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Why should you hire an SEO copywriter?

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You’ve reached that stadium – your moving company has a balanced number of leads. The website you have has a good design and you have a good reputation both online and offline. But in spite of all this, you’re stuck – no progress whatsoever. So, what’s the right course of action to remedy this problem? Well, there are several options that you can explore – from software solutions for movers to marketing ideas. However, the first idea you should explore is the aspect of search engine optimization (SEO). And the good news is that all it takes is a little research and for you to hire an SEO copywriter. “How can it be that simple?”, you might wonder – read more right here.

9 reasons why you should hire an SEO copywriter

Newsletters, ads, brochures...all surpassed in the world of SEO.
The task of copywriters has evolved since the introduction of SEO.

In the past, being a good copywriter required two skills: writing talent and knowledge in the field of marketing. And this was all you needed to write the promotional material that was popular back then:

  1. Brochures
  2. Ads
  3. Press Releases etc.

And then came search engine optimization and everything changed. As a result, good copies were just part of the solution. Copywriters now have to discover ways how to position clients on search engine result pages. And this is when a new skill for copywriting was introduced – SEO.

So, now the success and next stage of development of your moving company depend in large part on your online presence. And as long as you appear on the first two search results pages for keywords important for your business and geographical area, you’re good. Otherwise, you are missing out on a whole lot of potential business and profit.

The logical course of action is to hire a copywriter to enrich the content on your website, including the introduction of a blog section. And the person/company you hire should have a clear understanding of how different sites are ranked on search engines. In conclusion, what you should do is hire an SEO copywriter, and here are the 10 main reasons why:

We know how to select the right keywords

You can write a blog a day, but it will do you little good if you don’t cover the most relevant topics. When you hire an SEO copywriter, they research keywords that can bring the most business to your company. And then, all content that they write is optimized to contain and force the presence of those very keywords. Since broad terms are used too often and are so competitive, it’s always better to start small and focus on specifics.

You should hire an SEO copywriter to focus the page so that it ranks best

Finding and choosing the perfect keywords for your content is only the first step. The SEO copywriting expert you hire should then explore ways on how to promote those very keywords. And a reasonably narrow focus is the most effective approach, where all the content has to support that very focus.

Coffee, laptop, smart phone, notebook and a dream - all it takes for a good ranking of your pages.
With the help of an experienced and knowledgeable SEO copywriter, your website pages can rank at the very top of search engine results.

Experienced copywriters know how to skillfully weave keywords into the copy itself. This does not mean positioning the keywords on key places within the text. You also have to do this while making it all appear natural. And again, this is not something that everyone can accomplish – it takes a certain finesse.

The incorporation of keyword phrases into headlines and subheads is another copywriter skill

You should never underestimate the headings and sub-headings within your content. When it comes to optimization and value, the headings are more important than the actual body text. This is why it is essential that you hire an SEO copywriter with training and experience. We know how best to put them together to achieve the largest impact.

SEO copywriters know how to write title tags and meta-description tags.

  1. Meta tags are used by search engines to list your website in its indexes more precisely. They are in fact the informative text located in the “head” area of your web pages.
  2. When it comes to regular tags, they also have an important role to play in optimization. Since search engines scan and rate the value of these tags as much as the actual content, they should be optimized just as much. So, if you plan on using tags like “Services” and “About Us“, you should definitely hire an SEO copywriter.

Also, the text you use in your title and meta-description tags often appears in search engine results.

There is such a thing as the right length to make the page

Balance is everything, even in writing – especially in copywriting. And the length of the page and each element within it is important. Too short and the page will receive no value from Google. Too long and you risk the reader losing interest and Google taking off points.

An SEO copywriter knows how to write links

Links are important for more than one reason. From the most basic point of view, they can offer readers additional information on certain topics mentioned in the text. On the other hand, the advanced perspective gives more purpose to links:

  1. They make the web that connects the entire website together – internal links.
  2. A good backlink strategy can connect the website to other websites indirectly related to it – external links.
  3. Most importantly – all links that are well formulated and positioned can give value to both the content and the website. And if you think that “read more here” is a good phrase to put a link, it’s time to hire an SEO copywriter.

You can stay ahead of the competition with the help of an SEO copywriting specialist

Analyzing competitor websites and taking advantage of their weaknesses is something a well-trained copywriter can do. So if, for instance, a competitive website has troubles with a certain high-search keyword, you can steal it away from them. The SEO copywriter you hire can make the content target that specific keyword. And this can lead to an increase in traffic on your website.

If you are unsure how to write landing pages, hire an SEO copywriter

Landing pages are the pages that make up your website – the ones that will appear in search engine results most often. The content displayed on the page should be a logical extension of what the page stands for. And for you to write a high-conversion landing page, it has to be optimized to include and target specific keywords.

A good SEO copywriter will provide good quality information that meets the needs of searchers

Person exploring optimized content on iPad
To hire an SEO copywriter can lead to content rich in information that your clients can appreciate.

The best web copy should do the following:

  • Convey useful information in a clear and concise way
  • Be oriented towards search engines in a friendly manner
  • Present your company’s strengths and capabilities clearly
  • Convert visitors into prospects and leads into sales

Professional SEO copywriters spend years honing their craft. And just as SEO keeps evolving and asking for more while not offering any instructions, so must all of us that explore it. This is why we constantly test new ways and theories to see how they will influence the overall performance. And as a result, we are all burdened with the concept of diverse variables that go into the creation of a high-ranking and successful website. And this is the most important reason why you should always hire an SEO copywriter to bring out the most from your website.