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Pros and cons of redesigning your website

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Your website is a portrayal of your brand. As each brand evolves, so should the website that represents it. Unfortunately, many companies fail to revisit their website design, often leading to an outdated and diminishing online presence. This is reflected in low performance and conversion rates, which puts your business behind competitors, ultimately leading to failure. As an experienced provider of Internet marketing services, our company understands the importance of keeping up with trends. Being as vast and competitive as it is, the moving industry is a harsh environment. You can never stop searching for ways to stay relevant and competitive. Today, we explore the pros and cons of maintaining authority by redesigning your website occasionally.

Current trends in the moving industry

In 2024, moving companies are changing fast, and so are what customers want from their websites. People use their phones for everything, so moving company websites must be easy to use on mobiles. This means a big thing for companies is a moving company website redesign that makes sites work great on phones. Customers now expect cool features like instant quote tools to get prices fast and easily for their moves.

It’s also super important to tell customers about your services simply. Everyone’s in a hurry, so being clear and quick helps customers pick you over others. With more folks working remotely, there’s a big jump in long-distance and international moves. So, moving companies must keep up by offering online bookings and tracking to make moving smoother.

Marketing for movers now means having a website that looks good, stands out online, and attracts more customers, keeping them ahead in this changing market.

Why do companies usually opt for a website redesign?

The primary drive of any professional moving company is to book as many moving jobs as possible and grow in size and revenue. When starting a moving business, everyone should know this well. Experienced management skills, skilled manpower, modern equipment, successful branding, strong local and industry presence, etc. – these are just some of the concerns.

A sleek, fast website helps keep your business competitive and ensures customers find you easily. Here’s why: Slow websites turn people away. A quick, mobile-friendly site is crucial, as folks expect pages to load fast, especially on phones. Also, keeping your site’s look modern and information up-to-date boosts your credibility and helps with search engine rankings. Missing or wrong contact information? That’s a no-go. It sends a bad message. Regular updates mean better customer service and happier clients. Bottom line: In the digital age, keeping your site fresh isn’t just nice—it’s necessary. How moving companies can benefit from website updates is clear:

  • better visibility
  • satisfied customers
  • solid online presence

Add to that the competition, keeping up with moving industry trends, having a tech-savvy approach, and you have a strong foundation to build on.

When is the time to consider redesigning your website?

Having a responsive web design that is up-to-date and user-friendly can make a big difference for any business. And like any aspect of your business, your website is a resource you must manage proactively. Whether we are discussing the overall quality of your content or matching your web design with the expectations of your target audiences – the point is the same. So, when do companies conclude that redesigning your website is the logical next step? In general, most companies redesign their website every two years and revamp their website every five years. And the reasons are simple to see – the website:

  • It appears outdated and archaic
  • Doesn’t clearly reflect your brand
  • It looks very bad on mobile devices
  • It takes too long to load pages
  • It is hard to navigate through
  • Has irrelevant and outdated content, etc.
An image of laptop and mobile phone turned off.
There are both visual and technical signs that you need to rethink the overall look of your website.

Another less visual and more technical way to confirm your doubts about whether or not the time has come to redesign your website is with the use of Google Analytics.

Of course, there is always the general rule of thumb: when in doubt, consult a professional. Our team was behind some of the best moving company websites in the past couple of years. We understand the moving industry through and through and constantly work on new ways to boost online performance for movers.

Pros of redesigning your website

Better website navigation

Your company website is your business’s showroom, and you want visitors (who are also potential customers) to be able to navigate through it easily. One common obstacle that businesses have with their websites is making it simple for people to find exactly what they are searching for. The solution is simple: introduce navigation menus and an internal linking structure.

If your website is not easy to navigate, more people will end up frustrated or confused and leave. Those same people will then go to your competitors’ websites and find the services they were looking for. That is why redesigning your website to provide visitors with a roadmap to your services is so important. Consider introducing a proper burger menu in your hero section and side-bar menus on your inner pages, complete with landing page links in your footer.

An image of a laptop screen turned on
What are the advantages of doing a redesign of your website?

It leaves a strong & lasting impression

People respond differently to different websites. That is why it is important to understand your target audience and ensure that your website changes along with their expectations. Consider what you have that would be able to catch their eye and leave a lasting memory in their minds. Make the design of your website attractive and convincing enough for it to generate moving leads based on the layout itself. We recommend using different images, fonts, logos, graphics, texts, colors, etc.

Boosts search engine rankings

Redesigning your website is something that search engines also perceive from a technical perspective. As a result, the value of your website grows and as it does, so do its organic rankings on search results. By matching your web design efforts with SEO on-page optimization, you maintain the high performance that constant Google updates ask from websites.

Highlighting unique moving services sets you apart. Show specialty moving services like piano or art transport. Highlight how your team handles items with care. Mention any advanced tools that ensure safe and efficient moves. This tells customers why your company is the right choice for their needs, making you stand out in a crowded market.

More traffic through superb design

Once you get that balance between design and optimization, you automatically gain more visibility for your website. And this is essential when looking to boost your website traffic and increase revenue. So, think of redesigning your website as an investment that will constantly upgrade your business offer and make it more profitable.

Keeping up with modern browsers

Modern browsers are constantly updated to provide online users with the best user experience when browsing the web. And these updates and upgrades often lead to issues and exclusions when visiting old or outdated websites. As a result, you could be losing an entire audience that uses a modern browser simply due to the fact that they are unable to access your website. Redesigning your website gives you the advantage of keeping up with current marketing trends and tech updates.

Redesigning your website helps you stay competitive

Surviving in a competitive industry requires maintaining a strong presence among competitors. Putting your website through a redesign, keeps up with the rest of the market and even staying ahead of some of your competitors. On the other hand, refusing to match your website with professionally designed and technologically advanced websites leaves you in the slow lane. So, instead of risking your online reputation and profit, opt for the choice of presenting your brand as innovative enough to grow alongside your target audience.

Another important subject helping you stay competitive is improving SEO for local search terms. This boosts your moving company’s visibility. It makes sure customers find you first when they need moving services in their area. Focus on keywords that matter most to locals. Include your city, services, and unique offerings. This strategy connects you with people searching for what you offer, leading to more relationships and bookings.

Accommodates modern software features

Outdated websites have difficulties with the implementation of new technologies. And with the use of instant moving quote calculators, you need to have a proper web design and functionality to make it happen. Much like traditional offline marketing, using outdated website designs and features can influence the overall user experience, presenting your website as unprofessional and accommodating to the needs of modern consumers. Therefore, redesigning your website can boost the overall authority of your website and demonstrate your will to invest in top-quality software for moving companies to make the entire process easier for customers.

Conveys professionalism

No matter your business line, consumers are always more welcoming to the notion of a well-designed and presented website. Professionalism is always the impression you want your website to leave on visitors, and hiring a professional web designer can make that happen. From the choice of images and font styles to burger menus and calls to action, your website can easily awaken a sense of trust and professionalism in consumers that see it, so long as you invest the time and resources into redesigning it. And this will ultimately result in more long-term bonds with consumers, leading to more sales and conversions.

Professional photos for moving company website are important. They grab attention and build trust. High-quality images of your team, equipment, and successful moves show professionalism. They make your site more appealing and engaging. This visual proof supports your claims of superior service, encouraging potential clients to choose you over competitors.

Making your website more accessible and inclusive

When sprucing up your website for moving services, think about everyone. About one in four people in the U.S. faces some kind of challenge with seeing, hearing, or moving around. Making your site friendly for them is not just good manners; it’s smart business.

Here’s the deal: Use simple language and describe images that convey a story even without seeing them.. For those who can’t use a mouse, make sure they can explore your site using just a keyboard. Pick easy fonts and colors on the eyes, helping everyone read better without squinting.

It is important to ensure that your moving services website is open to all and meets guidelines that experts agree on. This way, you’re not just updating your site; you’re making it welcome for everyone to use. That’s what a true website makeover for moving services is all about.

Importance of integrating social proof when redesigning your website

Trust is key in today’s digital world, especially for moving companies. A website redesign can really set your business apart. Here’s what to think about:

  • adding real reviews
  • stories of successful moves
  • even pictures or videos from happy customers

This kind of social proof is essential. It shows people exactly why they should choose you for their big move.

These updates also boost SEO for moving companies. Fresh, genuine content from real customers can help your site rank higher in search results. Showing off how many people have had a great experience with you, or even just adding some well-known brand logos you’ve worked with, builds trust instantly.

So, if you want to stand out online, think about the benefits of website redesign for movers. It’s about building a site that speaks directly to your future customers’ needs and wins them over with proven success.

Cons of redesigning your website

Yes, it will take time, energy, and resources. It will cause delays, disrupt your business for a while, and can even potentially cause some loss of leads for a limited time frame. However, as long as you plan it properly and approach it with care, there are no lasting downsides to doing a well-time redesign of your website. And so long as you maintain your brand image in your new design and handle the redesign through a test website, you will still be able to maintain your daily performance and ensure revenue.

An image of sketches for a new website design in a notebook
What are the potential downsides of opting for a new look for your moving company website?

Once you make the transfer, consumers might take some time to adapt to the new design, but if done properly, it will be easy for them to do so. Moreover, you can invest your business advertising efforts into promoting the upcoming redesign. That way, you will prepare your target audience for the upcoming change and reduce any confusion and potential loss of business during that short time frame.

The verdict – constantly improve and innovate to grow

Refreshing your website is more than just keeping up with trends—it’s a crucial step towards expanding your brand and ensuring your moving company thrives. As your business evolves and your customers’ needs shift, your online presence should reflect the latest in what you offer and how you showcase your services. Keeping your website visually appealing and up-to-date is key to staying competitive and professional. We’re here to help your moving company shine online. Why not begin with a friendly chat with our team? We’re excited to offer a complimentary consultation or a free website audit. This is a great way to understand where your current site stands and explore exciting opportunities for enhancement. Contact us today to kickstart your website’s transformation journey. Let’s make your website not just good but great!