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How to increase traffic for your blog

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You’ve worked hard on creating your blog and you feel that it is exactly where it needs to be. However, you are not satisfied with the blog traffic. Well, there are ways to improve this situation significantly. Some of them are just small, simple changes on your blog, while others may include some important adjustments of the way you blog. Either way, we are there for you and your business. We present to you ways in which you can increase traffic for your blog and gain more audience for your content. One thing is for sure – you need to be sure about your ideas and have clear goals for your blog and your business.

how to increase traffic for your blog
Learn how to increase traffic for your blog and run your business like a boss!

Get to the bottom of the situation

Before you even try to increase traffic for your blog, you need to understand a few basic things about it and learn how to approach the problem.

Understand the goals of your blog and why you do it

It is important for you to understand the reasons why you blog. Never forget that blogging can bring you a lot of fun. In the first place, it allows you to express your creative side and give life to words in your own, unique way. Furthermore, if you do this well, your blog can become popular, too. You can gain a lot of traffic by good-quality blogging, which can significantly increase sales of your business. That’s why it is important to understand the purpose of your blog, but also learn about modern marketing today.

how to increase traffic for your blog
Understand the true purpose of your blog and focus on your goals

Models of blog traffic

You also need to learn what is blog traffic and what types it includes. Therefore, you will be able to focus on the right things and increase traffic for your blog. Well, there are two kinds of blog traffic:

  • Organic (natural) traffic is the kind of traffic your blog gets without having to pay ads. This kind of traffics happens when people search relevant keyword into their browsers, but also clicking on your link on another website (referral traffic) and typing the address of your blog directly into the browser (direct traffic). As people can find you when typing a keyword on Google, read about how to improve your business with Google analytics.
  • Paid traffic is a complete opposite of the previous one. This traffic is powered by ads you can find online. You can learn about ads and how much companies pay for advertising, but remember that both organic and paid traffic is equally important.

Do you want to increase traffic for your blog? Create better content!

No matter what you do to advertise and promote your blog, the only thing to attract people and make them come back is to create good-quality content. This is one of the key strategies to increase traffic for your blog. What you need to do is to make a balance between better content and a good strategy. To create something good, you need to think about the needs of your audience. Once you understand what they want and like, you will be able to offer them the real thing. Focus on what’s important for your readers and make that content attractive for sharing and recommendation. Therefore, learn how to increase your customer base and make those people talk about you and share your blog pages with others.

Create pillar articles and refresh them from time to time

Each blog needs to have one or more pillar articles. These are articles that cover most of the important topics of your blog and also include the most relevant keywords. This kinds of pages attract the highest number of readers and create the most traffic. In moving business, these could be tips on packing and finding a reliable moving company, or about some common moving problems. Once you have these pages, don’t let them get old on your blog. Keep them updated with new information and refresh them from time to time. Google searches are based on fresh content and recent information, so don’t let great quality pages become forgotten.

Use the right keywords

It is important to write fresh and popular content to attract more visitors. However, you need to include relevant, never-searched-before keywords to go up the search result list. You can use several different keyword research tools to help you out!

Images are important when you want to increase blog traffic

Readers can be easily attracted to modern, alluring visual content. Therefore, don’t forget to use that tool and add fabulous images relevant to the topic of your article. A low-quality, dull picture (especially the main one) will attract fewer visitors – even though the text may be amazing. Optimize your images well, add appropriate alt text, caption, etc. Furthermore, you can use videos as well. We already talked about the ways of generating leads with video marketing, so be sure to check that out.

Pay for adds and boost your posts

As you can see, all the previous tips are on how to increase traffic for your blog – naturally and create organic traffic. However, paid traffic is equally important. Basically, if you don’t pay for ads, your posts will not reach the new audience. Even though natural traffic is important, boosting new posts is crucial for ‘forcing’ the traffic.

Seek for the right audience

No matter how good content is, if it reaches the wrong people it will never increase traffic for your blog. Be sure to understand who would find your blog interesting. Therefore, you can reach the right people and provide them with interesting articles.

focus on how to increase traffic for your blog
If you want to increase traffic for your blog, focus on the right audience

Competition is good motivation for improving your own blog

Other fellow bloggers from your sphere of interest can be really beneficial. You can even team up with them, which can be a great way to increase traffic for your blog. Build a positive relationship with your blogger friends, so you can use their content for outbound links, too!

As you can see, there are many simple ways to increase traffic for your blog. You just need to be realistic and follow these simple tips and tricks to do it!