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Top online reputation monitoring tools

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Knowing what people are saying about your business online is very important because your reputation can make a huge difference in how successful your business is. Maintain a good reputation and you’ll attract more customers. Do something to tarnish your reputation and you’ll have to work hard to recover. But before you can do something about it, you need to know what your reputation really is and where it’s coming from. And if you want the full, in-depth picture, you can just rely on your moving company website. This is where online reputation monitoring tools come in handy. They will provide you with valuable and actionable insights into the perception of your brand online across different platforms.

What are online reputation monitoring tools?

A Twitter account.
Find out what people are saying about your business online.

Online reputation monitoring tools are a type of software for small moving companies and other businesses. They allow you to track what people say about your business online. Depending on the tool you’re using, you may be able to monitor conversations on social media, mentions on other websites, citations in media, or other types of commentary – positive or negative. These combine to make up the reputation of your business.

Knowing your own reputation is very important because reputation can greatly impact your business. If you’re well-known for being untrustworthy, no amount of marketing will attract new customers. On the other hand, if you have a reputation as a caring business that aims to keep customers satisfied, your mistakes might be forgiven more easily. So in addition to monitoring your reputation, you’ll also want to learn how to manage it.

Which online reputation monitoring tools are the best?

The internet is a vast place where millions of people can share their opinions in millions of different ways. It would be completely impossible for you to keep track of any mention of your brand all by yourself. Instead, you’ll want to rely on tools specifically intended to help you with this.

Google Alerts

Google which offers one of the top online reputation monitoring tools.
Google offers one of the most basic yet effective online reputation monitoring tools.

Unless you are a digital marketing expert already, it’s best to start with the basics. And in the case of online business presence, the basics often come from Google. That is why Google has a whole host of free tools you can use to grow your business, including Google Analytics, Google My Business, Google Trends, and more.

Google Alerts is one such tool. Simply set up an alert for the name of your company, the same way you would for any other search term you’re tracking. Then, decide how often you want to receive reports about mentions – as they happen, daily, or weekly. From that point forward, you’ll receive an email for any time Google registers a new mention of your business. It’s a simple and very basic tool, but it’s a great start.


One of the most popular and highly recommended tools for reputation monitoring and management is Brand24. It’s a highly flexible software that you can use for all kinds of brand development strategies. Not only does it track brand mentions across multiple platforms, but it also offers insights into:

  • sentiment surrounding the mentions,
  • your reach on social media and the internet in general,
  • most influential and popular sources,
  • hashtags that often come up along with your mentions, and more.

The user interface is very simple and intuitive so you should have no problem using this tool even if you’re not the most tech-savvy person in the world. Pricing starts at $49 which makes it pretty affordable for such powerful business software.


If your business operates locally, then Reputology is an excellent choice for you. It helps monitor, analyze, and respond to online reviews on multiple platforms including Facebook, Yelp, TripAdvisor, and others. You’ll be able to see all your reviews in one dashboard while also receiving notifications about them via email. And if you’re not sure how to respond to negative sentiments, Reputology has you covered on that front too – you can use a decision tree to see some of the most common scenarios for handling negative feedback. Pricing starts at $10 per location which is not much when you consider all the benefits!


Does your business use social media a lot? Then Mention is the tool for you. This software will help you find, analyze, and better understand mentions of your brand across social media platforms. With social media as influential as it is these days, knowing your reputation on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram could make a huge difference for your business. Track awareness, sentiment, and reputation for yourself and your competitors and you’ll never be blindsided by a social media storm again.


A leader in online reputation monitoring and management, Reputation.com is an all-in-one platform with features such as social listening, reputation management, and business listings. One of its biggest selling points, however, is a proprietary reputation score. This report card will tell you how people find, choose, and experience your business in various categories. You can use these insights to better understand what you’re doing right and where you’re failing.


Social media apps on a phone.
Social media is important for your reputation so monitoring it is a must.

Another great option for companies looking to use social media for growth is Hootsuite. With it, you can track and analyze social media mentions, generate custom reports, follow social media trends, and schedule posts. This will help you develop a better social media strategy and gain better control over the content you post. At only $19 per month, it isn’t even a big expense.

Why do you need online reputation monitoring tools?

Reputation is everything in business. And while you can influence your reputation with various strategies, it is ultimately your customers who decided what word to spread about you. So you need to know what they’re saying. Since you don’t have the time or manpower to monitor the entire internet, online reputation monitoring tools are the best way to keep track of brand mentions, feedback, and trends surrounding your business. These insights can then help shape your marketing and branding strategies.