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High-impact keyword research strategies to explore

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One of the many ways to establish a strong online presence is through positioning for popular keywords that people search for. After all, the whole point of SEO for movers and other types of companies is to end up on those first 2 pages of search engine results. But, you don’t need someone to search for chicken wings recipes and have your moving company pop up. This is why you need to invest the time to research the keywords you need to position for. And to do this, you need to implement the proper keyword research strategies.

Keyword research strategies are like Scrabble, you need to make them work for you.
There are many keywords research strategies that you can use to puzzle something together.

7 keyword research strategies you want to focus on to achieve results

Despite the many innovative and technological improvement that we experience, search engines remain the primary source of information for customers to find your website. And if you manage to successfully position your company for relevant keywords, you could tap into online traffic for months to come. On the other hand, search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo could have a hard time sending traffic your way if your content is not optimized properly. In other words, you need to rank before you try to break the bank.

And to achieve the best possible results, you first have to discover which keywords have the largest impact. That’s the only way to meet the needs of your customer base and rank for the right keywords. So, Movers Development has prepared seven high-impact keyword research strategies:

#1: Focus your efforts on local keywords

Time and time again, local keywords prove to be the most influential ones to position for. The simple answer here is – convenience. Clients want a local business to meet their needs rather than relying on one across the state. Research here also shows that local leads are the strongest ones you can find.

The conclusion is that among keywords research strategies you might implement, choosing to combine keywords for the services you provide with your location is definitely a winner. Another way to add to this approach is through the addition of a Google Business page. This is a step that can bring in a lot of potential clients, and even more leads.

#2: You have to look at the competition

Similar to the moving industry, everything in SEO revolves around competition. Yes, you should primarily focus on the growth and expansion of your moving business. However, there is a certain advantage in closely monitoring your competitors. When it comes to keyword research strategies and how they fit into all this, you have to use their ranking to your advantage. Identify relevant keywords through their positioning and optimize your content for each of those keywords.

#3: Organize and categorize your keywords

At the end of the day, you have to look towards your respective industry for answers. A lot of keywords research strategies will revolve around the themed keywords groups that directly support the core of their industry. And the case happens to be the same for moving companies. Once you have a targeted group of strong keywords, it will be much easier to target them and navigate your SEO efforts. And this is something Google recognizes (and often rewards) as well. Any effort here can dramatically improve the results of your:

  • SEO campaign. Better organic search rankings give your brand a ton of free exposure that can result in extra sales for years to come
  • PPC campaign. A higher quality score will result in better ad positioning with lower overall costs.

#4: Use Google Trends to your advantage

Before you can stay ahead of your competition, you first have to stay ahead of trends in terms of content and keywords. In order to achieve this, you will need a tool that can analyze the history of popular terms in your industry. One such tool is Google Trends. Not only does it let you analyze past terms, but you can also make comparative inquiries when it comes to your top-rate keywords. Granted, this is not a full-proof method. But it can offer ideas on how to become an innovative authority in your industry.

Google search page on laptop screen.
Using Google Trends is one of the more efficient keywords research strategies to consider.

#5: Explore the potential of long-tail keywords

When it comes to efficient keywords research strategies, this one offers surgical precision. Long-tail keywords shoot straight to the point and often target low-competition phrases. However, this is what makes them so focused and targeted, thus effective. Position for the right long-tail keyword and you are easily ranked and gathering leads. And since long tail keyword usually contains the basic keyword inside them, you are able to target a wider range of keywords.

#6: Focus your efforts on high buyer intent keywords

Although the most valuable method by far, it is also the hardest one to accomplish. Keywords with high buyer intent such as discounts, deals, shipping promotions etc. are terms people have already decided on. When you manage to offer them to people on the verge of making a decision, you gain access to a high conversion rate. Combine an engaging headline with some convincing copywriting and these keywords take on an even higher value.

#7: The jewel among keyword research strategies – focusing on branded keywords

We’ve talked about the importance of branding your moving business in the past. The general conclusion is that a lot of conversions can depend on such a status. This is why it is important to never neglect your previous clients in the hunt for new ones. Optimizing content around your brand and keywords with high buyer intent should be a necessary component of your overall strategy. This is the way to generate leads and improve your website traffic, which is the whole point of effective SEO campaigns.

BRAND on laptop screen.
Focusing your efforts on branded keywords is definitely a good way to go.

The final judgment

Any of these seven keyword research strategies can bring something beneficial for your business to the table. So, if you are hesitant about opting for either one, you shouldn’t be. If executed properly, they can double your current number of leads and improve your overall online presence. And this is also something Movers Development can offer you, through the moving company SEO services that we offer. We hope that you will take the time to test out some of these strategies in the months to come!