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How to align your social media and SEO strategy

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With the constant changes and Google updates due to algorithm modifications, digital marketing has become a dynamic pursuit of success. SEO, in particular, is transforming on a daily basis, making marketers adapt or get run over. And social media plays a large part in that challenging and vexing process. That is why you need to find a way to align your social media and SEO strategy. Luckily, there is more than one way to achieve this. Actually, there are several of them, some of which we will cover today.

How important is it to align social media and SEO strategy?

According to recent studies, the impact of social media can be quite influencing in the world of SEO. So much so that it falls under the top ten most important factors for movers’ SEO success. So, one might say that taking the time to make your social media efforts compatible with your SEO strategy can be a profitable solution for your moving business.

Businessman calling for growth
If you want your revenue and online influence to grow, you have to align your social media and SEO strategy.

5 tactics to help you put together your social media practice and SEO strategy

The aim of aligning your social media plan is to maximize brand exposure, which reinforces and boosts your SEO efforts in return. So, here are five ways to align your social media and SEO strategy:

1. Use proper keywords to create a framework for your social media plan

Blindly creating content and hoping for the best leads nowhere – this much is common for both social media and SEO. The prime tool in strengthening either is in the keywords you use. So, as long as you manage to align the keywords you use in your SEO strategy with the ones you push through social media, you will be just fine.

However, this is not as simple as it sounds. There is a matter of hitting the right note with your social media audiences. You need to examine the keywords your social media target groups react to first. Then, you need to decide which of those keywords to use to fulfill your SEO agenda. Only by finding the right match of keywords can you hope to align your social media and SEO strategy.

How do you align social media and SEO strategy in terms of keywords?

Keywords - the core behind SEO
Make sure to align your social media keywords with your SEO target keywords.

One step at a time. You first need to create a list of social media keywords and match it with the SEO keywords. Identify the duplicates and synonyms and there you have it! The matches you find will easily likely match on several social media platforms:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Slideshare etc.

Next thing you know, you’ve multiplied the exposure of certain keywords. The only important thing to remember here is to remain vigilant in your social media efforts for your moving company. What this means is that you need to make sure to promote any new content you create on social media. But remember to do so by using the exact key phrase.

2. Ride the trends on social media with your SEO strategy

Social media is all about keeping up with current trends and making them work for you. You need to monitor the waves and act accordingly with advertising your moving company. There are tools such as TrendSpottr, Trendsmap, Nimble, BrandWatch, etc. that you can use to monitor current trends on social media. Using any of these will help you learn what your target audiences are looking for at a specific time. And you can then adapt your content accordingly to meet those expectations.

3. Integrate social media deeply into your website

With the number of mobile users continuing to expand, and the influence of social media continuing to grow, your responsive web design and SEO need to include social media elements. What this means is that you have to optimize your website to match social media standards, in terms of:

  • Adding social media profile badges on your homepage.
  • Having social media sharing buttons in your newsletter and email marketing.
  • Making sure that all your blog posts include share buttons for social media.
  • Including social media widgets to page sidebars.
  • Set up Google Authorship for contributors to align your social media with SEO strategy.

4. Drive your social media and SEO efforts through your blog activity

Writing a blog post in WP
Use your blog to align your social media and SEO strategy

Leveraging the content you create on your website is an excellent way to ensure link-building. As you already know, unique and optimized content is the core of any SEO strategy. However, what you might have not been aware of is that it is also the top source of ROI for social media. The social signal that good content can send out can easily become incorporated into search engine algorithms and their valuation of your website.

So, if you want to align your social media and SEO strategy and increase engagement, you need to reinforce your blog with the following means:

  • The strongest and top-quality content you create has to go on social media in continuity. Use target keywords to streamline it early and don’t forget to take different approaches for each SM platform. If you are creative enough, you can repeat the promotion of any piece of content.
  • Enrich the blogs you publish with strong internal links.
  • Ensure a quality user experience for your readers in terms of website usability.
  • Use your blog to collaborate with other industries and businesses.
  • Navigate social media leads to your SEO and PPC landing pages.

5. Use metrics to measure success and align your social media and SEO strategy

It’s vital for you to monitor and analyze any approach you take in your digital marketing efforts. The more data you have, the easier it will be to choose the right course of action. So, make sure to note all leads and activity you get through social media platforms.

Volume is important, but don’t forget to examine the quality of leads as well. If you manage to align your social media and SEO efforts, your analytics will show it. And if something is still off, then you need to continue changing your approach until you hit gold.