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Which are the most efficient B2C strategies today?

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Every marketer knows how wide the arsenal of marketing tactics can be. With so many digital marketing trends to consider, there are plenty of variations and different ways to come up with an efficient advertising strategy for your business. Each niche and market has its unique obstacles for businesses to overcome when attempting to succeed in generating sales. Hence, you will find that strategies will differ when it comes to B2C and B2B companies. The reason is simple – the target audiences are completely different. While your typical B2B marketing focuses on a more corporate-minded audience, the most efficient B2C strategies need to be more tailored to the needs of individual consumers. Today, explore some of the best-proven marketing tactics for B2C companies to explore.

Five universal strategies for B2B and B2C companies

Despite the countless different ways to advertise a business, there are always those options that have proven time and again their effectiveness. The following digital marketing solutions can be applicable for B2C businesses such as moving companies just as much as for B2B businesses the likes of Movers Development.

Hand holding a Customer card.
Focusing on the most efficient B2C strategies can bring in a lot of profit if you have the right approach.

Content Marketing

Creating engaging content for consumers is one of the finest ways to pull them into the unique offer you have for them. Whether it’s through blogs, news, guides, or infographics – it really doesn’t make a difference so long as it’s useful. You need to learn what your target audience is looking for online, and then provide them with clear answers to those questions. That is the best way to attract leads to your business and start building your brand online.

Once you have the attention of your online community of consumers, it’s just a matter of adjusting your content. You need to slowly adjust your content to direct that established base of visitors to convert them from readers to leads. Additionally, using content creation as one of your B2C strategies can improve traffic and online presence for your business.

Search Engine Optimization

Creating content goes beyond simply writing a 1000-word article. There is still the matter of optimizing that content into something that search engine algorithms will find good enough to recommend to online audiences. When it comes to the most efficient B2C strategies, SEO offers a straightforward solution:

  • Create engaging content that is rich with useful and relevant information
  • Input as much on-page SEO elements as possible into the content you create.
  • Build a link strategy from other articles and websites back to that content.

Most companies make the common mistakes of thinking that they need to choose a single strategy rather than combine several at the same time. Therefore, you can just as easily include paid advertising, social media, and email marketing in your SEO process.

Paid Advertising

A lot of B2C companies want to avoid having to wait on the long-term results that SEO offers and turn to quicker overnight solutions. One such tactic in the marketing arsenal is Paid Advertising for businesses. Once again, the most efficient B2C strategies are not mutually exclusive. You can combine them so long as you have the resources to do so.

Certainly, using Pay Per Click (PPC) ads on Google, remarketing ads, image and video ads on social media networks is all great for gathering the attention of online consumers. However, at the end of the day, you only get leads from PPC so long as you keep the tab open with constant monthly investment. That is why it is so important to combine it with SEO and other strategies. A good business owner understands the importance of budget control and how essential it is to reach as many customers as possible by investing as little as possible. Creating a proper landing page is always a good way to start, but you will then want to optimize that page for SERPs and use email marketing and social media networks to promote it.

Social Media easily falls among the most efficient B2C strategies

Facebook login page
Using social media networks can be a great way to boost B2C online traffic and brand awareness.

No matter how old-school your way of business is, you can’t afford to not embrace trending digital marketing channels today. Social media advertising is not a waste of time despite what you might think or what others say. When you know your audience and have a large enough group of followers, you can use it to your advantage in spreading your reach and using customers to make sales for your company. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter – these are all networks that people turn to daily for brand recommendations and trends when it comes to products, services, behavior, etc. Joining that race can not only help increase traffic to your website but also boost brand recognition.

Email Marketing is not something worth neglecting

Although it might seem outdated to some, email marketing remains among the best ways to target a wide range of audiences to this day. Creating a proper database of emails and segregating them into different target audiences for your B2C company can boost your sales quite a bit. And this is especially practical when you have multiple products or services to offers. Having a different visually appealing and inviting email marketing campaign can bring in new leads and boost your conversion rate.

Six most efficient B2C strategies to use in 2020

Digital marketing is a growing niche, with constant innovations and modern approaches to attract customers. Hence, you need to keep up with trends and consumers in order to stay on top of your game and ahead of your competitors. We offer you the following strategies that are currently working wonders for most B2C companies:


Contests are great ways to motivate consumers to engage with your brand

Having a healthy competitive event among customers is always a great way to inspire them to take action. Everybody likes to win, and what better way to enable them to do so than by offering them a contest? Hosting a contest can give you the basic insight you need to increase your target audience, as they are likely to share information such as name, email, address, needs, etc. Offering something in return for filling out a short form is great for B2C companies.

Additionally, consumers have a tendency to share competitive events with friends, making a group activity out of it. That is where email marketing and social media shine best as B2C strategies to consider combining with this particular tactic. The more shares your contest gets, the larger the group of people online that will be able to experience your brand and potentially convert into customers.

Remarketing to retain existing customers

While there are companies that rely on selling a single product every several months or so, there are those that need daily or weekly sales to keep their business going. That is why the most efficient B2C strategies rely on retaining existing customers, inviting them to make new purchases again and again. The way to accomplish this is through the use of different marketing channels, newsletters, brand development strategies that inspire long-term loyalty, etc.

Retargeting lost leads to convert them into customers

Retargeting is among the most efficient B2C strategies
Sometimes, consumers just need a reminder of why they ended up on your website to begin with.

A lot of people can’t tell the difference between remarketing and retargeting. Whereas remarketing focuses on getting past customers to buy again, retargeting focuses on those audiences that never made the purchase, to begin with. Hence, by using a simple JavaScript tag, you can easily generate a list of site visitors by deploying cookies in their browsers. All this should, of course, be noted in your website privacy policy.

Once you have that list, you can use it to monitor the audiences that left your website without making a purchase. You can then use email marketing, paid ads, cookies and different types of Calls to Action (CTAs) to remind them that you are still in the running. This particular approach serves as a reminder that they might have been wrong to have left so soon. And in most cases, it is a strategy that can reduce your bounce rate while increasing conversions.

Ambassador Programs

Despite the continuous development of digital marketing and traditional advertising, certain strategies never seem to lose juice. One such example can be found in the word-of-mouth approach – still one of the most efficient B2C strategies. Having a designated ambassador to represent and promote your brand with the world is always a good approach, especially when one takes social media networks into consideration. They are like the champions of your brand – spreading its presence to others and helping it go viral.

Influencer Marketing

Influencers can contribute to the growth of your brand.

Similar to the appeal of brand ambassadors, having influencers on your side is a great way to attract new audiences. People on social media networks today have come to rely on certain bloggers and high-profile celebrities when it comes to purchasing decisions. You have an image of someone that you admire and you want to know what makes them that way. You want to eat the same food as they do, go to the same gym, use the same skincare products, etc. That is why you will listen to their recommendations when it comes to brands and products/services.

Virtual or Augmented Reality

With all the advancements in technology and software, consumers have higher expectations when it comes to products presentation. And businesses have realized that using virtual or augmented reality can help them demonstrate the full extent of their products/services to customers. That visualization can often help push consumers in the right direction, as it gives them a clear image of themselves using that very product/service. Therefore, it is of little surprise how the implementation of VR tech is considered among the best B2C marketing tactics today.

Where does the importance of B2C marketing show most?

B2B companies have the time to present their services to other companies, sign contracts, negotiate long-term partnerships, etc. B2C companies don’t have the same luxury. You need to be able to present your products/services instantly, through the marketing strategies that you implement. Customers need to realize the benefits of using your brand by simply seeing an ad, visiting your website, reading your content, going through your social media profile, listening to brand ambassadors, influencers, etc.

The main goal is to increase overall sales with the use of the most efficient B2C strategies. And so, you need to create a unique sales funnel that combines several tactics and ensures:

  • More website traffic;
  • Growth of your list of subscribers;
  • Education of target audiences;
  • Maximization of brand awareness;
  • Retention of customers;
  • Recovery of lost leads.

Always look for the combination of the most efficient B2C strategies that suit your unique needs

Among the countless marketing approaches that you have out there, there are always those that fit your business better than others. It is up to each B2C company to find its perfect combination of different ways to advertise their business and attract customers. If you are unsure that you can do this on your own, there are always professionals that can assist you with this. Our team has combined experience and knowledge when it comes to B2B and B2C marketing strategies. We understand how to promote a company in ways that increase traffic and generate leads.

So, if you want the top results for your business, all you need to do is reach out for a free marketing analysis of your website today!