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The benefits of using interlinking to improve SEO

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Most SEO efforts start with investing the time and resources in building a strong and organized website. Among the many optimization tasks that such an endeavor requires is having a strong structure when it comes to web pages and blog posts. And the best way to ensure that they are all properly connected and mutually beneficial is through internal linking. When you link one of your inner pages to another page, this creates a signal for search engine bots that those pages are relevant to each other. As a result, both pages gain additional value. So, if we were to discuss the many benefits of SEO for moving companies here, placing an internal link towards the article that speaks more on this subject would be more than acceptable – it would be desirable. Today, we discuss the benefits of using interlinking to improve SEO.

What are the 9 upsides of using interlinking?

As far as internal links are concerned, the fact stands that both search engines and site visitors find them practical. When you have quality content that engages well with your target audience, you want to make it easier for them to absorb it. And one of the best ways to accomplish this is by offering them additional information on potentially complex matters. With well-placed interlinking, this is definitely something that you can do.

That is where the benefits of using interlinking to improve SEO start. As the website owner, you have full control over this resource, so it’s just a matter of having the right approach to use it in the best way possible. The better the implementation of links towards other relevant pages is, the higher the user experience will be for site visitors. And as a result of that internal linking strategy, you will open the door to more potential leads for your moving company.

Rather than continue discussing this matter further and risk losing you in the process, why not go straight onto the topic of this here article. So, here are the top nine benefits of using interlinking to improve SEO:

#1: Readers are better equipped to navigate through your website

Pawns on table, connected with lines
Navigating through your website becomes much simpler for visitors when using interlinking to improve SEO

It’s in the best interest of any website owner for the users that come to be able to find everything they need on that website easily. And using internal links is a great way to achieve just that. Hence, you will want to start by creating a well-structured and detailed content strategy for your website. And once you have it, you will want to expand it as time goes by:

  • Monitor the web pages that have more traffic than others and link towards them as much as possible in a natural and non-intrusive way.
  • Try to boost the pages with lower traffic by offering more quality content and boosting them with links towards other relevant pages.
  • Pay close attention to the new content that you create and make sure that it has well-placed interlinking that improves SEO for your site.

How does site navigation affect your website SEO?

There are three ways in which the ability to navigate ones’ website can affect their SEO:

  1. More time spent on pages – when you have a quality piece of content for people to read, they will be motivated to spend more time reading it.
  2. Increase in traffic for certain pages – once people realize how good your content is, they will share it and recommend it to others.
  3. Lower bounce rate – internal links will have your audiences go from one article to several others, all of which are on your website. That can help you reduce your overall bounce rate and give your website more SEO value in return.

#2: Your website gains a proper blueprint

Man standing in front of white board with web development plan
Each website deserves a proper blueprint to grow.

The more time you spend working on the inner architecture of your website, the better you will be able to present it to others. It’s really a matter of making your website more user-friendly. Like any good building, a strong website needs a strong foundation to build on. And one of the pillars of that foundation here lies in the internal linking strategy that you implement and grow in time. That strategy serves as one of the fundamental principles of your on-page SEO process.

One of the finer benefits of using interlinking to improve SEO is that you don’t need to have a hierarchical structure with second and third layer sub-pages. You can, but with internal links, you have the freedom to organize the inner workings and pages of your website as you see fit. And that fit usually lies in the eyes and experience of site visitors.

#3: It strengthens the range of link equity through websites

Links to other pages carry a certain amount of equity, better known in the world of SEO as link juice.

Link juice contains a number of elements, the essential ones being:

  • Value
  • Trust flow
  • Topic relevance
  • Authority

The good news is that you can use internal linking to transfer all these benefits from one page to the next. And once you do, search engines tend to notice this transfer, which helps them determine page ranking in SERPs. So, if you have a page that is well-positioned in search results, it carries a certain value with it. Linking that page to other pages that you want to rank for spreads the link juice, boosting other pages as well.

Be careful, however. There is such a thing as overdoing it here. When you invest link juice in irrelevant pages, you are, in fact, wasting the strength of that link juice, making it weaker over time. So, you need to ensure proper control through the use of do-follow and no-follow pages.

#4: Using interlinking to improve SEO helps you keep readers engaged

People looking at different devices and discussing how using interlinking improves SEO
Internal linking helps you keep your readers engaged.

Most people will want to focus their efforts on converting visitors into customers as soon as possible. However, keeping people on your website for long amounts of time can be just as important. The more time people spend going through your website – the lower your overall bounce rate will be. And this is great for your overall SEO. The way interlinking improves SEO is by presenting visitors with multiple content options that might interest them.

  • More than half of online visitors look to internal links to lead them to other useful pages. Therein lies your opportunity to get the attention of your audience, guiding them to the quality content you have to offer them.

#5: Easier for bots to crawl through your website

Web code
Interlinking your content helps search engine bots crawl through your website

It is already a well-known fact that indexing and crawling can earn you points with Google and other search engines. And internal linking is an important part of that process, as it can directly influence how your site ranks in SERP.

The crawlers that search engines use to go through your website have a clear objective to understand your website. By doing so, they are able to define your business better, categorize it, and give it the value it deserves. Hence, you need to make sure that all your optimization efforts are to help make that process simpler. And with the proper use of interlinking to improve your SEO, that is all the more manageable.

Sure, search engine bots will easily come across the more popular web pages on your website. But what about the ones that are not as well ranked or visited? It will be harder to earn value for those pages without leading crawlers to them with the use of internal links. Once again, we come back to making your website easier to navigate through, for both people and bots. As a direct result of that, you open the door to earn value for all your pages.

#6: Pumping up the value of keywords becomes simpler

Tiles with letters
Internal links can help boost the value of certain keywords.

Each website has multiple target keywords that they chase after when it comes to online ranking. For example, certain keywords for moving companies are more competitive and popular (professional moving services, residential moving, piano movers, etc.) while others have less traffic (student movers, packing services, etc.) and are thus easier to rank for. A good interlinking plan can help you strengthen your focus on those stronger keywords that you need.

How does one accomplish this?

Complex as it might appear, it comes down to discipline and organization. As one of the benefits of using interlinking to improve SEO, you need to incorporate keyword use in your content creation process. And so, it comes down to a few simple steps:

  1. Create quality and relevant page/post that is optimized for a particular keyword.
  2. Make sure that the content is user-friendly and has authority, as well as visibility.
  3. Incorporate the keyword you want that page to rank for in other pages/posts and link towards it.

However, there are certain things to consider here. As beneficial as internal links are, there are certain borders that you shouldn’t cross. So, you need to make sure to avoid common link-building mistakes when you spread all that link juice. One such mistake would be overusing the exact anchor text for linking to that page – mix it up a bit. Google algorithms are no longer as easy to fool with tactics such as keyword and link stuffing. You will want to ensure a natural content flow and a practically unnoticeable link toward a potentially useful and practical page.

#7: Links to other relevant topics is a great way to validate your arguments

Go back to any insightful piece of content you read. When you come across facts, statistics, studies, surveys, etc. – you want to know where it comes from. Anybody can make up a fact, but when you have a link that leads you to an entire article devoted to that piece of information, that’s something else. So, you see, interlinking offers you a great way to argue your case on any given topic. And the foundation it offers will help you not only earn value for both pages, but it will also build your online authority in your respective niche.

#8: You can send traffic back to older posts by using interlinking to improve SEO

As you expand your moving company blog and improve the content creation process, it can become challenging to maintain the relevance of older posts. There are, in fact, two ways to avoid this from happening:

  1. Update older posts from time to time with new data and insight.
  2. Make sure that you are using interlinking to improve SEO value for those posts.

Users online are more inclined to read newer articles they come across. And this is entirely natural as people want the latest information when it comes to news from the digital world. Unfortunately, that means that your older posts might easily get buried in newer versions and data on that same topic. However, by keeping those older posts up-to-date and giving them link juice through interlinking, you maintain their relevance.

Not only can a link to older posts help promote it and keep it in the game, but you can also attract more readers to it, offering useful context that dates back several years back even.

#9: It is a rudimentary part of any SEO strategy worth having

Internal links act like a well-established network of useful information that readers and search engines look for in a site. By enabling them to discover additional pages and content on your website, you give them less reason to leave it and a clear idea of your knowledge and authority. That is why interlinking is an elementary step in the creation of any SEO strategy worth having. It all comes down to building a logical linking structure that is both effective and natural in the eyes of others.

Build your interlinking strategy in the best way possible!

Having a well-organized website with content that is engaging and intertwined can secure a steady flow of leads and daily traffic. Movers Development offers you the opportunity to save time and resources by letting our team handle this for you. Contact our company today and learn what our team can for your moving company SEO strategy!