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Search Engine Optimization is the most crucial part of all the marketing strategies nowadays, and the popularity of it will continue to grow in the future! SEO means optimizing the content on your website for the search engines. If you manage to do that right, your website will appear for the most important terms that your potential customers type in the browser. Those ‘terms’ are keywords. Or, simply put, those are the keys that open the door to the success of your moving company! More detailed, those are the words or expressions that people type when searching for moving companies in your area. If you position for those words and phrases, your moving company’s website will get more visits, and your moving company will get more customers. Hence, you might ask, what are the most relevant keywords for movers? That is the subject of our article!

There is no simple answer to this question except that it depends. And it depends on many factors:

  • the territory;
  • type of relocation;
  • the volume of services, etc.

But if you are lucky/experienced/smart enough, you shall get to know all about them, and become the leader of your movers market! Let’s move on to the discussion about the most important keywords for moving companies!

Why should moving companies use keywords?

Why is it that important to find the proper keywords for movers?

Because those are the words that bring people to websites. If you are good at this job and manage to position your moving company high in the search results, you will become popular in the eyes of your potential customers, and get more work. That means you will get more money, and by that, get closer to every moving company’s goal- becoming the leaders in the movers market.

The moving industry is one of the fastest-growing niches. Therefore, sooner or later, you will lose your customers if you don’t jump into the train of search engine optimization for movers. The first stop of that train is keyword research.

Proper keyword research determines the direction where the SEO train will go. If you do it wrong, you shall go in the wrong direction, and, eventually, end up in the desert- with no visitors on your website, and no customers in your moving company.

Why do we connect the website visits with the number of clients and customers your moving company has? As we mentioned in many articles, more than 80% of all people search for goods or services online. And that share grows every day.

Knowing this and having in mind that the good news is spread by mouth, how possible you think it is that you can get a good share of that 20 % left either? Very low probability. That’s why you should start using the SEO ASAP. And given that the keywords are the primary elements of the SEO, you get the picture of why it is essential to use the important keywords for movers!

Important keywords for movers- how to find them?

Keyword research is the answer to this question. But not every keyword research will give you the proper results. You need to use the right tools for it. Besides that, you must know what the terms of use for those applications are, and how to properly use them, so you could get the accurate results of the keywords people to type in your location. If you don’t use the proper tools, and not use those proper tools properly, you could be in that train going in the wrong direction. And that would mean you’d never arrive anywhere… The SEO experts from Movers Development can help you with a free website audit. We can do the analysis of your website from the SEO perspective. And you can get it entirely and at no cost. With that audit, you’ll know what is wrong with your current website and how it can be improved.

How to use the proper keywords for moving companies?

Yes, the keywords are essential when implementing Search Engine Optimization for movers. But, if you misimplement them, you will be doing the same meaningless job as if you were using the wrong keywords. So, here are some tips on how to use the important keywords for movers:

  • Choose the most important keywords and create the landing pages/landing posts
  • Pick those keywords not that important, but that you could quickly position for, and write regular, but correctly optimized blogs.
  • Use the important keywords for movers in the essential parts of the articles (the parts where the Google bots would search them.

The most important keywords

How do you know what the most important keywords for your moving company are? Well, primarily, those are the keywords that most of the people in your area type when searching for a moving company or for storage services. After that, you should pick the most important keywords for movers those expressions that a considerable number of people type, and where the competition is medium or low. It means that you could easily position for those keywords because not that many companies use them on their websites.

How to find the most important keywords for moving companies?

The keywords used to upgrade the position of your website

Of course, all the keywords are used to upgrade the position of your website. Only those keywords that not that many people type, and that have no competition are probably the easiest to position for. Why? Because not that many companies will focus on them in the future either. And if you build a strong position for several keywords like this, those landing pages could help you build up the other positions too! Using the clear linking strategy for your website helps you with this.

How to implement the most important keywords for movers?

Creating a content strategy is the way to do it strategically. After you do the keyword research and you get the picture what keywords you should position for. You should then decide which keywords to use for your homepage, your landing pages/landing posts, for your regular pages/regular posts, for blog categories, tags, etc. If you create a consistent strategy, optimize your moving blog for search engines, write strong landing pages/posts, and create a linking strategy connecting all your inner pages – you can expect the visible results very soon.

In just 3 – 6 months from the day you started the implementation. Of course, to achieve this kind of result, you must upgrade the other parts of your website too, such as your website design, the technical elements, etc. But we shall discuss those details in the separate articles.