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10 tips to increase your customer base

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The business of relocation is one that does not really have what you might call regulars. The customer base is focused on people that will use your services once – twice at best. After all, you don’t really relocate that often. And this is why as a moving business owner, you have a challenge to constantly search for ways to increase your customer base. So our professional movers development team will offer you just that – tips on how to attract new customers and grow your relocation business in the process.

Increase your customer base and network by using some simple guidelines.
Increase your customer base and let your moving business grow with the help of professionals.

10 simple ways to increase your customer base

All companies are on a constant lookout for new customers. After all, having a steady stream of interested moving parties is the benchmark of any successful moving business. And no matter the type of business, there are some tried and effective methods to expand and increase your customer base:

1. Increase your customer base by knowing your customer base

Information and knowledge have the highest value in today’s market. Knowing your customers and what they need gets you well ahead of your competition. So before you set out to find new ways of attracting customers, ask yourself:

  • Who are my customers?
  • What kind of moving services are they interested in?
  • What can my professional moving company provide that others cannot?
  • Is there an extra mile that I can go to stand out in their eyes?

Knowing the answers to these questions will offer you the insight and incentive you need to build the foundations of your moving business. And continuing to ask these questions will ensure that you remain on track and ahead.

2. Create a well-connected network

Forming professional and non-professional bonds with people can help boost your business ethics. On the one hand, you never know what type of ideas you can hear of from others. And on the other hand, an analysis of your website can help find loopholes in your business strategies.

So do not run away from moving industry conferences and join professional movers associations. Always have your business cards handy and your pitch ready. Because you never know who you might meet and where that meeting may take you. The more people know of you and your moving company, the easier it will be to increase your customer base.

3. Understand how the moving industry operates

  • What are the latest trends in the moving business?
  • Who are the top movers in the state or city and what is it they offer?
  • What are the innovations that other moving companies are introducing?
  • What’s changed in the past few years that could help increase your customer base?

These are all questions that should be easily answered by you or your employees if you want to have your moving company rise to the top.

4. Utilize methods used by your competitors

Member associations for movers are essential for networking but also showcasing your services. Not only that, but being a member gives you access to information and courses. And all this goes towards getting ahead of the competition and of course, increase your customer base.

5. Think outside the box and step out of your comfort zone

You need to always think outside of the moving box to increase your customer base.
Never limit yourself when it comes to new ideas and strategies. Always think outside the moving box.

Being conventional can only hurt modern-day businesses. In order to differentiate yourself to your potential customers, you need to say ahead of the curve. So you, as a moving professional, need to provide all the services one would expect, plus something extra.

For example, implementing SEO strategies to increase your customer base is a sure way to evolve your business. This is forward thinking that might not seem that interesting to you, but it will definitely work wonders for your customers. The aim is to demonstrate flexibility, openness and innovation in order to draw in potential customers and grow as a company.

6. Incorporate social media as a marketing tool

Social media has become an important part of everyday life. And not only for personal use, but also in terms of business and marketing ideas. So if you want to increase your customer base, go online and implement the following into your company advertising:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest

Social media is here to stay. And this is why you should consider it as an opportunity to engage and win over new customers. Social media platforms are easily-accessible and proven ways to profile and promote your moving company. You will find this especially useful for the growing number of millenials looking to relocate.

Increase your customer base by offering promotions and nurturing customer relations.
Everybody loves a good deal no matter the type of business or service.

7. Boost interest through extra discount and time-limited deals

Today’s customers appreciate discounts and deals from businesses. In fact, they’ve become accustomed to them. So as a moving company, you might want to offer a limited-time free online moving estimate calculator or consultation, allowing people to test-drive your services in advance. A similar strategy would be to offer discount coupons, special deals on packing supplies etc. All this would be a great method of enticing clients with the end goal of getting them in the door.

8. Use existing affiliations to your advantage

If there’s something people trust, that is recommendations from other companies. And this is where having affiliates and business partners can help boost your image as a mover. Be it suppliers, quality-control organizations or third-party online blogs, words from them can help increase your customer base.

Consider putting into play a “win-win” strategy for getting referrals. On the one hand, you get new customers and on the other, customers/businesses providing referrals get rewarded for promoting you. And mind you, this can go both ways.

9. Provide content and testimonials to showcase your expertise

Increase the customer base by offering customers high-quality and optimized content.
You can’t hope to attract customers without having valuable content.

There are countless ways to attract customer, but it all depends on what you are selling. In this case, we are talking about moving services – so you need to focus on providing customers with valuable content. A good solution would be creating a blog page on your website. This could not only increase your customer base, but also boost your SEO ranking. You could use this blog to provide useful moving tips while also steering customers towards your company.

Another promotional method would be public representations of your company. This includes key-note speaking on conferences, making educational presentations and holding courses to help not only your customers, but other movers realize how knowledgeable your company is. This way you will get in front of people who are already engaged, interested and potentially ready to sign on to your product or service.

10. Speed up your growth through motivated referrals

The best customers are those that you were recommended to by previous satisfied clients. Why? Because all the “heavy lifting” has already been done for you. When they asked for moving advice from friends or co-workers, they provided them with all the necessary details from the moving experience you provided them with. So you basically have others gift you confirmed clients. All that is left is for you to close the deal. Never be afraid to ask for referrals for the quality services you provide. If necessary, consider the option of incentive such as a percentage or discount for any referrals sent your way.