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How to create a blog content plan

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Despite what people might have you believe, having a constant flow of content is essential for your online authority. People today go online to find answers to any questions they might think of. And it is mainly through blogs that they can discover those answers. However, everything has its order, and the same goes for organizing your website blog. You need to learn how to create a blog content plan that will strengthen your company and the services it offers. Today, Movers Development tackles just that.

SEO is the answer to the ideal blog content strategy
Every ideal blog content strategy is hidden under quality SEO research and knowledge

Why is this such an essential part of your SEO strategy?

Running a blog based on personal intuition is no longer applicable to modern marketing trends. In addition to looking at the type of content you offer, you have to consider the technical perspective of it all. To separate your company blog from the sea of others in the eyes of search engines and readers, you have to create a blog content plan. One that will keep up with competitors, as well as the industry standards.

The fact is that having a blog on your moving company website can not only expand your audience base but also adds value to your site. It helps to express the experience and knowledge you have in your niche, in addition to helping you advertise your moving company. It enables companies to become an authority through written content.

Six steps for creating a blog content plan that works wonders

Before you get into running your blog, you need to understand the importance of proper planning. That means that you need to be prepared to provide and publish regular, optimized and quality content. Only by doing this will you be able to build a strong foundation for your content and offer value to your brand.

Your blog content plan needs to have a solid base and a solid action strategy. Here are six guidelines that you will need to follow to create a blog content plan that will last:

#1: Define your goals

It’s hard to plan something if you don’t know what the end goal is. And this goes for a blog content plan as well. You first need to understand what it is that you want to achieve with your content before you create a strategy for it. The core principle of any blog should be for it to be useful for the person reading it. The more useful different people find your content, the more value they will give it, thus leading to a boost in value for your website (and business).

People looking at stats and market research.
Every blog content plan becomes easier once you define the goals for it.

However, you need to be realistic here. That means that you can’t overreach with the number of posts and range of topics. Stick to what you know best, whether it’s going to be movers’ articles or something beyond that, start from what you’re good at. And then, you work your way up from there. You need to assess your situation carefully and the amount of time you can devote to the project and come up with achievable goals.

#2: Invest time into researching before creating

In the digital world we live in, with all the competition and constant innovation, information has become a form of currency. It’s like mining for bitcoins – the more you gather, the higher the value of your capital. There are three key factors that you need to consider when mining for information:

  1. Who is your target audience?
  2. What are the keywords they search for?
  3. How do your competitors compare to you?

Having the answers to these core questions gives you the foundation you need to create a blog content plan that will bring in the traffic and conversions you need. And once you have that, it’s just a matter of crafting a strategy that includes it all and following your guidelines. It starts with a blog, but will quickly expand to other forms of moving company advertising channels.

#3: Create a content strategy for your site and blog

Once you have the proper research and information that you need to incorporate into your blog content plan, the time comes to put it into play. Consider which keywords and audiences are more significant and take precedence over others and put them out on the front lines. Start with landing blogs that cover general topics and consider how to create your own unique and useful point of view on the given subject.

From there, you keep on expanding – start with blog categories and tags, work your way from there to other relevant topics and sub-topics.

#4: Decide on your content format

Creating a blog content plan comes down to more than merely sitting and sharing your knowledge. You need to have some form of order. That is where SEO comes into play, to help you create a proper way for the blog posts you write and publish. You need to follow modern SEO trends and norms for your words to reach your audiences.

Make sure to check everything before publishing.
It all comes down to having the proper form for your blog posts.

#5: Keep engaging and improving your blog content plan

Becoming an authority – this is something every blog should target. So, you need to ensure that your blog is present on as many channels as possible. Whether its social media, guest blogging, hard copies… the fact is that you need to engage readers as much as possible. Among other things, this means that your blog content strategy requires a monthly plan when it comes to how often you will post new content.

CONSISTENCY is the word of the day!

In the end, the consistency in quality and quantity is what will make or break your blog content plan. Based on how consistent you are; you will be able to check your blog as a failure or success. If you are not prepared to invest the time and energy required for such an endeavor, you should explore alternative options. Consider professional help – there are plenty of professional SEO copywriters or companies out there that can make all this work for you (present company included).

Never Give Up on your blog content plan
You have to remain vigilant and engage your target audiences.