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Benefits of interactive content marketing for movers

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Dynamic as it is, marketing requires plenty of adaptation and innovation. You need to continuously test out new ways to attract customers and generate new leads. And for the development of moving companies, this is an essential step. After all, when you have a type of service that does not focus on frequent use, you need to ensure a continuous flow of new customers. One of the ways to accomplish this is through the practice of interactive content marketing strategies. And to help you explore this subject further, I will go into the details.

We start from defining interactive marketing

Notepad for surveys
Surveys and polls are your typical example of interactive content methods.

The very definition of this type of marketing presents its main advantage. Interactive marketing provides a way to communicate with your target customers one-on-one. It is a tactic that enables the user to adjust and respond to the real-time behavior of the target customer. And as a result of this, people can interact with your brand, thus boosting its influence.

What would be typical examples of interactive marketing?

  • Contests
  • Quizzes, polls, and surveys
  • Videos and email marketing
  • Calculators
  • Interactive Infographics
  • Messenger bots

These are just typical examples that you can come across when it comes to interactive content marketing. If you use them properly, you can shorten the sales process and optimize it.

7 upsides of using interactive content marketing

The gain here is that interactive marketing offers leads a unique experience. So, let’s get into the seven advantages of interactive marketing.

#1. Boosts user engagement

Chatbot icon
A simple chatbot can triple the user engagement and experience on your website.

When you implement the use of interactive content marketing on your website, you give users a reason to spend more time on your website. And this is a plus in terms of boosting user experience, not to mention differentiating yourself from the competition. But what are the ways in which this approach helps your user engagement efforts?

  • Interactive content marketing appeals to all your senses. You read the content while analyzing the images, filling out forms, watching and listening to videos, following well-designed CTAs, etc. All these conversion elements come together into one whole.
  • The content you provide interacts with users, calling them to take action, which is thrilling and exciting.
  • You can offer people a real-time user experience, which helps them get quick and straightforward answers to their inquiries.

#2. It helps your conversion rate

The digital marketing world is a dynamic environment, always changing. Hence, movers need to go past the old-school ways of gathering leads and evolve their efforts. Generic signup forms and popups don’t really work anymore. You need to look past this and truly take the time to explore trending ways to generate leads for moving companies. That step is your ticket to surpassing your competitors and stepping into that next stage of developing your moving company brand.

And with interactive content marketing, this is just what you get. For moving companies, in particular, this best conveys through the combination of content and software. That is how we came to the introduction of moving estimate apps. You have online moving quote forms that can offer customers the chance to input information and calculate the cost of their relocation easily.

#3. Improve the quality of your leads

Interactive marketing makes it much easier to generate the type of leads best suited for movers. The call to action it requires from users can easily weed out any weak leads that are not quite sure whether or not they need your services or products. That is another advantage of the moving company software mentioned above. So long as people are willing to stick around long enough to fill out the form, chances are they are interested in converting to customers.

The goal here is to engage people without boring them with questions and procedures. So, you need to make the entire experience enjoyable for them. Focus your efforts on getting the most essential information out of them in a subtle yet exciting way. For example, a lot of companies opt for a multi-step form with a simple yet practical design and approach.

#4. Going viral becomes much easier

Social media tag icon
The potential for going viral is much higher with interactive content.

I wrote last week about the importance of aligning your social media and SEO strategies. Interactive content marketing fits into this formula perfectly. Why is that? Because it creates a lot of potential for social media sharing, which can launch your brand in no time. Consider a reward program for users willing to share your interactive content, to increase your website traffic and the overall number of users.

That is why the use of quizzes, polls, and online contests is so widespread among social media users. Everybody prefers them miles before having to sift through a long article or form.

#5. It enhances customer feedback

As you know, having good reviews online is a vital factor for any business that wants to succeed. It’s become a necessary pre-condition for making a sale of any magnitude. In fact, research shows that over 84 percent of online users trust online reviews as much as friends. Without those reviews, you are as good as floating in the middle of the ocean and waiting for someone to come and rescue you.

Rating cloud icons with starts
Interactive content marketing provides you with more customer reviews and user feedback.

However, with interactive content marketing on your side, you can secure a constant flow of reviews from users. It’s all about making the process of leaving a comment painless and straightforward. And you can do that with the introduction of tactics such as short polls and surveys. So long as the entire process is fast and immediate, people will be less inclined to refuse it.

Trust us when we tell you that this is something you want to invest in. After all, gathering real-time feedback from customers benefits you in more ways than one:

  • It helps you improve your services/products;
  • You can adjust your outreach accordingly;
  • It wins you important social elements such as stats and testimonials;
  • It helps your social media efforts;
  • With them, you can build your brand.

#6. Interactive content marketing enables personalization

With billions of online users and visitors, it’s hard not to feel like just another number in an endless code. However, when you provide customers with more personal and intimate experience, you open the door towards a close and personalized relationship. With interactive content, you recognize the consumer as a unique individual with their own goals, needs, and issues. And the more data you have on your target audience, the better equipped you are to answer them.

Through the use of polls, surveys, quizzes, moving quote estimates, etc., you give customers the voice they so desperately yearn for.

#7. Last but not least – it benefits your SEO efforts

Interactive content marketing boosts your SEO
With the use of interactive content marketing, your SEO strategy becomes stronger.

Interactive content fits perfectly into white-hat SEO strategies. The possibilities are endless, creating more shareable links and attracting more attention. With the increase in inbound links towards your website and social media shares, your content will contribute to your moving company SEO tactics. As a result, your website gains value, which also boosts its online ranking in the eyes of Google and other search engines.

Another great feature of interactive content marketing is that you can embed it on websites. In comparison to your regular static content, this type of content simply calls out for link building. And when you consider the sheer amount of shares and online attention that you can gather here, you can already see how this can contribute to the increase of your customer base. After all, interactive content trumps static one, keeping the users more engaged and focus on your website.

The conclusion

At the end of the day, the fact remains that you need to adapt if you want to stay in the online game. The expectations of customers are constantly changing, which is something that search engine algorithms recognize and implement in their ranking of different websites. And your only option here is to pursue the modern marketing of today and use it to shape the marketing of tomorrow. As complex and confusing as all this might seem, it’s really not.

The appeal and efficiency of interactive content marketing carry plenty of advantages, seven of which we touched upon today. As time passes, this number will only grow, as well as the impact of it all. With a simple decision to tap into interactive marketing, you can answer current trends and customer needs and match them with your moving company goals. And that is something that carries a lot of influence today – the ability to diversify your marketing efforts and stand out from the rest of your competitors.

That is something that consumer and businesses alike can appreciate and get on board with. So, stop wasting time and start filling the void that online users present.