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6 cheap marketing tools to help you launch your business

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If you want your business to take off to a running start, then you need to know about the tools that can help you make it. And among all the tools you should be interested in, those helpful for marketing should definitely be a priority. After all, when you are just starting out, you need to make your business known if you want to turn a profit. So you don’t have to waste time looking for the best solutions, we have compiled a list of 6 cheap marketing tools to help you launch your business.


Google Analytics

Website data
Knowing your site’s data will be extremely helpful for all your efforts.

If you want to know what the customers visiting your website are doing, then your best bet is Google Analytics! It is one of the most indispensable chap marketing tools you can get your hands on. In fact, the basic version of Google Analytics is entirely free. The enhanced version goes for around one hundred and fifty thousand dollars a year, which is still not bad for such useful software.

What Google Analytics does is make it possible to track every single action taken by a visitor of your website. You will know what pages they visit and what services they focus on. This, in turn, will let you know what kind of marketing efforts you ought to focus on. And it will even help maximize the benefits of CRM software. For this reason, it is absolutely impossible to skip out on this software when you are just starting.

‘All In One SEO’ plugin

A lot of businesses choose to host their website on WordPress, whether they are just starting out or not. Of course, there are plenty of other choices to be had when it comes to hosting services too. But one of the largest advantages of WP is the fact that it is compatible with so many plugins. One of those plugins is the ‘All In One SEO’ plugin, and it is one of the cheap marketing tools that will help a developing business a lot.

It allows for easy and convenient management of your content, and event makes it easier to make use of responsive web design and SEO. It is also extremely beginner-friendly and does not require professional knowledge. This is a particular advantage if you want to have more direct engagement with your website yourself. And, of course, SEO is crucial for effective marketing efforts.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a nifty little tool for helping you manage your online presence and reputation. Namely, by signing up for Google Alerts, you will be notified whenever your business is specifically mentioned online. This will allow you to track the effects of your marketing efforts a lot more efficiently, and keep you on top of your game. Of course, you are not limited to tracking just your own mentions. If you want to engage in some research of your competition, then Google Alerts will help a lot with that. This convenience and multiple useful features make it one of the most useful, and cheap, tools you can make use of when just starting out.

Google My Business

Google My Business has become a crucial part of getting your name out into the work. By becoming part of the listed businesses under the Google My Business banner, your name will be available to anyone looking for services you provide in the area you cover. This means that your customer outreach will immediately increase exponentially, making this one of the most crucial steps when starting out.

As an added benefit, and seeing as it is directly related to Google, this particular marketing tool will help your website get indexed faster and more efficiently. Of course, since this will put your business and its website in the eye of the public, you should also work toward finding suitable software for small moving companies. But it is still a very good foundation for all of your future efforts.


Iron next to a piece of paper with Marketing Strategy written on it.
The quality of your marketing strategy will not matter if it doesn’t reach anyone!

If you want additional information about how Google is interacting with your website, then SiteChecker is the best of cheap marketing tools for the purpose. As one of the best SEO tools, it will be able to help you optimize your website and its content to the fullest extent. You should never underestimate the importance of this because the speed of page loading and similar statistics are actually extremely important for Google Indexing.

It would be a tragedy if you include a relocation cost calculator to enrich your site’s content only to find out it slows it down to an unacceptable extent, for example. This particular tool’s true value will lie in helping you optimize your website for all devices. If your site is unresponsive on mobile devices, for example, it will massively damage your potential outreach and hurt your marketing efforts.

Social media apps

The final of the cheap marketing tools we can recommend is the various social media apps. It might seem like an odd recommendation since they are not directly related to doing business in any way. However, if you work diligently to boost the social media presence of your business, it will be immensely beneficial for all your marketing work.

Audience written on whiteboard
Knowing your audience is crucial for making plans.

It will also be a perfect way for you to both capture the attention of potential customers and as a way to interact with them. Social media platforms allow for the easy and convenient making of reviews. And you can also encourage your customers to leave such reviews over them! Using the reviews you will be able to learn about the impression you’ve left on your customers and their interests. Which, of course, would make it easier for you to both improve your business and work out better marketing strategies.

Final word

Knowing about the 6 cheap marketing tools to help you launch your business gives you an advantage. However, keep in mind that you should never settle, and continue to look for solutions and tools that suit your business the best.