The internet has caused some groundbreaking changes in the way people do business nowadays. Suddenly, online marketing gained considerable value, and online presence became vital for all those who wanted to succeed in their business sphere. As one of the most popular and most powerful search engines at this point, Google has provided business owners with an essential means to reach their customers more easily. With a Google My Business tool, it is possible to boost your online presence and rank high in all those searches with local intent. Moreover, there are some other benefits of Google My Business listings, so we are going to present you with them immediately.

You can witness the benefits of Google My Business listings for free

If you want to advertise your moving business eventually and adequately appear at the top of Google results, there are several strategies you can apply. Firstly, you can orchestrate a Google ads campaign and get the desired result. Then, you can choose a process which is immensely time-consuming, but also very effective – improving your SEO. However, there are numerous reasons to hire a company for SEO, so the process can be very costly as well.

a cartoon drawing of a screen with some analytics on it
Various analyses show that there are different strategies to reach the top of Google results.

Finally, you can create a Google My Business listing and get fast and free advertising at the same time. Most importantly, the process of creating, claiming, and verifying your listing is considerably more straightforward than the alternatives mentioned above.

Get your own red marker in Google Maps searches

When searching for services online, customers pay close attention to several factors. They read customers’ reviews carefully to decide whether the company they are considering deserves their trust. Also, the next thing they want to find out immediately is the proximity of your moving business to their location. Most often, they use Google maps to locate your office, and here we come to the benefits of Google My Business listings.

a red marker on a map
If you create and verify your Google My Business profile, you will get your own red marker on Google maps.

If you create and verify your Google My Business profile, you will get your own red marker on Google maps. Then, your location will be available for local searches as well.

Win your place in Google’s Local 3-pack

Not so long ago, Google’s local search results were presented in the 7-pack form. Nowadays, this number is limited to 3 only. Luckily, by creating a Google My Business profile, you significantly increase your chances of getting on this list. Once you achieve this, search users will be able to see your location on Google maps even before organic results. We must admit that this is a great benefit. At the end of the day, it turns out that having a Google My Business listing is one of the best ways to advertise your business online.

It is easy to prove that your clients can trust you

There are numerous reasons for relocation today. Consequently, the need for moving services is continuously increasing. It is difficult to stand out among competitors and prove to your prospective clients that your moving company is the one they deserve and can trust. Creating a Google My Business listing is a step forward in reaching this goal. Your potential clients can at least be sure that your business has an actual location. That increases your credibility because it takes several verification steps to go through before your business is listed on Google My Business.

Google My Business can help you encourage customers’ reviews

When in need of moving services, people tend to be very indecisive. What helps them considerably in making the final choice is reading other people’s experiences. If your company provides customers with quality services and products, they will feel inclined to share their satisfaction with others. And word of mouth is the most powerful marketing means.

a cartoon drawing of a person giving feedback in the form of five-star rating
The better the service, the more stars and reviews you will get and eventually reach a higher rating.

With a Google My Business listing, the whole process will be much easier. Your clients will have a chance to review your services and give feedback available for others to see. Then, your moving company will enter a star rating system on Google. The better the service, the more stars and reviews you will get and eventually reach a higher rating.  Finally, this is very useful when it is necessary to gain a competitive edge due to a considerable number of moving businesses in the vicinity.

Learn more about your current and prospective clients

One of the main benefits of Google My Business listings is the chance for business owners to learn more about their current and prospective customers. By using the Insights section on their profiles, they can get a genuine wealth of highly useful information. There they can see how visible their brand is, the type of customers who find their business appealing and how they engage with their business. Thus, it is not difficult to conclude that creating a Google My Business profile is one of the best types of brand development strategies a business owner can use.

You have the potential to rank higher in Google results

If you expect to rank higher in Google results, you need to obey the rules Google sets. Firstly, you need to supply high-quality content at all times and forget entirely about the outdated SEO techniques. Also, you need to create and verify a Google My Business profile to supply this search engine with accurate information it values highly. Eventually, a better overall rank for your moving business will not miss.

It is possible to increase your engagement with your customers

Creating a Google My Business profile will get you countless opportunities to engage with your prospective clients. Your business is visible and easily accessible. In just a few clicks, search users can reach your website and contact you in no time if they want.

You can and will stand out among your competitors

When it comes to online vs offline marketing dilemma, there are many factors in favor of the first option. Benefits of Google My Business listings are one of the reasons.

If you create an account of this type, you provide potential customers with all the critical information they need. They can read about your location, contact information, working hours, find attractive photos, and a short description of the moving services you offer. Thus, your clients can easily decide whether your company is the option they need and want. Also, you increase your chances of becoming the final choice instead of the competitors who do not use the same practice.