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Moving industry is going mobile

If the business world is a dog-eat-dog endeavor then I don’t know what words to use to describe the moving world. Being that it is one of the fastest growing industries. There are more and more people relocating each day. Together with them, new moving companies are founded. In a situation like that, ideas and

Use SEO to increase your moving business visibility

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The run has started! Professional movers who implement the SEO in marketing activities win! Are you ready? If not, get ready to change the profession. Because if you don’t use SEO to increase your moving business visibility, you’ll simply be invisible for search engines. Therefore for potential customers too. So what to do then? The

Top relocation destinations worldwide- Latest results

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There are many moving companies conducting the relocations worldwide. Some of you movers do the moving business regionally, while some move people only locally. The trends are that the most of the professional movers look to expand the territory where they conduct their moving business. Therefore, being that almost everyone looks to expand at least

Online vs offline marketing strategies for movers

The number of moving companies has grown rapidly during the past few years. There are plenty of reasons for that. One of the most important is the rising number of relocations. Every person moves at least several times in a lifetime. And it goes up to 10-15 times! So being that there are around 7

Guest posting in moving industry- A way to improve your moving business

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Guest posting is a terrific way to draw people to your website. By that, to your company, of course. This works for almost all industries. But being that we are a company developing movers, we’ll talk about guest posting in moving industry. The discussion will cover many fields. Explaining the term, the influence of the

Latest movers news 2017: FIDI annual conference in Dubai

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It is very important to follow news updates, no matter what business you’re running. But it’s especially important when you’re running a moving company to follow the latest movers news. The most relevant organisation for that is FIDI. (F-Fédération I-Internationale D-des Déménageurs I-Internationaux). FIDI is the largest association of professional movers. It is keeping annual

Blog on movers website- how to make it successful

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Online marketing is very important for moving companies. Being that there are so many people using the internet. This is a good way of keeping your company present in the eyes of potential movers. So, once there’s time to move, they’ll remember you, and you’ll get the job. And getting the job means earning money.

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