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Formula for securing a fluent lead flow

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Why is it that marketing plays such an important role in modern day business? The fact is that people are now used to having products and services sold to them. They subconsciously reward your effort as a moving company to market your services in a presentable manner. However, as we know, marketing for moving companies is just as difficult as they come. Thus, you need to always research new ways to stay in the race. In fact, what you need is a way of securing a fluent lead flow. And we have just the perfect formula for you to test out, so bear with us here.

What is the right path toward securing a fluent lead flow?

As we are well aware, the real estate market is in direct relation to the moving industry. And the housing market has its peak and critical times of the year, similar to the concept of moving industry trends. However, there are always ways to influence your lead inflow – it’s just a matter of strategically planning your online exposure. People usually find it most difficult to determine just how much effort it takes to win over new clients? The answer is relatively simple – converting a lead into a job falls on:

  • obtaining the best-qualified leads,
  • determining the number of leads to contact, and
  • asking the right questions at just the right time.
Infographic of a funnel divided into different segments that can help you in securing a fluent lead flow.
You need to establish a proper marketing funnel to help you in securing a fluent lead flow.

Only by obtaining these three factors can you establish a full marketing funnel as your backup well of leads. And once you have a proper funnel, securing a fluent lead flow is a matter of time, no matter the season. So, here are our unique tips on how to accomplish just that – establish a bulletproof marketing funnel for leads.

1st level of the funnel: Target Your Best Leads

If you want your business to not only survive but also thrive, you need to secure as many leads as possible. It’s a natural course of action that we all follow when looking to secure leads. However, there are always some bad apples in a batch. And it’s up to you to identify the ones not worth following up with and taking them out of the equation. Otherwise, you can end up wasting a whole lot of resources on chasing irrelevant leads. Securing a fluent lead flow is important, but not at the price of backtracking progress.

Timing is critical when securing a fluent lead flow

As always, timing plays a critical role when it comes to building a strong and responsive lead policy. This is why you need to do everything you can to secure the freshest leads possible. By doing so, you will ensure that your company is the first one they see and reach out to. Additionally, your funnel will have more to process from the very first stage.

Smart watch on a white table.
In the competitive market we operate in today, timing is everything. The first ones to get to customers are often the ones with the highest chance of closing the deal.

Always make sure that you refine your criteria

If you hope to get the best possible results from your marketing efforts, you have to look at everything separately. Otherwise, you can’t hope to discover where certain problems fester and solve them accordingly. So, always make sure to examine each and every search filter. Analyze your previous work and projects to establish a pattern of who is most likely to hire you. The more precise your definition of a target audience, the more effective your email campaigns and social media promoting will be. Here are some tips to help you along the way:

2nd level of the funnel: Prepare Your Pitch

Now that you’ve prepared everything, the time comes for you to start promoting. Timing and method still play an important role here, since you don’t want to call customers at night or spam them with emails. Instead, what you want is to give them control over a convenient time to communicate with you. As long as you have the right sales pitch with the right information, you can influence leads and leave them to come to you.

This is an art in itself, and it takes detailed market research. But as long as you provide your target audience with exactly what they want to read about, you are all set. 1-5 weeks – this is the time frame to go from listing a house until moving. But while they’re anxiously waiting on selling their house, your message is there to keep them thinking about that next step. This is what securing a fluent flow of leads is all about.

3rd level of the funnel: Call & Close the Move

After a few weeks of consistent mailing, your phone will start ringing. But is your staff prepared to receive calls and close deals? You need to make sure that you have a dedicated sales staff who are aware of the hook you threw in the water. Make sure that everyone is up to date and has quick access to the promotional campaign you forwarded.

Feedback is an essential process to ensure growth. So, make sure to always ask these two questions:

  1. How did you come by our contact information?
  2. How did you hear about our moving business?

Adjusting your efforts for the cold non-moving winter months

Person walking down an empty snow-covered city street.
Winter is coming, so you best prepare for the slow months ahead.

As we are all well-aware, bears are not the only ones to go into hibernation during winter – so does most of the moving industry. This is the time to analyze your overall results during this past year and start preparing for next year. But before you do this, you need to make sure to keep sending campaigns throughout the fall, that is if you are leaning towards securing a fluent lead flow. So, here are some ways for you to market your business before winter comes:

  • Now is the time punch the gas on your marketing efforts. Otherwise, you are guaranteed to slow down in the slow months to come.
  • Adjust your mailing list to reach as many leads as possible:
    • Increase the radius of your mailing efforts
    • Add zip codes to marketing campaigns
    • Change minimum & maximum job sizes to accommodate any rare opportunities
    • Seasonal discounts have proven to work best during the off-season
  • Reach out to people that have contacted you over the last three months. These leads should have been stored in your CRM, so they are there, waiting for re-targeting efforts.

Bottom line

By securing a fluent lead flow during this crucial time, you will ensure the overall stability in your conversion rate and business flow. Sure, it won’t be as profitable as these past several months have been, but some work is always better than no work.