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The importance of retargeting tactics for movers

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Finding the perfect strategy for building a strong online presence for your moving company on a long-term basis is a daunting process. Focusing your efforts on growing your target audience and generating moving leads will only get you so far. There is still the matter of making sure that those leads actually convert into customers. And that is where the tug of war between bounce and conversion rate starts. It is also there that you need to put in some extra effort to reap the benefits of advertising your business online. Like all other companies looking to sell products/services, moving businesses need to understand that each lead counts. In this article, we take a look at the importance of retargeting tactics for movers, how they can benefit them, and when they should avoid implementing them.

Benefits of retargeting tactics for movers
How do retargeting tactics for movers help your business grow?

Remarketing vs. Retargeting

Reaching that target audience and bringing as many of them to the doorstep of your moving business still remains a priority. That is all the more true when you invest time and resources in solutions such as:

Attracting traffic to your website is the first checkpoint. Then comes the process of guiding those leads from prospects to actual customers. And this is an endeavor where the use of remarketing and retargeting tactics for movers comes in handy. Although they sound similar and some might think them identical – they are in fact two different approaches. Yes, they both have the goal of converting leads but with one crucial difference between them:

  • Remarketing targets users that have already visited your site via email marketing and social media campaigns but never converted.
  • Retargeting targets users that have shown interest in your services via paid advertising campaigns but somehow never converted.

Both strategies have a vital role to play when it comes to making the best use of leads for your moving company. You already know that these users have shown interest in your brand – now it’s a matter of pushing them toward your business. And the results can be very profitable for moving companies that understand what they need to do.

How can you use retargeting tactics for your moving business?

The simplest way to retarget website visitors is through the use of cookies and cache. Cookies are text files that companies use to track the behavior of their website visitors. Today, a majority of the website requires visitors to accept the use of cookies before showing them any content. They are quite useful when it comes to getting a better insight into the preferences of your site visitors and audiences. By having your website users accept the use of cookies, you can target users with ads upon them leaving your website without actually converting.

Another approach to consider is the use of pixels – small snippets of code that allow you to track user behavior on your website. And each time a user leaves your website without completing an action (converting), pixels will retarget them by sending an ad campaign to them, asking them to reach out or completing your moving quote form.

  • Studies show that website visitors who are retargeted are more likely to convert by 43%.

Top platforms for implementing retargeting

One of the bigger advantages of retargeting tactics for movers is that you can implement them on multiple platforms:

1. Google Ads

Google makes it easier for businesses to monitor the behavior of users that come to their websites through Google Ads. The platform has a plethora of options that can provide insight into the traffic on your website. And among those options is one that automatically adds all first-time site visitors to your remarketing audience list. But it doesn’t stop there.

You can tailor the pixel code to each of your pages separately, making it easier to track specific categories. That way, you will be able to apply different retargeting tactics for movers based on the service page they land on. Whether you will decide on using targeted display ads or dynamic retargeting with Ad gallery is up to you.

2. Facebook Ads

The majority of marketers agree that social media is a high-performance way to retarget customers. And with Facebook having the biggest influence among social media networks, it is only logical to start your retargeting efforts there. By using the Customer Audiences extension on your Facebook Ads, you will be able to add pixel codes for them on your website. This will give you the insight you need to categorize your audiences and create customized retargeting campaigns to convert them.

Although primarily used as ways to enhance brand awareness, social media networks are great tools in the effort to remarket and retarget potential customers. Therefore, it is important to not neglect them as you chase after leads and gather data about your customers.

3. Twitter Ads

Enable your brand to collect cookie IDs for all its visitors from Twitter by installing a Twitter pixel on your moving company website. That way, you will be able to refocus your retargeting tactics by using the data you collect from visitor engagement. And there are three ways to go about that:

  • Lists – uses email addresses or Twitter usernames
  • Web – targets people who use Twitter’s tag on a website
  • Mobile apps – use data collected from a mobile app

Bonus tip – maintain responsiveness for mobile users

Retargeting a product on different devices
One of the more effective retargeting tactics for movers is to focus on mobile device users.

While there are many different channels to go about when retaining or winning over customers, the one that truly counts at the end of the day is mobile retargeting. The majority of your leads today are mobile-oriented. That means that your moving business needs to get with the program and invest in responsive web design and SEO.

After all – mobile users are those fast-moving targets that you need to keep track of and make your advertising available to. And given how such users are always on the move, it is vital for moving companies to apply retargeting tactics to remind them of the task ahead. Give them the incentive necessary to keep their eyes on the prize and close the deal.

What are the benefits?

Research shows us that retargeting can triple the number of sessions per dollar and increase CTRs by as much as 50 percent. Additionally, the customers you retarget and convert are twice as likely to come back as customers to your brand. And these are just some of the general expectation for you to have when it comes to using retargeting strategies in modern marketing today. If you need more arguments to sway your opinion – consider the following advantages that this approach brings:

  1. It is a very efficient brand development strategy for moving companies to implement.
  2. With it, your company will be able to retain past and current customers.
  3. You motivate others to convert from leads to customers.
  4. It cost less to retarget potential leads than it does to find new ways of gathering fresh leads.
  5. You can cement your sales funnel with the use of retargeting tactics for movers.
  6. It offers a deeper insight into the KPIs for your brand.
  7. Higher chances of improving your ROI.
  8. Saves time, money, and energy on having to generate new leads.
  9. Better chances of appearing on SERPs
  10. Carries the potential to tailor ads to the specific needs of your target audiences.
  11. Offers you regular reports in terms of the effectiveness of your ads.

When is retargeting not such a good idea?

There is such a thing as spreading your wings too wide in terms of business. And this applies to retargeting tactics as well. If you have a limited market in terms of specific areas that you cover, there is no gain to be had from targeting leads beyond that market. So, you need to draw the line when it comes to over-targeting audiences through your ads.

For example, if you are running a local moving company in Brooklyn – you will target residents in the Brooklyn area, and expand your audiences to other NYC boroughs. At some point, you might decide to take on the Tri-State area. But you wouldn’t be looking for leads from the West Coast. Because that would prove to be a waste of resources on low-quality leads that are unlikely to convert into customers. Not everyone that visits your website can or should become a customer – it is your job to differentiate and decide which leads to focus on.

Start working on capturing more conversions with retargeting

Business growth and profit illustration
Why lose quality leads when all they need is a little incentive?

As effective branding and optimization tools, remarketing and retargeting can really prove beneficial for moving companies. Content marketing, Google Ads, email marketing, or social media ads – all are great ways to attract traffic to your website. However, there is still the matter of converting that traffic into customers. And with retargeting tactics for movers that we mentioned here – you can accomplish just that.

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