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Local SEO tactics for movers to invest in

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a crucial business tactic used to improve the ranking of business websites on Search Engine Page Results (SERPs). Local SEO represents search engine optimization for a specific geographic area. These services are essential for businesses with physical outlets that provide goods and services, such as moving companies, as they target better search results in specific local markets. Various techniques are used for this, including page optimization, local citations, link building, and local cataloging. To make sure your moving leads turn to loyal customers, we have prepared a guide on local SEO tactics for movers.

What is a local search?

A google search
People search for what they locally need.

Google research shows that 46% of all Internet searches are local. Local searches include local terms, such as:

  • Movers in the area
  • Moving companies near me
  • Movers (city name)

Using these terms makes it clear to the search engine that the user wants site-based suggestions. Pages that show search results are a precise answer to a request. That is why local SEO tactics for movers are important and worth investing in, in addition to organic SEO.

Elements of local SEO

Local SEO is not too different from organic optimization. It contains elements such as keywords, content, linking, and on-page technical SEO, but with a regional focus:


Person's hand with a pen pinting at a graph
You need to optimize your keywords to include a geolocation tag.

The keyword research process for local SEO strategies is just a little different than one for regular wide-scope SEO. When analyzing keywords, specific research is done on the relevant words that are most searched for given business industry and the local area. In addition, it is obligatory to include the location of the city and the country as the keyword where it is most important – in the title tags, content, and alternative text.

Include variations of keywords for moving companies that are in question. Our experts can provide you with information about the questions people ask and search volume. This is a great way to target local keywords.

Localized content

Content with a local focus is quite important for local SEO. We have already written about how to write good content for your site. This does not mean that you should write long-format texts, but that the blogs should answer the inquiries of potential clients.

Above all, the content should be filled with high quality, helpful information, graphics, and tools, such as a website quote calculator. Google’s search methods aren’t easy to fool, and why try? It is one thing to bring users to the site, and quite another to use techniques that encourage them to stay there. It is simply necessary to make the website rich in quality information with useful content on the home pages and relevant topics to guide your customers.

Link building

Link building in local SEO is somewhat different. When building links, the first thing to keep in mind is not to violate Google Webmaster policies. If this happens, your site will disappear from organic search results. Building local links involves collaborating with local partner sites, local news sites, and local niche businesses that are close and relevant to yours.

Local SEO tactics for moving companies

Local SEO tactics for moving companies include all activities to connect your content and web presence with the local area and branding the business in a particular location. These services are part of a broader SEO marketing plan. But, they are vital because they connect you with local clients. Google constantly updates search algorithms to ensure customers have the highest quality and most relevant search materials. Verified and tested local SEO services help companies gain authority and be on the first page when searching.

Off-page optimization

Backlink building, alongside local citations, represents key techniques in determining relevance in the eyes of search engines.

Local business citations are online information such as the local company’s name, address, and telephone number. They can appear on local business directories, websites, applications, and social platforms.

Citations help Internet users discover local companies and influence the ranking of local search engines. Businesses can actively manage this data to ensure accuracy. By focusing your company’s services on the local area, you can create a high reputation that will be noticed in searches. Getting reputable links and recommendations from sites that rank high in your industry is also extremely important.

Standardizing the NAP data (name, address, phone number) and marking the location via Google Maps is necessary to determine the geolocation of the business.

Google My Business (GMB) profile

Google app
Your moving company’s Google profile should have all the relevant information.

Work on your GMB profile – put up a description if it’s not clear from the name itself what you’re doing. Include location on both the GB profile and on your business location website. Make the phone number clickable – 76% of all local searches end with a phone call.

Pay attention to reviews, as well. Users almost always read other people’s opinions before they decide to hire you. Always answer questions and address any negative comments. If you don’t have enough reviews, ask your customers for them after you have done a good job.

Why do I need local SEO tactics for movers?

With local SEO optimization, you can get more clients. More than ever, consumers are using search engines to get answers to their questions, solve their problems and discover new services.

If you’re not at the top of the search results, you’re probably invisible, and someone else got the job. Verbal recommendations and social media campaigns can help, but you also need to use local SEO services to establish an excellent online reputation.

Every moving company benefits from local SEO services! Google’s search system aims to provide customers with the best services that meet their needs. Users always want the most accurate results, and your business can be just what they need.

Final thoughts

When you own an online business or website, you can target the entire online population as potential customers. However, if you want to attract an audience located in your company’s physical vicinity, you will need to practice local SEO.

You will need to optimize the name of the city in which you are located, as well as the address of your branch. In short – you will need to optimize all the details so that people know how to find you even when they are not online. We hope our local SEO tactics for movers can help you with that.