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Importance of backlink building for movers

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Search engine optimization is a well too deep for any one person to explore. I remember when I first started years ago – I was at a complete loss what goes where and why. It was chaotic, but at the same time exciting, because it was like I was solving a big puzzle. And who doesn’t love a good puzzle? Now, given the complexity of it all, you can only imagine how much time and effort it takes for the ideal optimization of a moving company’s website. It’s like a professional movers development checklist that you need to comprise and focus on. And at some point, you understand the impact that backlink building for movers has on the growth and optimization of your website.

Ensure that your website has a developed link strategy by understanding backlink building for movers.
Backlink building for movers is an essential part of forming a rich and optimized link strategy.

What is backlink building for movers and why do you need it?

To put it plainly – a “backlink” is a link from an external website towards your own. It’s all part of the Google ranking structure that you need to go through. Now, there are many different types of backlinks out there, but what are the essential qualities of a good backlink building strategy:

  1. The external blog that refers your website should in some way be linked to your industry.
  2. The 3rd party website should be SEO optimized and ranked well on Google.
  3. You should never accept backlinks from websites associated with trash content.

You might be wondering “why do I need this backlink building – I just want to get more customers”. That’s the thing! A good backlink structure adds to your website structure, which in turn gives you a higher pass with Google. And the higher the pass with Google, the easier it will be for you to end up on those first pages of searches. Plus, it’s a great way to get more referrals and customers, based on the websites and blogs that contribute to your backlink development.

Backlink building for movers strenghtens the foundation of a website.
Proper backlink building for movers is what holds the entire SEO structure together and strong.

Backlink building for movers should relate to the moving industry

Nowadays, you are able to link pretty much anything to the prospect of relocation. Whether it’s the need for good nightlife, proper medical facilities, job opportunities, education…everything comes down to moving to the right place. However, you still need to be logical – there is no point in linking software engineering or cosmetics blogs to the moving industry.

When you are considering your backlinks, you should also consider your customer focus group. What are the websites/blogs where people might show an interest or need for moving? Which industries and interests are directly and which are indirectly linked to the moving industry? And these are just some of the questions that you ask yourself when planning a backlink development strategy.

Fastest backlink building for movers comes from high-quality websites

When backlink building for movers, one should avoid dealing with low-ranking websites and blogs.
Never accept backlinks from low-rated websites, as they will take your ratings down with them.

Customers today (and Google) are most open for rich and valuable content. It’s what makes you consider a certain business of service provider. After all, you won’t go and hire a company that has a horrible website with minimal information or no website at all. It’s a matter of trust and conveying that you possess the right insight and knowledge about what you do.

And it’s the same with backlinks – you do not want your website linked to low-quality content. If this happens, you send a clear message to Google that your moving services are on the same level. So carefully consider the websites or bloggers that are providing backlinks for your website. You first need to make sure that they are as optimized as you (if not better).

Never associate your backlink structure with trash topics and content

As a serious company owner, you want to be accepted seriously and ensure people that you mean business. And that might be hard to do if you are linking your content to ridiculous websites and blogs, such as gambling, porn, sport… This is why you should avoid associating yourself with such content. Otherwise, you risk losing any quality recognition Google has for you. Also, readers are more likely to lose interest if they link you to insignificant content.

How best to prepare for backlink building for movers?

As I mentioned earlier, the need for backlinks will arise at some point, but not instantly. First, you will have to build a good content foundation and internal link structure on your official website. Once you have the foundation and the main structure, you can focus on adding extra features through backlink building for movers. So what are the preparatory steps you need to take to ensure that your website is prepared for backlinks?

Your website has to be technically developed

People react well to websites that are easy to use and coordinate through. Technical errors with the website hurt user experience. And when you hurt user experience, Google limits your organic traffic growth. So the first thing you need to do is avoid speeding through this process. Otherwise, you may end up wondering:

Resolve any tecnical issued that you might have with your website before providing backlinks towards it.
Strong backlinks will do little for you if your website is prone to 404, so make sure it doesn’t.

“Why aren’t my backlinks providing results!?”

So take some extra time or hire professionals to audit your website and check for any potential technical issues. Things such as slow page loading time, 404 errors, lack of mobile-friendliness and duplicate content should not occur. Any of these issues Google will recognize as a failure on your end and punish.

Strong site architecture is a must

The matter of the fact is that your website structure is the mechanism that holds the entire machinery together. Without good structure, the building comes down and you’ve achieved nothing. And this is why your website needs to be well-organized and internally linked. It’s just a matter of structuring by importance:

  • Everything needs to be linked to the home page, as it is the anchor.
  • Sub-pages and categories should link towards each other, pages, sub-pages and the home page.
  • Blog posts should link towards the home page, pages, sub-pages and other posts.

You need to have valuable and optimized content

Rich and knowledgeable content is the last and most important piece of the puzzle. If you don’t think content is important, then this type of text is not something that should interest you. Your content strategy can make or break your SEO campaign. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how many backlinks you get. It doesn’t matter how technically good and structured your website is. Because your SEO campaign will eventually fail if you don’t focus on content.

Nobody expects you to be perfect, but do not publish trash content. Like real garbage, trash content gets sent to the landfill where no one will ever read it again. I think you get the message I am trying to send here. Just remember that your content will determine the success of your entire SEO campaign. And that content ends up determining the quality and quantity of your backlinks.