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Moving company’s website design improvement

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There are many ways to improve the position of your company in the movers’ market, but not all of them are successful. You should check what you do well, and what you should improve. Given that we live in an era of the internet, paying attention to your moving company’s software and website design should probably be among the first things to check. Nowadays, most of the people shop over the web. At least they are searching for quality and affordable solutions on their computers and smartphones. Neglecting the importance of being present in front of your potential customers’ eyes means not realizing how the modern moving world works. The most of you movers know how important the mover’s website is. So here we shall say some things about moving the company’s website design improvement to help you follow the modern trends!.

To go with the flow might work in some parts of life. In the moving world, the matter of survival is to be better than your competition. Or at least to follow the most successful companies in the market. Losing the online battle almost surely means losing the war. Let your moving company’s website shine when a potential customer visits it, and you can expect to have more customers directly from the web. Soon, this will be the main source of leads for almost all the businesses!

Your moving business is highly influenced by your moving company's website design improvement
Moving company’s website design improvement influences the improvement of your moving business

Upgrading the movers’ websites: Why is it necessary?

The simple way to explain this is to ask: Why is it important to nicely decorate your office where you meet your customers? You probably got the picture that I want to say. If your customer comes to your website and finds a mess, he/she won’t stay there for a long time. Escaping it and visiting some better looking and more informative website would be a more realistic option, right? So, it is very important to attract people to the website, but it’s maybe even more important to keep the website attractive and informative to keep your customers interested to stay on it and find out more about you. Perhaps, eventually contacting you for the relocation. This is the main goal of your mover’s website existence after all.

Your business is in many ways influenced by the website design
The website design influences your business in many ways

The best way of attracting customers to stay is to improve your moving company’s website. If looking nice and attractive, why would the customers leave? No reason. Receiving a call from them after a while is what you could expect. And that’s our experience of how things work. Besides this, there are some more reasons for moving company’s website design improvement:

  • Upgrading the SEO value for your mover’s website. Google measures the time someone spends on it, and you get a better position if the average person stays longer on your website.
  • It improves the loading speed of your website. And it’s one of the crucial factors whether or not the customer will stay.
  • The marketing for moving companies is highly influenced by your website design. The more attractive it is, the more value it adds to your moving company’s marketing strategy.
  • Moving the company’s website design improvement means moving business improvement. As we said, the internet is the main place where people search for moving companies.

Moving company’s website design improvement- What should you do?

From the aspect of SEO for moving companies, website design is one of the crucial factors. Together with the informative and interesting content and overall optimization of your inner pages. There are many things you could and should do to achieve your mover’s website design improvement. Here are some of them:

  • Implementation of calls-to-action

    How should the visitors of your website know where to go unless you guide them? This is what call-to-action buttons serve. You should point out the most important and the most attractive parts of your website. And they should be used in a proper manner. Although probably most of you know how important calls-to-action are, somehow many forget to implement them or to implement them properly. It’s important to guide your movers’ website visitors to the pages where they can solve their problems. Imagine that you were someone moving soon, what would you like to find? Act in accordance with this. If you manage to realize what your customers look for, you’ll probably attract them to reach for your company to help them with the relocation!

  • Use the right images

    The image you use must fit the message you want to send. You want to be recognized as someone reliable and reputable to conduct the relocation and offer other moving services. So use the photos of the real people working at your company, the vehicles you use for relocations, etc. This will point out your moving company’s brand, and the brand is what your company is recognized for!

  • Website navigation

    The places where the visitors to your website should go. If the visitors to your website can’t find what they look for, your website is more or less useless. Improve your moving company’s website in a manner of making it easier for your potential customers to find what they are searching for. This will make them interested in your services, and probably lead to receiving a call or an email asking for your assistance during their relocation.

  • Homepage design upgrade

    One of the most important parts of moving the company’s website design improvement. This is the place where your customer meets your website, so don’t hesitate to put enough content to make your visitor scroll on your homepage. It should contain the essential information about your company, the intro video, the products and services you offer, etc.

  • Optimization for mobile devices

    Responsiveness for mobile devices is essential for your website
    Your website must be responsive for mobile devices

    Around 80% of people visit the internet over smartphones or other mobile devices. Pretty important to improve your moving company’s website in this direction, right? Well, let’s add some info to point out how important this feature is to your mover’s website design upgrade. More than 60% of people won’t get back to your website if they had trouble visiting it over mobile devices. Plus, more than 43% of them will visit a competitor’s website! What a way to explain how essential it is to make your moving company’s website responsive to mobile devices.

  • Social share is essential

    Help your visitors share your moving company’s blog content or any other content from your website. What worth you get by writing interesting and informative content if not many people are able to read it? Billions of people use social networks nowadays. And many of them are prepared to share the attractive articles they read. So join the club and expand the number of visitors by having your content shared on the social web.

  • Update the content to get found on the web

    Being constantly active is essential to appear in search engine results. And appearing there means appearing in front of your potential customer’s eyes. This isn’t necessarily a part of moving the company’s website design improvement, but it leads to gaining visitors and therefore leads to your moving business. Do research before writing any article. Find some interesting numbers and information. Implement multimedia in your blog content, and you may hope for attracting potential customers to your website, and hopefully to your company.

All of this, and much more, the movers’ development team can do for you. If you’re interested to find out how good your website is in the eyes of search engines, and how big potential it has to attract people, contact us, and we shall conduct a FREE AUDIT FOR YOUR WEBSITE. Informing you what needs to be improved and what should you change to look better and get more leads for your moving company.