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Modern marketing challenges and how to tackle them

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It’s no secret that we’ve become quite dependent when it comes to marketing. All modern businesses rely on it for development solutions, while people rely on it for answers. It’s a vicious circle which is never-ending and to play the game of business, you need to step into that circle. However, the good thing is that modern marketing challenges are solvable. Some are easy, some not so much, but with the proper attitude or professional moving development assistance – nothing is impossible.

Understand what modern marketing challenges businesses are faced with to aid you in solving them.
Modern marketing challenges await you in 2018 – some old, some new but each as important as the other. Learn how best to achieve them.

The fascination of marketing

First, let’s make a distinction between things in marketing that are truly hard and things that are actually pretty easy, particularly when it comes to moving company marketing. This general perception serves to provide you with the “bigger picture” and you should have no issues recognizing yourself in it.

The harder modern marketing challenges of today

1. Tapping into the moving market needs

The most challenging thing about moving business marketing actually comes before any of the activities most people associate with marketing. You have to come up with a service or product people are willing to spend money on.  Many would-be movers spend years researching the potential of software for movers or other services before they actually initiate business activity. The #1 reason startups fail is the lack of market need for their offer.

2. Connecting with the customer base

As we noted, reaching people is easy. In fact, it’s too easy. You can reach countless groups who aren’t actually your customers. The hard part is identifying and connecting with the people who will be motivated to purchase your services. You need a strategy supported by data, testing, and patience. If you have a marketing need, your target audience is out there. But connecting with them in the clutter of internet content is a major challenge – one that SEO might be able to help with.

3. Refining your proposition of services

Fins the perfect message to reach your customer base.
In order for your proposition to succeed, everything needs to fit together.

In marketing, it’s not just what you say, but how you say it. Your sales pitch makes the case for how customers benefit from what you do and why you’re a better choice than the competition. It’s the reason they should care in the first place. Communicating this with clarity is harder than most people realize. You have to know the services you’re offering and describe them in a manner that your audience can connect to. Developing a crisp value proposition is a vital marketing skill and hard work many overlooks. And this is why it is considered as one of the modern marketing challenges.

4. Not over-focusing on the design

Many businesses get enamored with the tools and choices they can explore with design. So much so that they forget that the purpose of that design is to convey their message. Pretty design is like coffee, a little is okay and refreshing but too much is unhealthy. Staying on topic instead of playing with cool toys takes focus and discipline.

5. Modern marketing challenges of data-management

The challenge with data is identifying key performance indicators (KPIs). With all the data you can access, what you need to know so you can make meaningful modifications to your campaigns can be hard to uncover. It takes experience and expertise to make the most of the bounty of data available to you.

6. Keeping up with changes and trends

This is very hard with digital marketing, even for those who work in the field. Google and – in particular – Facebook change their algorithms and ad platforms so often that nobody knows everything that’s going on all the time. Some argue that the search engineers at Google itself don’t know everything their AI-directed algorithm is doing. Furthermore, the way people use mobile technology is an ongoing, ever-changing story. Keeping up is one of the major modern marketing challenges.

7. Managing your online reputation

Maintaining your online presence and brand can be a difficult challenge.

Today, word of mouth is word of mouse. User-generated reviews are some of the most influential marketing content you have, but it’s content that you have less control over. Many businesses today realize they need to revamp their entire approach. This is so they create the type of experience that leads to positive reviews. It’s a new era where businesses must be proactive about:

  • maintaining their reputations,
  • creating a host of service and content management challenges.

8. Leveraging your marketing funnel

The buyer’s journey in the digital age is more complex than ever. The Internet enables people to do more research and take more time when they’re looking for a product or solution; people are more methodical buyers in general. A moving business needs informational content that engages people at the top of the funnel. Many people respond to the variety of branded content they get on social media. Then, you need to track people as they get closer to a buying decision and hit them with the right content. This process poses a major difficulty for all businesses.

The easier modern marketing challenges of today:

  1. Background collateral design. Today, it’s relatively easy to design web pages, banners, motion graphic videos, etc., with pretty images, endless color variations, wild fonts, and glossy stock photos. There are tons of online tools, templates, and image libraries that allow anyone to make attractive polished looking content with little or no programming skill.
  2. Connecting with people. From search engines to social media, you can have an abundance of people coming to you while you connect with endless groups with your outreach. Getting a message into the world has never been easier. And this can help solve a good deal of modern marketing challenges.
  3. Content publications. With blogs, social media tools, and YouTube, every business out there can publish content. The internet is a vast ocean of content that grows dramatically every day. Anybody with an idea can publish it online.
  4. Start-up process. The barriers to starting and marketing a business today are minimal. An idea, basic business structure, a website and a few social media pages and you’re looking fairly legit.
  5. Keeping track of data.  Wow, is this easy nowadays? Every online tool and platform you use tracks the activity of people who interact with it. CRM software makes tracking client and company activity a snap. Digital marketing is a data juggernaut. Data shortage is never a problem.
  6. Overall enthusiasm. There are many steps you can take to start a business that is instant and free. And they look pretty good. You can be out of the gates and running in no time. It’s easy to be charged with enthusiasm, certain you’re going to corner the market and get rich.

Conclusion on the modern marketing challenges

It’s important to set new goals with each challenge you complete.

Both of these lists could be longer, but the one that would stretch out the most is what’s hard about marketing.

Connecting with an audience in a persuasive way is never that easy. Never try to convince yourself otherwise about this. It takes a host of skills as well as an exceptional initial idea. Many businesses don’t make it simply because these challenges prove too much to overcome. But this does not have to happen to you. That shouldn’t stop you from trying. Quite the opposite. It’s the reason you’re trying it. You accept the challenge and believe the rewards involved will be worth the effort. You want to organize and measure the best of your energies.