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Top content marketing trends in 2019

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Constant changes and improvements in technology are necessary to follow if you want to succeed in your business field. Content marketing has become one of the key strategies to reach your target audience, gain authority and stand out among your competitors. Moreover, it is now a powerful means to get revenue, become more cost-efficient, and personalize the customer experience. So, what is expected in the near future? What are the top content marketing trends in 2019? Here is the answer.

1 – Customers will appreciate transparency and value marketing even more

The search for the best ways to advertise a business starts the moment you decide to enter the market. Firstly, you need to define your target audience. Then, you should provide it with informative and engaging content regarding your business. The content should reflect your brand, your vision, clear objectives of your company and the value you can bring to the target audience. If you do not follow the rule of transparency, you might signal a red flag to a vast majority of your potential clients. The slightest disagreement between what your company says and what it does can significantly harm your authority among them.

a hand showing the thumb up
Respect the rules of transparency and value if you want to succeed.

When it comes to the value of the content, bear in mind the following point. Expectations go far beyond simple promotion of your brand and selling your products. Failing to meet their requirements is one of the top reasons why businesses lose their clients today. As a result, you need to provide genuine value. Educate your audience, give advice, entertain them. This way, you will create a real sense of authenticity and transparency through your content and, thus, make your clients trust your brand.

2 – Content personalization and interaction with the target audience are content marketing trends in 2019

Being able to make your target audience interact with your brand is a great success. Those marketers who can create the content relevant for both the entire target audience and individual customers at the same time are very important for every company. Applying this trend is the only proper way to win commercial leads for moving companies.  Also, you will create a sense of credibility and trust.

Furthermore, it provides you with two significant benefits. Firstly, your customers will understand that you value their opinion. Secondly, you will receive detailed information regarding your customers’ expectations, needs, and requirements.

3 – Involving everyone in the company in the creation of high-quality content

The company should involve all the employees in the content creation process. The reason for this is straightforward and logical. Each team member engages with customers differently. So, by involving everybody in the content creation process, you provide various perspectives concerning the customers’ needs and expectations. Moreover, you get genuinely valuable content that relates to all your customers.

a team pointing thumbs up becuase
Involve everyone in your company in the content development process.

On the other hand, this trend can also be used to promote transparency customers appreciate so much. Include blog posts where customers can meet the members of your team. Also, use behind-the-scenes videos of the main activities in your company to introduce your clients to the principles your company stands on.

4 – Collaboration between brands is among content marketing trends in 2019

Collaboration between brands is useful for all the parties included. Most often, the collaborative content takes the form of:

The main objective of the collaboration between brands is to create sensible collaborative content for the partners included. If you decide to apply this of all the top content marketing trends in 2019, choose brands which are related to your niche. Also, pay attention that they are not your competitors.

Moreover, find partners who will complement your skills and knowledge of content marketing.

5 – Including influencers into content development teams

Influencers can boost your credibility among the target audience. If you use the full potential of guest blogging to help your business grow, you will be fascinated by the results. How can you benefit from influencers in your moving niche, for example? Traditionally, companies used to request permits to publish guest posts on the influencers’ websites. Now, the situation has changed. The latest trend is to invite influencers to share their content on your website. Thus, you increase both your credibility and the visibility of your brand.

the word influencer written with white dices
Including influencers into the content development team is one of the trends in 2019.

6 – Development of multimedia content with omnichannel distribution

Multimedia content has become a necessity for all those trying to reach authority in their niche. Those who know how to establish an omnichannel marketing strategy can benefit greatly on this knowledge. Besides, they can get significantly more attention from the target audience. That is why it is a sensible decision to invest some of your time and effort to score improvement in this field.

7 – Using chatbots and artificial intelligence will be among the top content marketing trends in 2019

Using chatbots and artificial intelligence in marketing development has been on the increase for quite some time. That is the trend one might expect concerning the frequent changes and improvements in technology. Use this content marketing trend to:

  • Provide quick answers to the most frequent questions concerning your services
  • Provide detailed information on the key transactional processes
  • Collect feedback from your customers
  • Direct customers toward further reading or additional resources

It all goes to show that chatbot software is highly helpful software for small moving companies wishing to improve and expand in the field of moving industry.

8 – Optimizing your content for voice search

One of the top content marketing trends in 2019 is optimizing your content for voice search. Although it has already been present in technology for a while already, the concept is yet to go through its boom. More importantly, it will affect your Google ranking as well. It all goes to show that knowing the basics of voice search SEO will become a necessity. If you want to be at the top and beat your competitors, you will have to study this field.