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Simple tips for converting readers into leads

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Reading articles like this may be the first sign your blog/website is doing very well. And you already made the most important step – looking for a way to increase leads. Increasing the number of people looking at your website is not enough for growing your business. That’s why it is essential to take some key steps in converting readers into leads. In this text, we’ll show you some crucial strategies in building a strong relationship with the readers of your content and eventually making them your new clients.

Why should you use your blog in converting readers into leads?

In today’s world of online shopping and education, using a blog for business is necessary. However, here are the reasons why you should focus more on converting readers into leads:

  1. If you are a marketer who focuses on blogging, your business will be more likely to increase leads.
  2. Most of the computer users are blog readers.
  3. Companies that publish more content regularly generate more traffic and even more leads.
  4. Blogging is an inexpensive way to increase awareness of your business/brand and create content that your audience like.
  5. Online marketing has become an essential part of promoting a business. Learn the difference between online vs. offline marketing and find out what are the other reasons you should invest in online promotion, too.
converting readers into leads
Converting readers into leads is a several steps process. However, if you invest in it, you’ll see profit in no time.

Add Call to Action to your website

Every now or then, readers need a kind of a ‘push’ into doing something you need them to do. Whatever you expect your readers to do at a certain page, be sure to tell them so clearly. It may be an invitation to download, inquire, contact, send a message, apply – add an appropriate call-to-action button and be fearless to attract your customers. Be sure to make the CTAs easily visible and easy to find, and add them:

  • to the post itself
  • at the beginning/end of the post
  • in a floating popup
  • as a fullscreen overlay

Get to know your readers

When writing good quality content for your blog, it is necessary to know who you are writing for. Learn how to find potential clients first. Be sure to attract the right audience to your blog, readers who will be interested in what you have to offer. Next, you need to write using the style, language, and voice that suits the taste and interest of your readers. To start writing that way, be sure to:

  • know the profile of your audience 
  • research their socio-demographics (age, gender, education)
  • understand why they visit your website

Introduce more Lead Magnets

This handy ‘tool’ can help you a lot with converting readers into leads. Lead magnets are items your readers get in exchange for some valuable information. A lead magnet can be anything you want it. Actually, anything your readers want. That’s why the previous tip of getting to know your readers is so important. Once you know your audience, you can offer them something they like – a video, a document, a template, an Ebook, etc. Exclusive content is a great ‘bait’ and a fantastic tactic in converting readers into leads.

converting readers into leads
Add lead magnets to your website so you can start converting readers into leads.

Let your text help you in converting readers into leads

High-quality content is not really enough if you want to generate more leads. The way you need to write your blog post is to convince your readers they should be interested in what you have to offer. Your text needs to be very persuasive, yet not too pushy. There are many ways to do it. Firstly, you need to be consistent. If you always offer high-quality content, your readers will give out their contact information much more quickly.

Another way to do it is to convince your readers by giving them proof of your excellent work. Share the information like the number of your satisfied customers, social media facts, partners, reviews, positive comments, etc. Show them that people like you and that they can trust you, too.

One more interesting ‘trick’ is to make your products or services – exclusive. People enjoy using exclusive services or getting products in the last minute. Try labeling your products as ‘limited time only,’ ‘low stock,’ ‘premium members only,’ etc. Make your future customers feel special when buying something from you.

Use your texts to promote your services/products

Blog posts that you write can be an excellent way to promote the services or products your business offers. However, be sure to use this feater very carefully. You don’t want to convert a random blog post into a promotion of your goods. This kind of ad needs to be mentioned in the text, engaging your readers to find out more about it. If you force promotion of the products in the blog posts, the content you write will lose its value.

Break up your text

There’s nothing less appealing than a large chunk of writing that is easy to read. To make it more exciting and appealing to your readers, be sure to break down your blog posts into parts. Use different size headings and numbered lists to make the text easily readable and more enjoyable to your audience.

blogging- converting readers into leads
If you are blogging, a safe way of converting readers into leads is providing them with high-quality content


As you can see, there are many ways of connecting with your audience and converting readers into leads. The most important thing here is to make a trustful, healthy relationship with your readers so you can increase the traffic of your blog. Your audience needs to trust you so they can purchase something from you.

Another important thing is always to create content of the highest quality possible and publish it regularly. This way you help your readers expect consistency from you, which makes them more likely to become the customers. Investing in a business doesn’t always mean spending money, but using your logic and other resources to build a strong rapport. Always remember that clients value quality above all.