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Hiring a marketing agency vs. DIY marketing solutions

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A lot of business owners tend to underestimate the amount of time and resources that go into advertising a business. Some might lack the budget or size while others consider themselves knowledgeable enough to take on this endeavor internally. Whatever the cause is, the dilemma between hiring a marketing agency vs DIY marketing solutions is always open for debate. In an effort to make this decision easier, we’ve decided to lay out the advantages and disadvantages of both options. When it comes to advertising your moving business, there should be minimal room for errors and risks. Therefore, you need to have the right insight to help you make informed decisions on how best to proceed with growing your online presence.

7 factors to consider when researching hiring a marketing agency vs DIY marketing

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Not sure which path to take? Just check out our arguments and decide.

As we’ve mentioned, this should be an informed decision. And for that to happen, you need to take into consideration a number of factors that will affect the end result. Movers Development offers the following seven points to illustrate how each of these choices fares:

1. Experience

Digital marketing is not a three-month course that you can finish and master. It takes years of work and experience in the niche to gather the fundamental knowledge necessary for laying the groundwork for any results. With the wide range of solutions that it covers, such as web development, SEO, PPC, responsive design, social media, email marketing, content creation, PR marketing, etc. – there is an entire science behind it all.

The advantage of hiring a marketing agency vs DIY marketing in this case is the sheer experience that the agency offers. After all, this is what they specialize in, what they do day in and day out. On the other hand, you lack those years of devotion to this niche because you were focused on your niche and starting your own moving business or any other type of business. And so, in terms of experience and expertise on the subject matter, opting for a professional marketing agency is the better course of action to take.

2. Time Efficiency

Being such a vast and complex undertaking, digital marketing requires a large investment of time to offer any valuable results. When considering hiring a marketing agency vs DIY marketing, you need to think of just how much time you have at your disposal. After all, taking shortcuts on the planning and implementation of campaigns can end up incurring more harm than gain. On the other hand, when you outsource your marketing needs to a moving company marketing company, it leaves you and your team with more time to focus on your business and existing customers.

3. Cost-Effectiveness

It is the goal of every business owner to get optimal results with minimal investments. And so, the overall costs of any given process are always among the primary concerns. And it is true that taking a DIY marketing approach will save you money. But it will only do so in the initial stages. While doing all the work on your own or with the help of your internal team will save you money, it will also slow down the entire marketing process, costing you revenue in the long run. Additionally, it will affect the overall productivity of yourself and your team. And that will inevitably lead to missing out on generating moving leads and your conversion rate.

On the other hand, going with the professional services of a digital marketing company will incur a monthly expense but it will also provide you with a new source of resources and skills to cater to your needs. When you weigh the initial costs with the end results, it is definitely worth the investment.

4. Quality Assurance

The guarantee of quality in digital marketing activities comes from careful planning and the optimal use of resources at one’s disposal. However, when you are handling the entire process on your own, you might have difficulties identifying the best tools for your specific needs and the best timing for specific campaigns and steps. All this can lead to drops in overall quality, especially so if you decide to leave everything for last-minute actions.

With agencies that offer SEO for moving companies and other marketing activities for other niches, the assurance of quality is much higher. After all, the experience of the agency gives it access to the best tools for the job and the knowledge to utilize those tools to give your company the chance to grow in a stable and secure manner.

5. Understanding the Niche

Of course, you have the advantage of understanding your market and industry much better than any advertising agency. But that also puts your ability to remain objective at risk. When you take on the numerous tasks that marketing asks for, it can be difficult to see the bigger picture.

By hiring a marketing agency, you can provide your input and have them focus on specific audiences and locations. Of course, you can and should always find agencies that have prior experience with your niche. This will save you time and resources on having to try and test different strategies on how to target customers in the best manner possible.

6. Result Orientation

Most business owners have a different perspective when it comes to the definition of success in advertising. And when you opt for DIY marketing, this can lead to misguided efforts to fulfill goals that are not as important as others. For example, you might be interested in getting as much traffic as possible through spam but neglecting the high bounce rate and the low quality of leads that you get. Putting a lot of effort into marketing is worth little if it’s aimed in the wrong direction.

The benefit of hiring a marketing agency vs DIY marketing is that agencies have a clear interpretation of the goals that matter most. And fulfilling goals such as customer satisfaction and SERP ranking are efforts that will help your brand grow. They are also useful for giving you a direction to pursue in your future endeavors.

7. Delegation of Resources

When you hire a brand new team of people to handle a separate aspect of your business, you don’t risk losing out on the existing internal processes. However, when you choose to pile on new activities to existing team members, you inevitably downgrade the quality of service and overall productivity. And this is yet another argument where opting for outside support is more beneficial as it helps you free up internal resources and manpower.

Give your business a new perspective

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Sometimes, a fresh perspective is all one needs to understand how to take their business to a whole other level.

When it comes to hiring a marketing agency vs DIY marketing solutions, we’ve gone through the ups and downs of the decision. And the conclusion that we can make from it is that an introduction of outside help also invites a new perspective for your business. That is why more and more businesses opt for the expertise of professional digital marketing companies rather than turning to personal knowledge or in-house support. It saves time, is more goal-oriented, less disruptive to your business, and more profitable in the long run. And if you need any more arguments, feel free to reach out to our team and ask.