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Importance of on-page optimization for movers

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As an owner of a local moving company, you most likely never had the time to explore SEO. You probably heard of it but never really got around to look more into it. And that is perfectly understandable – after all, you have other obligations that require more immediate attention. However, at some point you must have come to a conclusion that business has been kind of slow lately and that you need more customers. And then you realize that you have not been focusing your efforts on online marketing. This is exactly what on-page optimization for movers is all about. And it is exactly what you need to get that client boost you have been looking for.

On-page optimization for movers plays a key development role.
On-page optimization is essential for Google movers ranking – this is why.

How does one get on-page optimization for movers?

Basically, this is not something you can do alone, unless you are looking to focus all your time re-qualifying for SEO. But I don’t think any business owner has that kind of time on his/her hand. And so the best solution would be hiring someone who already has the right insight and tools for the job. What you need is a customized professional SEO service company that is acquainted with the moving industry. And then it’s just a matter of working out the terms and prices of services. But to better understand what it is they can do for you, you need a quick guide on the importance of on-page optimization for movers.

What is on-page optimization?

Simply put – on-page optimization is a way for your website to pop-up on Google searches through high-quality and informative content. Doesn’t sound that simple, right? Well, for the most part, it isn’t – it’s a complex and long-term process that requires patience. But it is an investment that can return tenfold if properly performed.

How does the system work? Google uses various algorithms and criteria to scan and rank different company websites. No one really knows which formulas and criteria they use, but what they do value highly is good content and attractive visual aspects. So this is what on-page optimization for a mover comes to – your website needs to be rich with valuable content and it has to invite customers with its visual design.

On-page optimization for movers with the help of good-ranking content

Implementing high-ranking keywords is an essential part of on-page optimization for movers.
Well positioned keywords are important for any moving company looking to optimize their website content.

As I mentioned previously, the most important part of this process is to provide content that is beneficial for both Google and potential clients. Bear in mind that this is not something that you can do over-night. It’s a project just like your typical long distance relocation. It goes stage by stage:

  • Analysis of existing content. Before we even start with on-page optimization of your website, it’s important to see what we are working with. We need to look into your current website content and rankings when it comes to certain keywords. This analysis can determine whether your current website can be salvaged or if a completely new website is needed to give you good positioning on search engines.
  • Keyword research. When it comes to on-page optimization for movers, it all comes down to keywords. Terms that people will most often type in when they look for moving companies in their area. And when you have those most commonly used search terms and phrases, it’s just a matter of implementing it into the content.
  • Planning a new content structure. You can’t just go and spam your website with random and unorganized content. Order is always needed, and both Google and customers react positively on it. So before we start the actual optimization process, there should be a detailed plan of action. Take the current structure of the website and see what is missing from an objective perspective. Check how difficult it is to coordinate on the website and how important certain categories and sub-categories are. Then make an improvement plan based on the results.
  • Content optimization process. Once we have all the insight we need, time to get down to the optimization. And we do this in two directions:

Landing pages content: what should it look like and why is it so important?

The landing pages of your website are the skeleton of your online image. They are the very foundation of what your moving company stands for and offers. About Us, Moving Services, Storage Services, Packing, Affiliates, Insurance…all these are just some of the more commonly used terms for landing pages on moving websites. Each stands for a certain piece of the puzzle that should push the customer to realize that you are the company for them!

You need to provide each with enough content so as to get a green light from Google that it is relevant for moving in your area. And that is not where it ends – we also need to make sure that all those pages are linked with each other. This give structure to the entire website and this is something Google appreciates very much, as well as customers.

The role of a well-optimized blog on your website

Visual design = on-page optimization = more online visitors = more profit.
Content that is visually appealing will provide more leads, which will lead to more conversions – simple math.

The landing pages are there to give information about your company and what you can do for your clients. But you still need to get customer there, and not be all about business. And this is where a useful blog with moving tips and tricks comes in. Two main reasons on-page optimization for movers includes a blog page:

  1. Technical. It offers a wider range of keywords that you can use and constant way to boost your SEO ranking. The more keywords you rank for, the better position you score on Google searches. The better positions you get, the more clients you close.
  2. Marketing. By having a plethora of topics and moving tips, you make a better connection with your customer base. As a result, you get more visitors on your website, which leads to mover conversions, which leads to more profit.

On-page optimization for movers with the use of visual content

Although textual content plays the bigger role in SEO for movers, the visual prospects should not be easily disregarded. No matter how advanced and educated we consider ourselves, there are still primal urges that we can’t avoid. We are all attracted to pretty and shiny things, even if we don’t end up buying them. So it’s only normal to presume that this is a good way to attract customers to go through the content on your website.

A visually inviting web design can take you a long way when it comes to on-page optimization for movers. It’s the factor that will interest potential clients to check out what it is that you have to offer, and ultimately convert some of them to customers.