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Recommended website protection tools for companies

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The appearance of the internet has changed the way people do business to a large extent. Instantly, it became a top priority to start and always improve your online presence in order to present your services and products to clients. Business owners started focusing on digital marketing and paid close attention to every detail concerning their websites. When it comes to the moving industry, the situation was not any different. Moving companies have made a considerable effort to create moving company software that will both improve the customer experience and also make doing business in this field easier. Unfortunately, a great improvement was a reason enough for the beginning of various computer crimes. Nowadays, it is vital to protect your website well so as to prevent serious consequences hackers may cause. Thus, we have prepared a list of recommended website protection tools for companies. Read on.

Why is website protection necessary?

Most often, the center of our attention is the website design. What concerns us is how to choose the website colors, or how to create content that will attract prospective clients and turn them into customers. With a vast number of things going on our website, it does not surprise that we sometimes become unaware of our website’s vulnerability. Some of the most common threats to a website include stealing traffic, injecting SEO spam, malicious redirects, DDoS, website hijacking and sometimes even complete shutdown of a website. It goes without saying that eliminating these threats is a must.

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Our websites need proper protection if we want to avoid serious consequences caused by malware.

Recommended website protection tools in 2019

Once website owners became aware of the potential website attacks, a never-ending search for the most effective website protection has started. It is now very difficult to choose the tool that will help you secure your WordPress website best because options are countless. We can at least try to help you make your final choice by providing the list of the recommended website protection tools in 2019.

Sitelock – a recommended website protection tool you might choose this year

Sitelock is an excellent choice for your website protection. It will not only detect threats and attacks on your website instantly, but it will also boost your website performance. How does it function? Once it fixes potential threats, it stores them in their database and ensures that the attacks are recognized and prevented every time they appear. By providing you with the DDoS protection, it will keep both your DNS server and your web applications highly protected. To use this helpful software, you will have to pay from $9 to $50 depending on the type and number of your website activities.


Sucuri is a website protection tool with an impressive reputation. By using high-quality security features, Sucuri offers comprehensive protection to your website. Furthermore, this software has an inbuilt antivirus and firewall to easily recognize viruses and prevent malicious attacks on your website. Also, it recognizes vulnerable spots on your website by using DDoS mitigation and WAF. Should you choose Sucuri for your protection, you will be able to use their cloud storage to back up the information on your website as well. If you have any difficulties with this tool, customer support services are always there to help. Finally, the price you will have to pay to get this premium quality protection is around $10 a month.

a person working at the computer and trying to find the recommended website protection tools
The number of options available makes it difficult to decide which website protection tool to use.

Rapid 7

As one of the recommended website protection tools, Rapid 7 provides advanced protection to your website. It uses cloud-based protection technology to increase your credibility and protect your endpoints. At the same time, it gives a chance to your complete system workload to be minimized. Moreover, it analyses the traffic on your website thoroughly in order to detect attacks and repair damage.  A great advantage of Rapid 7 is that its interface is quite simple, which makes settings and customization easy to complete. Choosing this software for your website protection is an intelligent decision by all means.

Menlo Security Web Security

This is a website protection tool that provides smooth functioning of your website by isolating all your online activity on a pool of secure browsers. The benefits of using Menlo Security can be summarized as follows:

  • It eliminates the slightest risk of malware infections for its users
  • Menlo Security uses its own Secure Web technology which boosts website protection even more
  • It has its own document protection feature which isolates and opens all the documents and attachments and thus prevents getting your PC infected.
  • This website protection tool can isolate all web traffic and keep your emails safe from malicious links.
  • It provides high-level protection from malicious URLs.

These solid features are a reason enough to include Menlo Security in our list of recommended website protection tools. If you are looking for the most appropriate tool to protect your moving estimate software and your website in general, this may be the best solution.

Comodo Cwatch

Comodo Cwatch is an immensely popular website protection tool. It can be used for both websites and online applications. The software uses cloud network technology and can detect and then remove malware instantly. It improves your website performance and keeps your website information safe. In case of any difficulties or uncertainties, while using this tool, customer service is there for you at all times. Whether you are new in business or you just think you need to redesign your website and improve security, this protection tool is an excellent choice. Depending on the type of services you need and want, using this tool will cost you from $10 to $25 a month.


NetSparker is a very convenient protection tool which is easy to set up and use. However, it provides excellent security due to outstanding security features. The software will scan your website at regular intervals and provide you with reports on the existing threats and their easy removal. Furthermore, NetSparker offers an important advantage comparing to other software on the market. It enables you to choose which part of your website needs more attention and security protection. Thanks to its solid features, this website protection tool can easily detect and prevent threats to your website from DDoS attacks and bugs. Finally, NetSparker is PCI compliant, which will eventually improve your credibility and your website performance.

words cyber security written in the center, a keyboard in the background
Security is vital when being present online.

Summary of the recommended website protection tools

The necessity of website owners to protect their websites properly has caused the creation of countless tools for this purpose. As a consequence, it is very difficult to know and make the final choice which of these tools to use. Those who are aware of the ways in which outdated tech hurts business growth try to keep pace with the changes and constantly improve their knowledge and skills. Also, they try to protect their websites as well as possible and keep them safe at all times. Thus, these several recommended website protection tools are enough to consider and finally choose the one that suits you. Whatever choice you make, proper protection is guaranteed.