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Signs that you should redesign your website

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Even if it seems ‘harmless‘ to you, an outdated website can affect your business in many ways. A new, updated website is a sign your business is doing well, and it is ready to attract new clients. If you don’t have enough time to think about redesign all the time, you may be considering a scheduled redesign – every two years for example. Well, it may not be the greatest idea. The pre-scheduled redesign may not be necessary at the arranged time, or it is way too late. Either way, the best way to know that it is time to redesign your website is to follow its progress. That’s why we prepared a few signs that indicate that it’s time to redesign your website.

The most obvious sign you should redesign your website – the way it looks

If you are even slightly embarrassed to show your site to a new client or your friends – it’s time to redesign your website. Think about your website and see if it looks outdated if it shows the real energy of you and your team, it if looks – modern enough. It needs to be up to the level of other modern websites of similar businesses. So make sure your online ‘baby’ is one of the best moving company websites. It is vital that you are proud of how it looks and you feel ready to promote and share it wherever you can. Make your website look amazing and expect a positive reaction very soon.

The bounce rate is quite high

Bounce rate is something you should pay attention to. You can check the value in Google Analytics, and you should know that the average is about 40-50%, but 26 to 40 percent is an excellent value.  The higher the bounce rate, the lower and weaker user experience. High bounce rate means your visitors visit only a single page, without wishing to browse your website.

redesign your website
High bounce rate can be a sure sign of you should redesign your website

You need to redesign your site if it’s not mobile-friendly

Since users access the media mostly from their mobile phones nowadays, you need to make your website as mobile-friendly as possible. Browse through moving company software solutions and find the best one that can help you out with this problem. Having a website that users can’t access using their smartphones, means that most of them wouldn’t recommend the business to someone else. Which further means – competitors get your clients. Make the first step, do a test and check if your website is mobile-friendly.

mobile friendly website
A website you can’t access with your mobile phone is a sign you should redesign your website

Your site doesn’t follow the ‘three seconds rule.’

In the time of the fast internet and speedy websites, you can’t allow yourself having a slow website. Be sure to check the load speed and see how long it takes to load your site. If it is longer than 3 seconds – it is time to redesign your website. Visitors enjoy fast, responsive web pages – which makes it easy and pleasant for them to browse. So make sure to redesign your website in such a manner that it becomes reactive and easy for users to navigate.

Your content is outdated

New content is a necessary part of a successful website. Check the information and pages and see if they need any updates. Also, focus on posting new content as often as possible. Fresh content will help your website go up in search results and increase the traffic. Be sure to post at least three new pages each week, and you’ll see results in no time.

Leads and sales tell you everything

With all these signs, you may still not be sure if your website needs an update. However, the one thing that can help you with that is your sales and leads. If you are doing okay and everything is steady – you shouldn’t worry, for now. However, if you notice any drops in these numbers, it’s time to redesign your website.

Your website doesn’t represent your business anymore

It is okay if your industry shifted to another direction. It happens very often that over the years companies change their strategies, aims, and trends. However, your website should show the right information about it and reflect the way your business is going. Make sure to go through your pages and see if the contact information is accurate if services or products you show on the website are still available for sale. Any changes in your company should be updated on the site.

It’s time to redesign your website if small updates take a lot of time

If you have a hard time to make some minor updates, it is a sign you should redesign your website. Choose a website platform that suits your website’s needs and characteristics, and make sure it is easy to make small updates any time.

Your website has dead points

Dead links are something you should delete from your website. If your page contains a lot of broken links, it’s time to redesign your website. If users stumble upon a URL error page, they will probably stop trying and leave your website. That’s why it is essential to check your links and delete or update them with a correct URL.

redesign your website
Redesign your website and replace broken links with fresh URLs

What should a good website have?

These are the primary points of a good, healthy website. Make sure your pages have:

  • Quality content – this is the most important reason for a user to stay on your website.
  • Modern design – it should be visually attractive and represent the energy of your business.
  • Converting call-to-actions – help your users make the right action on your website by offering them an attractive device.
  • Easy and fast navigation – your users should be able to find essential pages quickly and don’t wait too long for them to load.
  • Good SEO strategy – SEO is something you should continuously optimize if you want your traffic to increase.