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How to optimize moving blog for search engines

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There’s tough competition in the world of moving nowadays. New moving companies are being born each day. The conditions in the movers market constantly change. The old marketing strategies are almost no giving results lately. But, don’t worry, there’s still a chance to succeed! Researching the recent trends, we can conclude that the best strategy for positioning in the moving market, or at least to upgrade your current position, is to position on the web. The best way is to optimize moving blog for search engines. Yes, having a moving blog on your moving company’s website is essential. Most of the elements for upgrading your web position are found in the informative and SEO adjusted articles. Using search engine optimization you’re making your website seen by search engines. And by that, you improve in search results.

There’s no ideal tactic or some manual on what exactly to do to optimize moving blog for search engines. Yet, there are some guidelines to give you an idea about how should the content look like. The elements it should have. The kind of content you should be writing etc. All of that, we shall try shortly to explain in the article to come. Together with the information about the current trends in the moving industry and why you should try to position high in web search results.

Here are our suggestions what to do to optimize moving blog for search engines
We have a few suggestions what you should do to optimize moving blog for search engines

Guidelines for moving companies: Implement SEO in moving website content

So, you want to achieve movers development? It’s quite a good start! There are many ways to do that. But staying in the same place certainly isn’t an option. Which you probably realized by now. Reading this article tells us so. Following the trends is something we’re starting to get boring by now, but we must continue insisting on this important matter. Given that the trends are constantly changing, and not following them means losing your position in movers’ market. We’re here to prevent this from happening! Providing you with the news from the moving industry makes you easier to understand where the moving business heads.

In this article, we’ll try to explain the following important things for optimizing your moving blog for search engines:

  • The reasons why you should implement SEO in your content- Statistical data showing why you should optimize moving blog for search engines.
  • The main tactics for your moving blog optimization- The most important things to do to achieve improvement in web search results position.

The importance of using SEO tools for your moving company’s website

Here are the numbers to show you the reasons why we insist that much on SEO
Read the percentages and you’ll get the picture why we insist on SEO

We don’t insist on the implementation of search engine optimization because of art for art’s sake. Different sorts of empirical research keep showing us the same results. The internet is the best resource to get leads for your moving company! In order to support our claims, we shall give you some results of movers market research:

  • 95% of online experiences begin using different search engines. This is the most important reason why we’re insisting that you must optimize moving blog for search engines.
  • Around 75% of all web searches are made through Google. Imagine if you appeared on the first page of search results for the keywords important in your local area?
  • More than 70% of all clicks on links appearing on search results are organic- those are non-paid links appearing high in search results because of good web positioning strategy
  • Search results provide the most leads for moving companies. And getting leads for movers is the first important thing for all moving companies.
  • Around 85-90% of users searching for something tend to ignore the paid advertisements. Prefer learning to SEO optimize your moving blog rather than paying for ads.
  • 15% is a close rate from SEO leads- This means that 15% of people coming to your moving company’s website through web search results turn into your customers.
  • 2% is the result of outbound leads (through the invasive marketing strategies, such as direct mail)

Important elements to use to optimize moving blog for search engines

You should have all these components inside of your website content
It is important to implement all the components we discuss

As we said, we have no perfect manual to use and make your moving blog perfectly search engine optimized. However, there are some elements to implement into your movers’ blog content which proved to be crucial for web positioning. Depending on your handiness and ability to implement those SEO elements, keeping your content natural and informative, your moving company’s website will appear higher or lower in web search results. And this will directly influence the number of leads you get from your website. Here are the movers SEO elements we’ll talk about:

  • Important keywords for your local area- The words people tend to type in the area where your moving company is placed
  • Proper content formatting- How to format the inner text to optimize moving blog for search engines.
  • Titles and subtitles- Use ‘H’ tags in a proper manner.
  • Images formatting- How to provide the most SEO value out of images.
  • Internal & external linking strategy- The number of links and where to link.

About the keywords

Good keyword research provides you with the path you should take to make a decent optimization
A quality keyword research is the most important part of the optimization

The keywords are actually those words and expressions people type into search engines when looking for moving companies and tips for relocation. When they do that, you’d like your moving and storage company to appear in front of their eyes, right? Well, that’s actually what SEO serves. You must do the proper research which keywords people type. And then use that kind of information to adjust your website so it would contain those keywords. We suggest you use long-tail keywords. It means not only positioning your website for one but for a combination of words people use to discover movers. I.e. use ‘How to find a reliable and reputable moving company’ instead of just ‘moving company’ or ‘professional movers. You can read more on the subject of the optimization of your website in the articles of our ‘SEO for movers category.

How to format the content to optimize moving blog for search engines

Finding the keywords you should use is only the first step. The actual internet battle is yet to come. You need to learn how to implement those keywords into the content of your moving blog and your inner pages. Here are the key elements of text formatting:

  • Use bold text- Let it contain the most important sections of your text. It’s a good way to say to search engines you’re optimized for the content about the moving.
  • Italic text is also very welcome. Be smart to separate what you put into italic and what into bold text.
  • Have different lists inside the text. The bulletin is a great way. And have the keywords used in at least one of the bulletins. And have at least one bulletin in each article.

Title tags

Using the title tags in a proper way is almost of essential importance. Given that search engines always check titles first. So you need to have your keywords(exact and variations) in at least some of your headings. Having in mind the inner structure of the headings. So use H1, H2, H3, etc. Never use the lower title tag unless it explains the higher one. So you won’t have an H2 tag and immediately after that H3 if the paragraph under H3 isn’t explaining more detailed the previous H2 tag. 

Format the images

It’s also an important factor search robots use to check the relevance of your content. There are photo names, caption and alt tags. And they are not there for no reason. You need to use them for every photo you insert into your article. Make sure to have at least one exact keyword and some variations of it among your photos. But also over-optimize the content putting the keywords in every photo name, caption and alt tag.

Linking to internal and external web pages…

…is important because it gives the signal that you’re connecting your content to similar content that might give more information to the readers. Because search engines look to provide users with the content relevant to the subject they want to find information about. And the reason to optimize moving blogs for search engines is to make it obvious it is relevant for the moving industry. And for the needs, people moving somewhere might have. The linking strategy for inner pages should make it clear that all of your inner content has a clear structure, with clear architecture. Explaining the most important components of the relocation. So you should make a good inner linking strategy, connecting all your inner pages.

The exact same reason is why we recommend using external links. Link to reputable websites, giving a signal that you want to help people find more information about the subject of moving. Or about the sub-subject of moving you’re writing about in particular article. Only, make sure you don’t link the pages explaining the exact same subject you’re writing about. That way, your text will have no chance to get a good position, comparing to those strong websites.

In the end, we want to say again- these were only short guidelines to let you know how to approach your moving blog content so it would be optimized for search engines. SEO optimization is something you learn for years. Never reaching full knowledge about it. We have the SEO experts in our team, specialized in search engine optimization for movers’ blogs and websites. In case you want to know more about all we wrote here, or you want us to check on your website optimization, let us know. We shall answer all of your questions!