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Moving company homepage optimization mistakes

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The homepage of your website is the main selling point for your moving business online. It is a summary of the value your company offers customers. And in most cases, it is also the page that will determine whether or not they will stay on the website and potentially convert. Therefore, understanding what makes a good homepage work is an essential step in growing your moving company. And one of the ways to understand what works best is to explore the opposite. In this article, we look at some of the most common moving company homepage optimization mistakes.

Example of a hero section template for a moving company
You need to pay attention to what your site visitors see when they land on your homepage.

What’s the harm in making these types of mistakes?

For starters, they can make your website appear very unprofessional to potential customers and dysfunctional to search engines. For modern consumers, the website of a company has a great influence on their initial opinion.

First-time site visitors, in particular, will search for a website that instills trust and quality. Anything less than that will usually lead to a high bounce rate and stagnation in terms of an online presence. That is why the value of your moving company website plays such an important role, not only for moving leads and search engines but also for your company. On the other hand, by taking a little time and added effort to steer clear from the usual errors movers make online, you can ensure a smooth development process for your brand.

Seven moving company homepage optimization mistakes

Different features of a page/website.
Look at the mistakes of others to avoid making them with your own moving company website.

1. Neglecting the design of the header

Website headers are among the first things that users see when they land on your homepage. The header of your website should provide site visitors with a basic way to navigate through your website. It should contain contact information (phone/email) and your typical CTA to lead users to get a moving estimate. Unfortunately, moving companies often make the mistakes of either:

  • completely neglecting their header;
  • making it too large and empty;
  • forgetting to leave any contact information;
  • not making the phone number an HTML link;
  • using outdated designs that are bad for UX, etc.

The solution here is simple. You need to ensure that your header fits in perfectly with the rest of your website. Start by consulting with a movers’ website design team of skilled professionals. Get their feedback on the improvement that you can make to your header and how best to optimize it for audiences and search engines.

2. Not having a quote form above the fold

One of the main functionalities for a moving company website is the ability to provide leads with moving estimates. Whether you are decisive on using a simple quote form or an instant moving quote calculator, customers need to be able to access it instantly. One of the worst moving company homepage optimization mistakes that you can see is the lack of a proper form above the fold. If you ask modern consumers to waste time scrolling down your homepage to fill out a quote form or visit a separate page, you will be risking a high bounce rate.

So, to avoid this issue from happening, always make sure to provide a multi-step quote form above the fold, so that customers are able to start filling it out as soon as they land on your website. This will boost your engagement and help you generate more moving leads on a long-term basis.

3. Skipping over the services your company offers

Despite your running a moving business, site visitors will want to know more about the extent of your services. They will need affirmation that you can meet their unique relocation needs. Some moving companies tend to skip the Services section on their website while others simply list it out, without any additional information. And there are a lot of those that avoid creating separate pages for each of the services the company provides. This can spell bad news for your website ranking high on SERPs.

By creating a section for your Services and including those services in the sub-menu of your header, your site will be easier to navigate. Leads will spend more time on your website, exploring the variety of your offer. By creating separate pages those options on the homepage will lead to, you will be in a better position to rank for relevant keywords for each of those services in your target area. It’s a simple matter of moving company SEO strategizing.

4. Not including testimonials on your homepage

Moving company reviews are among the best tools for converting leads into customers. A majority of online consumers are going to want to explore reviews and comments from other customers before buying a product or hiring a company. And so, by failing to include testimonials about your moving business, you are missing out on the opportunity to instill trust in the users that land on your website. So, to avoid this from happening, make sure to leave a section for testimonials about your company, one that will lead to a separate page with all the reviews about your moving business.

5. Not having multiple Calls to Action (CTAs)

As site visitors scroll down your homepage, they will need constant reminders that they are just a few clicks away from receiving a moving estimate or a phone call. And so, you need to make sure that they don’t forget this. One of the moving company website optimization mistakes that businesses make is to only include a single CTA on their page. When you force customers to scroll back to the top of your page to fill out a form, you play with their patience and risk them leaving your website.

The solution is simple. You need to maintain the ability for users to engage with your business throughout the website. Start by making sure that you have an engaging CTA in the header and footer. The quote form in the hero section of your website is counted as another engaging call to action for customers. Using a promotional banner mid-page, to remind customers of the option of getting a quote can prove very productive. Finally, there is the option of using a floating CTA that will follow site visitors as they scroll down the homepage.

6. Not introducing a blog for your moving company website

Having a rich and optimized blog can help boost your brand awareness as a moving company with knowledge and experience. By creating quality content that is helpful for customers, you also build trust with them and your status as a quality moving business. Additionally, your blog posts can help you build a strong internal linking structure, giving your landing pages additional value to help them rank for relevant keywords. The benefits of having a moving company blog are well known, and giving customers the option to explore your blog from your homepage only makes it all the easier to access it.

7. Leaving the footer of your website empty

The footer is that final touch of your homepage, with all the essential information about your moving business. One of the common errors here is to leave the footer on your website void of any data. On the other hand, creating a summary of your homepage here can not only contribute to the user experience your website offers but it also sends a positive signal to search engine crawlers. Consider including some of the following elements (if not all of them) in your footer:

  • Short About description
  • List of services from the main menu
  • Contact information (phone, email)
  • Address with map
  • Working hours
  • Sitemap
  • Privacy Policy

8. Make your website responsive for all types of devices

Modern consumers are mainly mobile device users. Whether we are discussing mobile phones or tablets, the need to present your website to these users is vital for growing the value of your website. Moving companies will neglect the gain of offering customers responsive web design and SEO. However, by taking this step in optimizing your moving company website, you can gain points with Google while attracting more traffic to your website in the process.

9. Not using cookies and heatmaps to track user activities

By taking the time to explore how your site visitors explore your website, you can also gain the insight you need to ensure the improvement of your marketing strategies and homepage layout. When you don’t use cookies and heatmaps to track where your site visitors spend the most time on your website, it can be difficult to see what works and what doesn’t. By monitoring these metrics, you will be able to track the source of bounces from your website, leaving you room to make the changes necessary to keep leads on your website.

  • Use the knowledge of our team to avoid the usual homepage optimization mistakes movers make and watch your homepage bring in more traffic and leads on a long-term basis. Contact us today for a free analysis of your moving company website and a consultation with our team!