The new technologies influence every business. Especially they influence fast-growing businesses, such as the moving or real estate for example. Knowing this, every moving business owner should put an effort in adjusting to the new trends. The first step in that adjustment is finding how to become a recognizable moving company whenever the customers have a need for professional movers. The fact is that more than 80% of people search the web whenever they need some product or services. (even above 90% in some parts of the world) Therefore, positioning on the web is something that gives you an option to ‘steal’ the customers from your competition. To position on the web, you need to know what are the keywords to position for. This is where the keyword research comes into play. We shall discuss the best keyword research tools you should use.

If you set a good strategy and pick the appropriate keywords to create a content strategy, you have done almost half a job. But if you don’t create the strategy based on the right keywords, you might be perfect for SEO optimization, and create top quality content, but you won’t have a chance to compete against the movers who use the right keywords. Let’s find out what are the keyword research tools recommended for moving companies.

What are the keyword research tools?

Successful moving companies create content strategy based on the right keywords
A content based on the right keywords creates success

Simply put, those are the tools used to discover what your potential customers type in your movers market. You set the basic keywords you want to know the variations, and you set the location where you want to find out what keywords are typed the most. After you do that, the keywords research tools come out with the results what are the most various keywords people typed, how many times they typed those keywords each month (so you can follow the trends and learn when you should position for each keyword), how high is the competition for that keyword (how many of your competitors are trying to position for that keyword), and what are the variations of each keyword that people tend to type.

Now, using different keyword research tools for movers you will get different results. Given that you want to know the accurate results, you’ll want to use the most reliable tools for keyword research. That’s why we are here! We shall present to you the best websites you should use to do the research of the keywords typed in your location:

  1.  Google Adwords

    Google is one of the most used search engines, so the search engine optimization mostly uses the tactics and strategies of getting positioned in the eyes of Google. In accordance with this, it’s quite logical to use Google Adwords to get the proper keywords!

  2. KWfinder

    Besides the number of searches and the trends, there are plenty of other information you get. For example, you get the difficulty of the keyword. (going from 1-100) This shows you how many domains are competing for this keyword, the backlinks pages etc. It also helps you choose the completely local area, choosing the country, state, or city, depending on your needs.

  3. Moz Keyword Explorer

    This is an even more advanced tool the movers should use for keyword research. It adds a few more characteristics of a keyword. It still shows the trends and the difficulty of a keyword, but it also adds the combination of the keywords you could use as a top priority when implementing SEO in your content strategy.

  4. Wordstream’s Keyword Tool

    This tool allows you to choose the niche you would like to position for. So the results that appear will be completely relevant for the industry you choose. This helps you get the most relevant results not only for the territory but also for the industry you are interested in.

How to use the results you get using the tools for keyword research?

The question is what are you using the keyword research tools for? The most common reason why movers use the keyword research (and why we suggest using it) is to create a content strategy in accordance with the search engine optimization for movers. So, if this is the reason, then this is a great beginning of creating the SEO strategy for your moving company. Now, given that you will get dozens or hundreds of keywords as a result of using the proper tool, what keywords should you pick?

There is no correct answer. What people tend to do is create a strategy of positioning for the easier keywords now, and try to position for those more difficult, and commonly more important, in the long term. How to do this? Read on and get a few ideas.

Moving company positioning starts with using the appropriate keyword research tools
Keyword research tools help you choose the right SEO strategy for your moving company

Ideas for creating the content strategy based on the keyword research results:

  • Use the keywords typed a lot of times, but with low competition, to create the strong landing pages for them. This should help you position for them in only a couple of weeks.
  • The next step could be to pick those keywords of medium competition and link towards them from those landing pages for low-competition keywords. Create also a strong landing page, or even strong landing post. Sometimes the blog posts get positioned sooner than the landing page.
  • In the end, use the strongest and the most difficult keywords to create the landing pages that would get the position in long-term. We would also suggest creating these landing pages with a paragraph or two at the beginning, and link towards them since the beginning of your content strategy. After that, create the stronger content on it. And what we would suggest as an addition to this is to update the content on these kinds of pages from time to time. This will give a signal to the search engines that you constantly try to provide new pieces of information to your customers regarding the most important keywords. But make sure you really do that. Don’t just write any content. Write an interesting, informative and SEO optimized content. This is the only kind of optimization that could help you get a higher position in the SERPs. (search engine results pages). Use one of the keyword research tools and start optimizing your content today! As a company for movers web development, we can help you do that properly.