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PR trends movers should implement in 2019

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Each year brings something different to the business. The social situations change, technology brings us something new almost every day. The Internet is changing quickly. Therefore, public relations trends are also evolving and adapting to the current situation to be more effective for businesses. As an entrepreneur in the moving industry, you should be aware of the trends so you can adjust your business style to your customers. Therefore, we prepared top PR trends movers should implement in 2019 to make the business boom in the year ahead of us. This way you can review our work and see how you can achieve something new in your business and improve it the best way possible.

Delivery and promotion of quality content

In 2019, promoting your brand and your company isn’t enough. Of course, you don’t need to stop doing it, but there’s something else that will be in focus in this year. Apart from just promoting your moving business, you need to learn how to connect with your customers and give them something more. And that is content marketing. You can use high-quality content of your blog to engage and educate your readers and customers. But you need to do it right, so be sure to learn about common pitfalls in traditional marketing and how to avoid them. Be sure to provide your audience with valuable content – which is one of the most important PR trends movers should implement in 2019.

Linkless mentions are getting more important as PR trends movers should implement in 2019

Up to now, the system of Google search was based on backlinks as a means of deciding the relevance of a website. If a page has more backlinks to other pages, the more relevant it would be in the Google results page. However, there has been a slight change recently, and Google has adjusted that game a little bit. Therefore, linkless mentions appeared and started to be more important in the web search field. As search engines can recognize the context of mention without a single link, the focus has shifted to the quality of the text. That is one of the PR trends movers should implement in 2019 so that they show the audience that they value them and offer the high-quality of the content. Moving companies should consider linkless mentions in the year that comes.

Personal branding is vital

You should know everything about how to advertise a moving company. However, you should also know that success comes from self-packaging. Personal branding of the moving companies’ leaders is a great way to earn self-confidence but also credibility and trust from your employees and audience. One of the reasons people will hire a moving company is by the way they see its employees and leaders. Therefore, promoting yourself as a brand can be one of the PR trends movers should implement in 2019 and a way to make your audience trust your company.

The audience doesn’t want a ‘no comment’ company

Recently, the audience has started to value brands that have become more political. A simple ‘no comment’ company is not that interesting to the audience, and therefore less popular online. Therefore, one of the PR trends nowadays would be taking a stand on a political or cultural issue. A lot of changes are happening, so your PR team should be able to follow them and express an attitude to connect with the audience and earn potential clients’ trust. However, you should be careful about this and weigh carefully on how you are presenting your opinion.

Improving your website game

Your website is a lead spot in the promotion of your company. That’s why it should be updated along with the emerging trends in 2019. Your moving company website should be a bright spot in your business game and a way to attract more customers. Therefore you should do everything to improve it. Some of the trends and advice for 2019 website optimization are:

  • black and white pallets – simple color pallets are the lead trends in website design. Simplicity implies professionalism and high-quality content.
  • glitch art – retro designs are present everywhere nowadays. The distorted image is both retro and futuristic at the same time.
  • minimalism – this trend is somehow evergreen. The customers will find it easier and more pleasant to navigate your website if there are fewer items in it.
  • more video content – since we live in the time of pictures, the text has been moved to the second plan. Video marketing is a great way to generate leads, so be sure to feature video content even more.
  • chatbot – chatbots are showing more and more in 2019. The chatbots can also be made more attractive to visitors by giving them a shape of a company’s mascot, putting them on a more visible place on the page, and using bright colors to make them more visible. On a mover’s website, chatbots can easily help your customers with some basic moving tips or information or lead them to the moving cost calculator.
website optimization - PR trends movers should implement in 2019
Improving your website is definitely one of those PR trends movers should implement in 2019 you should follow.


Online trust has become an issue

Social media and the internet, in general, has started to lose faith from its users. That’s why the PR job has become more difficult recently. Pr leaders need to do twice as work to earn trust from their clients. If you are wondering how to increase my customer base and gain confidence from your clients, the answer is simple. Be you. Provide your customers with high-quality services as well as quick and truthful responses to their issues. Fight this negative trend of fake news and information online and build a trusting relationship with your clients.

Trends are just trends

After reading these PR trends movers should implement in 2019, we can conclude one thing. As in everything else, trends come and go in PR as well. Of course, it’s essential to follow them but never do that blindly. If you have a business style that works out for you, stay true to your basics. There needs to be a balance between those and temporary trends – consistency is highly valued, as well.