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Moving industry pricing standards to consider

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Anytime people decide to plan a relocation, the first concern that comes to mind is simple. How much will it all cost? That is something that anyone who had the opportunity to move can and will confirm (myself included). Now, for some people, the aspect of having five or ten different representatives visit your home might seem completely reasonable. However, at the end of the day, what it really is is a hassle. And I think we can all agree that avoiding that process altogether would be a blessing for both sides. The solution is right in front of you, and it hides within the free moving estimate calculator that some professional moving companies offer. With it, you can incorporate all moving industry pricing standards necessary for your upcoming relocation.

How does it work?

It’s simple, really. The instant moving quote calculator is a unique piece of moving software that offers people the flexibility and time-efficiency they need when planning a relocation. By taking all the metrics necessary for the fulfillment of your relocation process, it can sum up the overall cost of your move. Of course, the moving industry pricing standards it uses are combined with the pricing system of each moving company explicitly, only to give an overall price.

It’s always important to have a proper invoice for the services you pay for.

The calculator we offer provides professional moving companies with the perfect tool to gather leads. On the other hand, it gives people the chance to get instant moving estimates that follow the moving industry pricing standards with the blessing of that particular moving business. This feature and adaptability are what makes it ideal for any needs both the moving business and potential clients might have.

What are the moving industry pricing standards?

A little foundational knowledge never hurts when you are dealing with complex calculations and processes. So, why not learn a bit more about the standards that moving companies follow? When moving companies provide an estimate, some fail to mention the additional fees that might occur on moving day. However, this is something that a calculator can easily take care of. Of course, you should always make sure to communicate the price you get with the moving company representative.

The fact is that your typical moving deal refers to the basic concept of relocation:

  1. Pick-up
  2. Loading
  3. Transportation
  4. Delivery

And that’s all you get – that is what relocation stands for. You hire a team of professionals to transport your property from one place to the next. A simple concept, the price of which is most commonly influenced by the local market, size, and distance of the move. So, you can’t expect to get the same price in NYC and New Orleans, now can you? Just the same, it will take more human resources and equipment to handle a 4-bedroom home relocation than it will to handle moving a condo. And the difference in crossing a few blocks and a few states to relocate is self-explanatory.

What about the extra or specialty moving services?

As explained above, the fundamental appeal of relocation is your base price. Any additional relocation services that you might need over that will cost you additionally. Never be afraid to ask further questions about the details of the relocation process. Be clear and precise in your expectations and check on the following services or extras:

A meter with a stack of cash below it
Consider the measure the extra services you might need when moving

Professional packing services

Packing is one of the most dreaded tasks in the relocation process. So, unless you want to waste your time and energy packing by yourself and risking the safety of your belongings, your next best option is to hire the movers to do it for you. Fully or partially, there are different ways to do this, each bearing its own costs. Even here, there are specific moving industry pricing standards to abide by. In terms of packing, the packing fees are calculated hourly.

Packing materials

Packing supplies don’t simply fall from the sky. So, you can be sure that the moving company you decide to hire will charge you additionally for packing materials. Boxes, shrink wrap, protective wrapping, and blankets, tape,… you might be able to secure some of these by yourself, but why go through the trouble of it all?

Furniture assembly/disassembly

Taking apart all the robust furniture you have around your home is no simple task. It takes time and skill to do it correctly. Fortunately, some movers will offer this type of assistance as part of their array of services. However, they will also charge you by the hour here.

Stair carries

Having an endless flight of stairs and no elevator can make the entire move much harder than it should ever be. So, given that someone needs to carry your belongings up or down a flight of stairs can definitely be cause for additional fees. According to moving industry pricing standards, people will charge:

  • Per-step
  • Per-flight
  • Per-turn

Long carries are also included in moving industry pricing standards

Similar to the flight of stairs, having to carry a truckload of belongings across a long driveway or an acre of property can be exhausting. That is why most moving crews will ask for extra payment on having to drag belongings over certain distances. Some companies go as far as charging per step.

Shuttle services

It can often happen that you are unable to secure parking for the moving truck in urban areas. Certain companies will need to activate a shuttle service, to transport your belongings from your home to the truck. And this can also cause additional expenses.


Usually calculated at a monthly or daily rate, moving industry pricing standards often accommodate the need for storage services. As storage units vary in type and size, so can the additional price you will have to pay for it.


Most people tend to brush off the need for insurance. They consider it an empty investment when the truth is far from it. In fact, getting moving insurance is one of the smarter choices that you can make when relocating. Most moving companies offer this as part of their relocation services and will charge at a rate of no more than 60 cents per round.

Moving specialty items

Special Prices sign
Special prices for special services – all in accordance with moving industry pricing standards

Certain items such as pianos, pool table, hot tubs, antique furniture, etc. require skill and experience to relocate. So, rather than risking their valuables, they would be wiser to let the movers handle it. However, take into consideration that such specialty services incur additional expenses and fees.