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Blog on movers website – how to make it successful

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Online marketing is very important for moving companies. Being that there are so many people using the internet. This is a good way of keeping your company present in the eyes of potential movers. So, once there’s time to move, they’ll remember you, and you’ll get the job. And getting the job means earning money. One of the most recommended ways to make professional movers’ presence noticeable is by starting a blog on a movers’ website. And not only starting it but also making sure you’re using the right tools. I’m talking about SEO (search engine optimization) tools.

Those are the tools that guarantee your recognition by search engines. So when someone searches for an online company, you could be there to call you and eventually hire you for the relocation! So that’s why the blog on the movers’ website is that important. And here we shall explain how to use it right!

Blog on movers website means more clients for a moving company
A moving company creating a blog on the movers website is the clients winning professional mover!

Tips for a successful blog on movers website

To make your moving company website blog successful, you need to implement movers SEO. It means you need to publish content that is optimized for relocation companies. To make that right, you should know what’s important to respect while writing articles for your movers’ website blog. We’re here to suggest some of the tools that help it become successful. Here’s what you need to do:

Find out the keywords for your business and implement them into your moving blog
Professional movers need to know what their clients search for, so they could implement it in blog on movers website
  • Do a keyword research Discover what people type that you could use to improve your business by writing articles about it
  • Create homepage/categories in accordance with the keywords – Use the keywords you found to make the homepage title and categories for your moving company blog
  • Write interesting articles for each category – Your articles need to be informative and amusing, so they would keep the reader’s attention and make them interested to read more about you
  • Link your texts to some strong websites connected to your business – But avoid linking your article toward some competitive web page
  • Use guest-posting as a strong tool – Find web pages eager to publish your stories, or buy such an opportunity on stronger pages, so you could create strong backlinks
  • Social networks are a great opportunity – Share your articles on social networks and get likes and subscribers

A triumphant moving blog is the one using the relevant keywords

Keyword research is one of the most important things when starting a blog for your moving company. If you’re writing interesting articles on the blog of your moving company, but not connected to your business, then you will not attract the crowd you want. So, even if you write a great article, the wrong people would be reading it. They might like it very much, but that will not make any benefit in terms of money for you. Only when you do keyword research and find out what people search on the web-connected to your business, you’ll be able to write articles for people planning to move, and hope they’ll find them. When they do, every reader from that category of people is a potential client.

Homepage and categories are essential for a victorious blog on movers website

After you do keyword research, the next step is creating the ‘environment’ for your moving blog. It means making a strong relationship between your moving blog and your moving business. Using those terms people search to seal your position on the moving market. It sounds easier than it is. But it’s not that difficult at all. You just need to focus on what you need to achieve and find the right tools for the job.

So, to make it simple, the steps after doing the keyword research are following

  • Grouping keywords by number of searches
  • Creating home page title and meta description using the keywords the most used in searches for terms you want your moving company to be recognized for
  • Making categories for those groups of keywords with a large number of searches. It’s recommended that the number of categories doesn’t exceed 5 per blog
  • Writing articles for each category you made, strictly with the subject connected to that category, but also to the moving company

Interesting articles – the key to making distinguished blog of a moving company

Blog on movers website needs to be interesting, so it would attract potential clients
Your articles need to be interesting, in case you want to attract your potential clients to read your moving blog

When we say interesting, it doesn’t only mean that the subject should be interesting. The articles need to be informing, exciting and calling for action. How to achieve that. Well, there are actually some recommendations.

  1. Choose the subject and make the title making sure it’s something that’s gonna attract people to read it.(the example of one article might be: how to move with your pets)
  2. Write the content completely explaining the subject you’re writing about. (reading and explaining some research or paraphrase some good experiences of those moved with pets before)
  3. Insert pictures and videos, they make an article a lot more interesting. Attach the comments to a picture, also connected to the subject you’re writing about (Here’s a photo of a properly prepared pet for the moving)
  4. Make the text call for an action that includes your moving company. (we have personnel experienced in taking care of moving animals without issues)

To make the blog on movers website grow You need to connect it to the relevant websites

To be perceived as a relevant blog for the moving industry, you need to link your website to the strongest factors in the moving industry. Of course, you’re not gonna link the best moving company in your area. Nor should you link any article to any moving blog. But you may use connections to such web pages as the national organization of moving companies, news on moving business, or any website connected to the subject, but not the website of a competitive moving company. Such as websites about the pets, for the previous example of the article about moving with the pets. By creating links, you’re gonna be perceived as someone relevant. Being that you’ll be giving relevant information to people supported on some official website of the relevant organization.

Guest posting is great for recruitment of new readers for your moving blog

Guest posting- this means posting your articles on some other blog or web page. It helps you attract people reading that blog come to your website by linking that story to your moving news blog. You can do it for free, making cooperation with the other blog. Or you can pay for such a service.

Mostly, for the strongest websites and blogs, you’ll probably need to pay. You need only to calculate if that’s a good investment from the aspect of how many people shall you attract. Sometimes it’s a good way to improve your moving business. So don’t underestimate this kind of your relocation blog improvement, it makes good results. If you don’t want to pay, start looking for websites letting you post the articles for free.

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