out?

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branded vs. non-branded keywords

Being as complex and intricate as it is, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is machinery that you need to maintain. However, you first need to set it up in the best manner. And an essential step in that setup is choosing the proper keywords for your moving company. Of course, before doing any of that, you

The benefits of referral marketing

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People shaking hands over the benefits of referral marketing

Most young companies tend to have issues when it comes to standing out and becoming an authority. And this is especially true when it comes to competitive industries. We’ve all seen it or heard it – a company has the resources and the quality of service but just seems to lack the business. And most

5 reasons why your moving business is failing

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A bunch of question marks, symbolizing 5 reasons why your moving business is failing.

Starting a moving business these days is not as easy as it was a decade ago. The market is already filled with plenty of relocation companies. Not only that, but they are also tightly packed in all major cities. If you analyze the situation from the angle of the potential customer, they have an abundance

The importance of micro-interactions with users

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Drawing of people standing in a circle and holding hand, symbolizing the importance of micro-transactions with users

The importance of micro-interactions with users should be emphasized as much as possible. This crucial step in communicating with your clients is extremely important. However, as it happens on the micro-level, it usually goes unnoticed by someone who is not tech-savvy. To be able to explain how important micro-interactions really are, I will spend a

Reasons why impactful branding is important

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Impactful branding is important for a number of reasons

With so many companies and businesses popping up nowadays, staying on top is proving to be impossible. That is why large and successful businesses focus on the next logical step – branding. In other words, what you want to do is make your company name a recognizable symbol within your industry. It’s the next logical

Top team collaboration tools for growing companies

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Five team members fist bumping.

Many company owners are aware of the fact that, without acquiring top talent, being successful and excellent at what you do is very hard to achieve. However, even if you have assembled the best workers in the industry, you will still be faced with plenty of unnecessary difficulties if your team isn’t collaborating correctly. And

Tactics for increasing your number of subscribers

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Increasing your number of subscribers if you know what you are doing

Every business needs subscribers to thrive. Subscribers are people who subscribe (pay or follow) for your work and help you increase your business. Thus, having a lot of subscribers is very important for everyone who is trying to achieve success. Now, subscribers do not come overnight, but there are some ways and tactics for increasing

The benefits of having a referral program

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Nowadays, consumers tend to trust the opinions of others more than ever before. People are more likely to purchase a product or hire a company if someone recommends it to them first. And with so many fraudulent businesses and competitive markets, who can blame us? At the end of the day, every business wants a

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