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Innovative ways to use website traffic estimators

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Data has become one of the most valuable resources in the world of business. And with so much of it today, it can be difficult to differentiate between relevant and irrelevant data. It can also be challenging to find ways to use relevant data once you gather it. As one of the driving goals of digital marketing strategies, boosting your website traffic has a vital influence on your growth and revenue. Therefore, it is only logical to invest in website traffic estimators. Such tools can help you get a realistic image of your overall website visits. However, this is only the first step. There are several innovative ways to use website traffic estimators, and we will explore some of the most important ones in this article.

Six innovative ways to use website traffic estimators

Vector image of different processes of measuring website traffic.
Generating website traffic relies on a variety of elements, all of which you can learn from.

Gathering data about the traffic that your website is generating is a good foundation. But you still need to find ways to use that knowledge to your advantage and see your moving business grow from it. And there are great opportunities to be found in competitive SEO analysis and using trending data, so long as you know your ABCs. So, let’s take a look at some of the methods that you can implement through the use of website traffic estimators:

1. Benchmarking

Website traffic estimators bring in a lot of different stats when it comes to your site visitors. You can monitor different metrics that you can cross-compare with industry standards and competitors. And so, one of the ways to use website traffic estimators is to turn to benchmark reporting. By comparing your traffic metrics with those of your competitors, you can find weak points in your strategy and create strategic goals for your business to aspire to in the upcoming months.

2. Making predictions

The world of digital marketing involves taking a lot of swings, and there will be an adamant amount of misses to be had. And so, the ability to make predictions on how certain tactics will work for your moving business holds a lot of potential. One of the ways to use website traffic estimators is to look into the expectations of your competitors and create your own expectations and predictions based on that data.

This will make your expectations more realistic and your predictions more accurate. And if you are looking to compare your previous predictions with your current ones, you can also do that. You need to look at specific time frames and channels to determine where you strayed off and where you excelled and in terms of website traffic income. As a result, you will get a bigger picture of your standing within the moving industry and in which direction to push forward.

3. Solidifying your advertising channels

Once you establish the best choice of competitors to compare your business with, you also need to make sure that your target audiences are a match. Only by matching your goals with those of others will you be able to get an accurate cross-comparison from which you will learn. By monitoring where their traffic comes from and where it is lacking, you will be able to determine your own strengths and weaknesses. And all this can be made simple with the use of website traffic estimators.

Different ways of advertising your business only mean that there are more angles for you to look from. Whether we’re discussing the implementation of SEO, optimization of your GMB account, use of social media marketing tactics, email campaigns, PPC, or any other channel – you can compare the traffic that comes from all of them with that of your competitors. The results of this effort will be for you to come up with the optimal mix of advertising channels for your business.

4. Strategizing your content with more accuracy and impact

Content cloud illustration above a smartphone
Content plays a key role in generating website traffic.

Content marks a fundamental part of nurturing organic traffic on your website. By creating diverse content, you are able to engage a variety of audiences. Different people have different questions they need to answer. And having all those answers on your website grants your brand the authority and credibility that users can put their trust in. However, investing in content can be costly and time-consuming, especially when done without a specific purpose.

The way website traffic estimators benefit you here is that they grant your content strategy a clear purpose. You can compare which topics generate the most traffic and which hold no interest. That way, you avoid spreading your content too thin and are able to focus on questions that people want answers to.

5. Smarter keyword selection process

Choosing the most important keywords for your business is definitely a priority. It is something that can determine the course of your marketing activities and overall brand development. Therefore, it is important to start off with a proper selection of keywords that can bring in the most traffic for the services/products you offer. And even if you miss that initial mark, you can use data from website traffic estimators to refocus your efforts on more relevant keywords.

Rather than waste your time and resources chasing after rankings that you won’t be able to cash in, look at the traffic they generate first. Based on that traffic estimate, you will be able to determine whether or not certain keywords are worth your time.

6. Stronger link building

One of the more innovative ways to use website traffic estimators is to strengthen your link-building efforts. Quality link building requires detailed research. A company needs to understand the importance of not only nurturing a strong ratio between backlinks and domains but to also invest in quality link building. And using website traffic estimators can help you determine which of your existing links generate more traffic than others. It can also help you discover new websites from the link building of your competitors. Overall, it brings a new layer of certainty to the overall importance of backlinks for moving companies.

Start making the most from the use of website traffic estimators

Vector image of analytics drivers.
Let our team help you utilize the innovative ways of using website traffic estimators to your advantage.

The world of digital marketing is filled with uncertainties. However, it also offers plenty of tools and knowledge to explore most of those uncertainties. Website traffic estimators are definitely among the tools that can help you establish a stronger overall strategy for your business. From functionality and research to efficiency and predictions – there is a lot to gain from using website traffic estimator data. Contact Movers Development to learn more about other tools that you can use to help your moving company grow.