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Common pitfalls in content marketing

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Digital marketing and modern development of companies has become dependent on the structure of their content marketing. By enriching your website and guest blogging about topics relevant to your industry, you open new doors. As a result, you can attract the attention of prospective leads and turn them into actual clients. However, developing a content strategy is not an easy task. And there are plenty of common pitfalls in content marketing that can often lead to a devaluation of all your efforts. This is particularly common for those companies that lack the presence and work of a professional content writer and editor. So, what are the 3 most common obstacles in a content marketing plan and how can you avoid them?

#1: Not putting an emphasis on high-quality content

The whole point of marketing a moving company (or any other companies for that matter) is to reach as many people as possible. Advertising in order to reach a wider audience, which affect online traffic, which boosts lead flow and conversion rates. Everything is connected.

Different icons linked to laptop with Content Marketing on it.
Content marketing connect all the elements.

So, as a professional moving or logistics company, you need to make sure that as many people know about your company and the services it offers. In order to achieve this, you first need to set up a proper website. Once you do that, you need to establish a continuous flow of content that is both useful and optimized.

However, investing in content cannot be done without guidance. You need a targeting system in order to hit the mark, otherwise you’re just shooting everywhere and hoping for the best. This is where the appeal of SEO development for movers comes into play. You need to have the right tools to fight the good fight and avoid the common pitfalls in content marketing. And in this case, that tool comes in the form of target keywords, for which you have to find the balance between quality and quantity. So the three major problems with poorly written content are:

  • Lack of informative content, which usually leads to pitfalls in content marketing
  • Going overboard with keywords in an article, making it unreadable in the process
  • Prioritizing irrelevant content to prospective customers.

Why do keywords play such an important role?

Tablet and keyboard with Google homepage.
Without keywords, you can’t hope to stand out in search engine results.

Put yourself in the shoes of your potential clients. If you decided to relocate, you would set out to find a professional moving company to help you achieve that. So, rather than taking a phone book and calling every company you can find, you will do some online research to find the most qualified and recommended company for the job.

Imagine coming across the following two descriptions after typing in some search terms:

  • People have been relocating since the beginning of time. Back in the 1960s…” Nobody cares! You simply want a moving company you can trust, right?
  • Rated #1 among moving companies in NYC, our company offers affordable and top-quality moving and storage services…” This sounds more like something people would be interested to read.

The point we are making here is that your content should be useful and informative before all else. Yes, optimization is important, but that is what keyword research strategies are there for. You have to prioritize the usefulness of the information you offer, and incorporate keywords in a natural way.

#2: Not focusing on your customers

Second place when it comes to pitfalls in content marketing goes to neglecting your customers and their needs. There are companies that tend to forget that their revenue and growth is dependent on their client base. You might have a solid number of clients currently, but given the nature of the relocation business, you need to constantly appeal to new leads. And to accomplish this, you need to promote your services through your website. There are different ways for a company to achieve this:

Content update

This is a long-term solution, and one that every website should have when looking to lay a foundation for promoting a particular service. However, you can’t continuously update content for a single page. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a novel that describes your packing or storage services.

Proper linking strategy

Promoting quality content goes beyond relying on search engine algorithms. You also have to turn to the aspect of linking towards certain pages give them value. Initially, a business should make sure that their internal linking structure is well organized. The next stage focuses on the importance of backlinks and promoting your pages on other websites.

Social Media

People love sharing quality and useful content they come across. And this is something that marketers tend to use to their advantage. However, what can lead to pitfalls in content marketing here is when you attempt to force bare links onto people to share. You need to give in order to receive – provide people with content that is interesting, useful and visually stimulating in order for them to share it further. Social media has become one of the better ways of advertising your business. Don’t forget this.

#3: Steering away from the technical elements

Icon of website and web page.
Technical issues with your website can cause pitfalls in content marketing.

You can have the best possible content in the world, but it will hardly do you any good if no one can access it. People today are more impatient than ever before, especially when it comes to reading. So, they will not be reluctant to abandon your content if they come across technical issues. Pages loading too slowly, bad hosting and coding, visually impaired design… these are all red flags in the eyes of the reader. So, to avoid pitfalls in content marketing, you should invest in a high-quality website. You should never look to save money on website maintenance if it costs you potential clients.

What’s the take from all this?

Bear in mind that content development is much more difficult and complex than what was said here. However, these pitfalls in content marketing are ones that companies tend to fall victim to most often. If you start off bad and constantly work to work on making it right, you put your entire content strategy at risk. So, the message here is to focus on your customers and value their time. Provide them with content that they want and need, instead of the one you think they want. User experience before all else – the key to content success.