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Guide to generating leads with video marketing

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Once they are used properly, videos present an excellent tool in leads generation. You may be thinking that you are already using videos for promoting your business. However, most companies are not using the fullest potential of video marketing. The reason is the lack of ideas and understanding of what videos can truly offer. Fortunately, Movers Development is here to show you the way to do it right and turn more prospects into leads through videos. Therefore, we present to you different ways of generating leads with video marketing. With using all the possible sources, you will see more and more prospects turning into leads in no time.

generating leads with video marketing
Once you realize why generating leads with video marketing is so important, you will enjoy more success on your website

Why video content is so important in marketing?

You’ve probably noticed that sometimes it is easier to watch a movie than read a book of the same story. We often think it is because we don’t have time and we are too busy, but the truth is quite different.

Our biological features

People’s brains are simply lazy. Our minds are much faster at processing visuals than text, and images are ‘more attractive’ to our brains. Basic instincts lead us to react to sounds, faces, motions, rather than numbers and letters. We process images (and therefore, videos) much faster than any typed or handwritten text. That’s why this simple biological feature of our brains should be used wisely in generating leads with video marketing. The faster you understand the power of video marketing, the sooner your prospects will become leads. Simple as that.


Of course, there are different ways of advertising your business. However, by using videos, you have the opportunity to tell more about a story than by using just words. Images hit our emotions more easily and faster than text, and you are able to touch people’s hearts by showing them something they can identify with.

Clients trust each other

The fact is – we will better trust somebody when we see him, rather than just reading his comments. That’s why video testimonials are a great way of generating leads with video marketing. People trust a company when they can truly see their other clients giving recommendations and sharing their experience. So be sure to include one of those in your website.

generating leads with video marketing
Make a plan and use our ways of generating leads with video marketing

Ways of generating leads with video marketing

Even though there are different ways of advertising your business, you need to understand that video marketing is one powerful tool. Here are the most important ways of generating leads with video marketing.


Putting a ‘gate’ to your content is ‘hiding’ it behind a video, so the content is only visible after your prospect gives you their information. The video serves as a tool to convince potential clients to give out their information. How to do it? Well, it’s pretty simple:

  • use a tool to add information form at the beginning and in the middle of your video.
  • then, add appropriate CTAs at the end of your video. Calls-to-action is very important in generating leads with video marketing. They are usually put in very ‘popular’ website spots, and serve to turn the new visitors in leads. Apart from using them on the website, use them on your video content as well.
  • leave no other option but to fill out the form. Make a promise to reveal important information, but just after the form is filled out.

Use calls to action wisely

Calls to action are nothing is they are used properly. A CTA needs to be placed wisely so that attracts the visitors to the other content on your website or to give you out their information in a form. You should try using :

  • pop-out CTAs – this is a more direct way of offering contact forms and CTAs to your visitors. These should be placed directly in the videos and prompt the visitors to use them.
  • YouTube Annotations – this one is free and easy to set up. You can place annotation anywhere in your video and promote links to the subscription to your channel, other YouTube videos or some other website content. However, keep in mind that these are only texts and links, so, therefore, can be less effective. But they are still a great way of generating leads .with video marketing
  • Youtube cards – these interactive panels can be added to your videos to attract visitors to seek more information about your website. You can add up to five Youtube cards on each video, and they can include images, links or simple text.

Use video testimonials

When researching a moving company, people usually search for other people’s comments, reviews, and experiences. However, only reading their comments is not really that attracting and trustworthy. That’s where video testimonials can come in handy. Create video content that includes customers talking about their (positive) experience with your company and their impressions. Looking at somebody talking is way more convincing and personal than just reading a written comment. Here’s an example of video testimonials you can create:

Live streaming

In today’s world of internet, live and easy-responding communication has become a must on many platforms. Social media websites like Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp introduced live streaming as a way for an individual or a company to communicate with many people or the audience. This could be an excellent example of how to find potential clients.

people watching a video
Video testimonials and live streaming videos are a great way of engaging with the visitors and generating leads with video marketing

Live streaming video content allows you to directly speak to your audience – in this case, your potential customers. People enjoy being closer to a company they want to hire, so sharing your success stories or promoting services could be a reason to use this practical feature.

Looking for other ways to promote your moving business?

As you could see in the previous text, generating leads with video marketing is an easy and useful thing to do. Videos are very engaging when it comes to generating leads and improving your business, so you should use its full potential. However, you should read about other marketing ideas for moving companies, and help your business grow as much as possible!